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Most Popular Torrent Sites for 2009

2009 has been a mixed-bag year for most torrent hosting websites and torrent trackers, with several being sued, several going legal and several shutting down completely. However, the sites still did well considering the traffic that they served up during the year. Surprisingly, The Pirate Bay (TPB) is still #1 torrent site of the year, with an estimated daily visitors of approx 4.5 million users and page views amounting to more than 26 million per day.

Here are the top 15 torrent sites of the year 2009:

  1. thepirartebay.org
  2. torrentz.com
  3. isohunt.com
  4. mininova.org
  5. btjunkie.org
  6. torrentreactor.net
  7. torrentdownloads.net
  8. monova.org
  9. extratorrent.com
  10. btmon.com
  11. kickasstorrents.com
  12. vertor.com
  13. eztv.it
  14. sumotorrent.com
  15. alivetorrents.com

Most of the top 25 torrent sites for 2009 had an Alexa rank of less than 5000 and Compete rank of under 10000, with TPB coming close to breaking into the top 100. For the complete list of top 25 torrents sites and traffic details, visit Torrent Freak’s post: Top 25 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2009.

MySQL Founder Pleads to Save MySQL from Oracle

mysql_oracle_sun MySQL was originally purchased by Sun Microsystems, who were in turn purchased by Oracle. This change in deal has probably got the founder of MySQL, Michael Widenius a bit emotional. In a recent blog post, he pleads with the community to save MySQL from the clutches of Oracle.

For those of you who are in the unawares, Oracle is the creator of one of the largest relational database in use today and has several products which help manages huge businesses, their closest rival in business products being SAP.

In the blog post, which you can read here, MySQL’s creator has some really strong opinions about the deal, and pleads against Sun being taken over by Oracle, who will eventually take over MySQL through the Sun Microsystems deal, which is still hanging in balance due to European Commission taking a look into the deal.

I, Michael "Monty" Widenius, the creator of MySQL, is asking you urgently to help save MySQL from Oracle’s clutches. Without your immediate help Oracle might get to own MySQL any day now. By writing to the European Commission (EC) you can support this cause and help secure the future development of the product MySQL as an Open Source project.

MySQL is the favorite database of the masses and many websites run on the small scale but hugely popular database. MySQL’s future was questioned when it sold to Sun, for one it was Open source and not many in the community were happy with the deal back then. Most WordPress based websites are powered by MySQL and so are sites running other CMS software like Joomla and Drupal.

With Oracle taking over MySQL, there is very good chance that MySQL will stop being a Open Source Product, albeit it will be very unwise for Oracle to stop giving out MySQL as a free product, and it would definitely spell disaster for them.

What is your take on this? Do you think that MySQL will survive once it goes under the Oracle banner? Let your thoughts flow through the comments.

Thanks @iMBA.

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iPhone OS 3.1.3 and iPhone OS 4.0 Spotted in the Wild

Looks like Apple and Google developers or testers spend a lot of time surfing Boy Genius Report. Going through their logs, BGR found traces of both iPhone OS 3.1.3 and iPhone OS 4.0.


However, don’t get pretty excited yet, browser user strings can be easily faked and you can almost add anything you want to it. If you are a programmer, I don’t even have to tell you that. However, if you want you can do this yourself too, read our earlier tutorial on Emulating mobile browsers in Firefox, and you can very well have a browser for iPhone 5.0 or iPhone OS 100.0.

On the hindsight, this might be a trick played by someone, since quite recently BGR picked up the Nexus One browser string from their logs. So all is well until you see some more specific news coming out for an update to the iPhone OS. Till then this is definitely fake, try fooling someone using the emulating trick from our earlier tutorial ;-).

Opera Crosses 90 Million Users

Opera, the browser everyone loves but not many use, has just crossed a huge milestone of 90 million users. This is in addition to it being the number 1 mobile browser with Opera mini.

It was surprising to see Opera lovers from as far as Brazil visit Oslo, the hometown of the founder of Opera, to celebrate the occasion. Incidentally, President of United States Barack Obama is also in Oslo for other commitments.

Three cheers to Opera, and best wishes to complete 100 Million users soon. By the way, many of my friends in my circle call Opera the Porn Browser, do you too? :-).

