Techie Buzz Is 3 Years Young, It’s Our 3rd Birthday

Wow, Happy 3rd Birthday Techie Buzz :-). All I can say is that I could not ever fathom having Techie Buzz running for 3 years in a row, I started out Techie Buzz with a Dreamhost account for $40 some three years ago, and yes I booked this domain for free back then.


It has really been a long long long journey from June 2006 till date and it has been quite a experience at it, these three years have not only helped me grow as a person, it has also made me emotionally attached to this website.

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Happy Birthday, Techie Buzz Turns 2 Years Old

Its been two years since I started Techie Buzz and it has been a wonderful and overwhelming experience for me. I have made tons of friends and learnt about lots and lots of things I would not have without Techie Buzz.

The year has been more than fruitful and I thank all the contributors and commentators of this blog who helped make this blog a better place. I hope you too enjoyed your time here.


Over the period of last two years this blog has 612 posts and 4000 comments. The blog has also been visited by more than quarter three quarter of a million of people with more than a million page views. Thanks to all those who visited this site and hope you found some useful things out here.

There are some plans I have to grow this blog further and that would only be possible with your help. Now that I am free of all other things I can definitely give more time to blogging.

It’s a happy day to be two years old and with your wishes I hope it goes to live on a long long time.

Here’s wishing Techie Buzz a Very Happy Birthday.

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