First Traces of Computer Virus Dates Back to 1949 [DYK]

, that the first traces of viruses are dated back to 1949 (cite: Panda Security) and was spread related to a game called Core Wars? However, according to Wikipedia, the first documented virus was released in 1971.


The first documented virus, was called as Creeper virus, and was a experimental self-replicating program, written by Bob Thomas. Creeper virus affected networked computers and displayed the message, “I’m the creeper, catch me if you can!“.

The term viruswas only coined in 1983 by Frederick Cohen, to describe self-replicating programs. Malicious viruses started making their appearances in 1986, when a virus named Brain boot sector virus coded in Pakistan was released, and affected IBM based PCs. In the same year the first Trojan name PC-Write made its appearance.

The first documented removal of computer viruses is dated back to 1987 and was created by Brent Fix. Several other popular antivirus systems were released between 1987 and 1990, a few of which are widely used even today, including Avira AntiVir, Norton and McAfee.

In those days there was no Internet, however, viruses were usually spread through Floppy Disks and networked computers. However, the virus writers quickly adapted to the internet and started spreading worms through this medium.

At present, viruses have taken a more sophisticated approach and are very hard to spot. There are millions of documented and undocumented viruses going around the Internet. In modern terms, viruses are more than just self-replicating programs and crackers (not hackers) have taken up to scamming people through various means.

You can find more information about the origin of Viruses and Antivirus systems at the Antivirus page on Wikipedia.

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Google Does Not Display More Than 1000 Results [DYK]

Google is most used search engine one could come across. The first thing I do, when I want to search something, is to head to Google. However, that Google only displays a maximum of 1000 results per query?


If you try to go beyond 1000 results, Google will display an error to you, as displayed in the screenshot above.

To try this yourself, go to and search for any keyword. Once you are shown some results with more than 1000 entries, add &start=1010 to the URL. Once you do that, you will see the above error.

There is no real explanation as to why Google restricts the results to just 1000. However, I pretty much believe that, Google has considered those limits based on how much results a user tries to browse. In my experience, I have not browsed more than 20 pages or 200 results for a single search query. What about you? What is the max number of results you have browsed in Google search results for any given query?

E-mail is Older Than The Internet [DYK]

, electronic mail or E-mail is older than the Internet? E-mail started in 1965 as a way for multiple users of a time-sharing mainframe computer to communicate [cite: Wikipedia]. Internet on the other hand, came into commercial existence in 1988, even though the origins of WAN (Wide Area Network), based on TCP/IP, came into existence in 1983 [cite: Wikipedia].


In 1988, Corporation for the National Research Initiative began the experimental use of their systems for Email, providing the first sanctioned commercial use of the Internet. The first commercial email providers came in the form of Compuserve in 1989. America Online (AOL) and  Delphi joined the email bandwagon later in 1993.

In later years, email became very popular and AOL ruled the roost for quite a while and provided paid email subscriptions to users along with its Internet packages. Microsoft also wanted to get onto the email bandwagon, and purchased Hotmail, known as Windows Live Mail today, in 1997.

Hotmail was originally created in 1995, by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia and had a huge user base of 8.5 million subscribers by 1997. Today Hotmail is one of the largest email service on the Internet. Yahoo Mail!, which is another popular email service also started in 1997, and has over 280 million active users today.

which is credited with revolutionizing how we look at email today was launched on April 1st 2004, and was perceived as many as a April Fool’s joke, based on the day it was released. Gmail was the first to offer users with 1GB space, which was huge in those days, where Hotmail and offered only 6MB and 2MB respectively.

Gmail also made use of a fully AJAX based UI and threaded conversations approach, which was a instant hit with users, as browsing emails was even easier. In addition to that, the search feature worked amazingly well. In its initial years, Gmail was invite-only, which meant that only current users could invite users to use the service. This in turn, drove interest towards the service and made it hugely popular.

These days, most email services, provide users with unlimited disk space storage, and also enhanced GUI with several add-ins to make the email experience much better. Most of the email services also allow users to access emails on their desktop, using software like and Thunderbird for Free.

There are several ways in which people abbreviate electronic mail, including email, e-mail, eMail and EMail.

If Facebook Were a Country, It Would Be the 4th Largest One [DYK]

, with a registered user base of over 300 million users, would be the 4th largest country, if it were a country that is?


According to the latest census reports, the World’s largest populated country is China with a population of 1.3 billion, followed by India with a population 1.1 billion. United States is a distant third with a population of 307 million followed by Brazil with a population of 191 million.

If Facebook were a country, it would easily fit between US and Brazil at number 4. We are pretty sure that the registered user base of Facebook will soon cross 307 million putting it into the 3rd position.

Now are you surprised that Facebook users account for almost 25% of internet usage in United States alone?

Did You Know? Google’s First Logo Was Created Using GIMP and Mimicked Yahoo!

Did you know that the first ever logo  created by Google was designed by Sergey Brin in 1998, using a very popular and open source , GIMP?


In addition to that, Sergey also added a exclamation mark to the end of the logo. He was actually inspired by Yahoo’s logo, who were the Internet giant in those days.

The current Google logo is derived from the original one, and uses the most of the original colors. Google is also famous for Google Doodles, which are basically Google Logos created to mark a special day or to celebrate birthday’s of famous personalities, the most recent one being the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi.

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