[via Fav Browser]

Windows 7 Family Pack Being Removed From Retail

Looks like Microsoft does not want to share the joy with its users. The family pack of is reportedly being removed from sales. Windows 7 Family Pack was priced at $149 for 3 licenses of Home Premium. Compared to the retail price of $120 for a single user-license, the Family Pack was quite a steal.


However, according to Microsoft representatives the family pack offering was a limited one until stocks lasted. We are wondering why Microsoft could not make their stocks last until the end of the holiday season? Santa anyone? Of course sales would be higher this time of the year, and we are pretty sure Microsoft did not want the chance to lose a way to make some extra income.

If you have been waiting to buy Windows 7, go ahead and grab your copy of the Family pack before it disappears forever.

[via DSQ]

Facebook Testing New Design [Screenshots]

has been changing their design far too often these days. However, more often then not their new design and changes have been quickly slammed by users.

The last Facebook design change was pushed out last month, however, Business Insider is reporting that Facebook is working on a new design for the most popular social networking site on Earth.

Take a look at some of the screenshots below; courtesy BI.

New Facebook News Feed

UK ISP Virgin Media To Track P2P Torrent Filesharing


Looks like sharing files through torrents is going to become bit of a pain for users of the UK ISP Virgin Media. According to reports in The Register, they have begun testing a new technology to track illegal P2P filesharingon its network.

Virgin Media will trial deep packet inspection technology to measure the level of illegal filesharing on its network, but plans not to tell the customers whose traffic will be examined.

The system, CView, will be provided by Detica, a BAE subsidiary that specialises in large volume data collection and processing, and whose traditional customers are the intelligence agencies and law enforcement.

This is definitely bad news for users who relied on torrents to download both legal and illegal content, as the watchdogs will now have more information on who is downloading what and where.

It would be very wise to stop downloading illegal content now or else be prepared to face some legal actions in near future.

[via The Next Web]

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Windows 7 Ahead Of Mac OS X In Market Share League

Within one month of its launch, Windows 7 is already ahead of Mac OS X in term of its market share. With the failure of Windows Vista, the market share of Windows has already been dropped in the past. But with the launch of Windows 7, the new operating system from Microsoft has started tasting its early success.

According to Internet metrics company Net Applications,
“Last Saturday and Sunday, Windows 7 powered an estimated 5% and 5.14% of all computers that were online those days. The two-day average of 5.07% was higher than the 5% of the market share that Apple’s operating system averaged for the week of Nov. 15-21″.

windows or mac

Windows 7 News has recently reported that, “It’s a clear indication that sales of Windows 7 are storming ahead and that Microsoft’s new operating system has indeed been extremely well received by the press, public and business. But with the total Microsoft Windows market share sitting at 92.5% it’s still got a huge mountain to climb to replace Windows XP and Vista on desktops around the world.”

Windows already have a good market share and with the launch of Windows 7, they are trying to prove that Microsoft will always be the winner in market share race. What are your opinions about the increase in market share of Windows 7? Which OS do you think is most affected with the rise of Windows 7?

[ Image Credit: CyberNetNews ]

Google Dashboard Summarizes Account Data [Leaked]

Google provides users with several services including , Google Calendar and . Usually users have to visit these services individually to view information. Google OS has spotted a new Google Dashboard, which summarizes data from several Google services in one place.


The new Dashboard will display a summary of email conversation, your iGoogle homepage, and more. Google Dashboard is definitely a good move, considering that many people use multiple Google services. However, Google Dashboard is not live yet, and users will start getting the feature in the Personal settingsof their My Account page starting November 5th.

Watch a brief overview video of Google Dashboardbelow, which was supposed to be Embargoed until 2AM PT, November 5th.

Working Mario Costume, NSA to Store Yottabytes of Data, iTunes TV, Google Search Preview [WUITW]

Mario Costume Built with Real sounds and effects – Are you a Mario fan? Watch the video above to see a real life costume.

NSA to Store Yottabytes of surveillance data in Utah – Have you heard about Yottabytes before? Well neither have we. A yottabyte is 1,000,000,000,000,000GB.

Apple’s iTunes Pitch: TV for $30 a Month – Apple is planning to launch a new service where you can watch TV using iTunes for $30 a month.


Credit: Google Os

Preview Google Search Results – Google is playing around with a new feature, which will allow users to preview more than the regular one line snippet. This feature can be turned on from the page options.

Drupal Makes Move into White House

New York Times reports that the White House has begun embracing open source technology by moving their public site to start using Drupal.


The site http://www.whitehouse.gov/ is now running on Drupal. This is definitely good news as the open source momentum will gain better support, now that it is running the websites of the World’s biggest government.

Have you ever used Drupal before? What are your thoughts about the White House move to start using Drupal?

Pirated Versions of Windows 7 Selling for Rs 50/<$2

Looks like Microsoft’s piracy woes in Asian countries is not going to end very soon. Even before Microsoft has officially* begun retailing copies of Windows 7 DVDs in India, the bootleggers are already offering pirated copies of for sale for Rs 50, or approximately $1.20.


That is way below the retail price of Windows 7, which is priced at $219 for the Home Premium version, and $120 for the upgrade to the same version. This might come as a huge blow to Microsoft, who have yet to set a foot in the Indian market with Windows 7 sales. Of course, owners of bootlegged copies may not be able to activate their copies of Windows, but you can expect a workaround for that too.

Quite sometime back Microsoft had offered to sell Microsoft Office for $29 in China, this again was done to tackle the software piracy in China. Microsoft is also offering Windows 7 at a discount of up to 40% in India to curtail piracy, but will it work? Only time will tell.

* Microsoft has currently put the sale of Windows 7 on hold in India, due to the upcoming Budget, where the taxes on software may be changed.

Wolfram Alpha App Makes it To What’s Hot List on App Store

Remember the $50 Wolfram Alpha app for iPhone and iPod Touch? Well looks like they have been doing brisk business, regardless of the hacks to use Wolfram Alpha for free. The Wolfram Alpha team just dropped a PR email on us, saying that they were now on the What’s hotlist in Apple app store.

We are happy to announce that the Wolfram|Alpha App for the iPhone and iPod touch popped up on the App Store’s "What’s Hot" list today. We are delighted that Apple selected the app to be featured, recognizing the intense interest and excitement being shown in Wolfram|Alpha.

We did check it out, and found that the app is definitely on the What’s Hotlist and has also been in the Top Grossingsegment when it launched.


It is always good when someone does good business, but considering the price, we would definitely not buy it. Have you purchased the Wolfram Alpha app from the app store? What are your thoughts about it? Do let us know through your comments.

Firefox 3.6 and 3.7 Release Schedule Confirmed

3.6 the leaner and meaner version, is scheduled to arrive at the end of the year. The beta version of Firefox 3.6, Firefox3.6b1 is expected to be available for downloads on October 28th for testing.


In addition to that Mozilla have also announced, that Firefox 3.7 final version will be released in the spring of 2010.

Firefox 3.6 has some exciting features including a graphical tab switcher and the ability to install plugins and themes without requiring restarts. Firefox 3.7 mockups suggest that it might have some of the look and feel of .

Firefox 3.6 is something really big for Mozilla, who have been playing catch up with other browsers in the innovation department. It would be good to see the final version of the software in terms on new features and enhancements. We will be doing a review of Firefox3.6 Beta when it becomes available for downloads.

8 Billion Minutes Wasted on Facebook, Everyday

In the past we have told you about tools that allow you to measure the amount of time you spend on various websites. Considering a recent report in the Web2.0 summit, we definitely urge you to start using them :-).


TechCrunch has created a summed up report, from a presentation by Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s VP of Engineering. According to him:

  • Users spend 8 billion minutes online everyday using Facebook
  • There are some 2 billion pieces of content shared every week on the service
  • Users upload 2 billion photos each month
  • There are over 20 billion photos now on Facebook
  • During peak times, Facebook serves 1.2 million photos a second
  • Yesterday alone, Facebook served 5 billion API calls
  • There are 1.2 million users for every engineer at

8 Billion minutes a day is definitely a huge number, considering that we mortals only have 1440 minutes a day. To give you a perspective, Facebook has 300 million users and according to the presented data, an average user spends a minimum of 27 minutes on Facebook. This number may not be entirely correct, since several millions users do not actively use Facebook everyday. We can safely assume that a average user spends 30-35 minutes on Facebook.

The fact that Facebook has 30000 servers to handle these requests, make them more reliable than the smaller players, and gives users a better experience while using their service.

How may minutes do you spend on Facebook? Do let us know about it through your comments.