Tata Docomo GSM Services Launched In Himachal Pradesh

Tata Docomo, the GSM brand of Tata Teleservices Limited, recently launched its GSM mobile services in Himachal Pradesh. The company will allow its subscribers to call anywhere in the World on a per-second pulse. They have an extensive coverage of 286 towns & 4,342 villages in Himachal Pradesh.

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Mr Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Sons, said: The value proposition offered by TATA DOCOMO is a unique and revolutionary idea which symbolizes the spirit of innovation and inventive genius. This launch is truly a moment of triumph for the consumer. The launch of the pay-per-use concept by TATA-DOCOMO will create a paradigm shift in the overall telecom experience for the customer and provide a service that is refreshingly different.

Mr Anil Sardana, Managing Director of Tata Teleservices Limited, said. It is a privilege to be fulfilling that promise in Himachal Pradesh – where subscribers are discerning and seek transparency, innovation and differentiation. Our partnership with NTT DOCOMO will help us
provide subscribers with tremendous technological and service differentiation. Keeping in view the century of trust associated with the House of Tata, we are launching the concept of fare being fair. From today, TATA DOCOMO subscribers in Himachal Pradesh will be able to enjoy the benefits of pay-as-you-use.

Tata Docomo offers special calling rates and SMS packages for its subscribers in Himachal Pradesh. Buddynet members can enjoy special calling rates of 1 paisa for 6 seconds for all local calls and 1 paisa for 2 seconds for all STD calls. They will also get free access to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Linked-In and Nimbus.

The company also provides a special SMS tariff for subscribers in Himachal Pradesh. The first SMS of the day will be charged at 60 paisa and the next 200 local or national SMS in that day will be free of cost. Tata Docomo will roll out its GSM services in Rajasthan within few days.

Tata Docomo Launches Special Recharge of Rs.120 In Mumbai And Maharashtra

Tata Docomo recently launched a new special recharge voucher of Rs.120 for its prepaid subscribers in Mumbai and Maharashtra circle. This special recharge offers local and national minutes as well as free local and national SMS. After recharging this special pack, you wont get any talktime in your core balance.

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Tata Docomo subscribers in Mumbai and Maharashtra & Goa circle can recharge with Rs.120 special recharge and get 200 local and national minutes as well as 400 free local and national SMS. This local and national minutes can be used to call any mobile and landline number within India.

Plan Details:

Price: Rs.120
Circle: Mumbai and Maharashtra
Benefits: 200 local/national minutes and 400 free local/national SMS
Validity: 30 days

This offer is available only on e-recharge and valid only for 30 days. This plan is better than the basic per second billing plan since it offers both local and national minutes along with free SMS at an affordable price. If you have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comments.

Tata Docomo Offers Bonus Talktime Packs In Kolkata Circle

Tata Docomo subscribers in Kolkata circle can now enjoy extra talktime on special “Bonus Talktime Packs“. Normally on top up vouchers, subscribers has to pay the processing charges, but now they will get full talktime along with extra talktime by recharging these Bonus Talktime Packs.

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Currently, 3 bonus talktime packs are available for Tata Docomo subscribers in Kolkata circle. The first pack is priced at Rs.200, which offers Rs.210 talktime. The second pack is priced at Rs.300 and it gives a talktime of Rs.320. The third pack is priced at Rs.500 and it offers an amazing talktime of Rs.555

These bonus talktime packs are available only in Kolkata circle. This offer is valid only till March 31, 2010. If you have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comments or you can call Tata Docomo Customer Care by dialing 121 from your mobile phones.

Tata Docomo Launches New SMS Pack For Maharashtra And Mumbai Circle

If you stay connected with your friends via SMS, then I have a good news for all the Tata Docomo subscribers out there in Mumbai and Maharashtra & Goa circle. Due to heavy competition from other telecom operators such as Reliance, Airtel and Vodafone, the company launched a new SMS pack in Mumbai and Maharashtra telecom circle.

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The new SMS pack offered by Tata Docomo allows you to send 15000 local and national SMS to your friends in any telecom circle. This SMS pack is available for Rs.60 in Maharashtra and Goa circle and the subscribers in Mumbai circle can get it for Rs.85 only. This SMS pack is available only on special recharge for the amount mentioned above.

Earlier, Tata Docomo subscribers in Mumbai and Maharashtra circle had to shell out 1.2 INR for every outgoing national SMS, which was quite expensive as compared to other telecom operators, but now they can enjoy the same messaging experience right inside their handsets. This SMS pack is not officially announced by the company, but I have confirmed this SMS pack by activating it on my Tata Docomo number.

If you have any queries, please call Tata Docomo Customer Care by dialing 121. If this SMS pack is available in your telecom circle as well, please let us know in the comments.

Tata Docomo Launches New Daily Plans For Prepaid Subscribers

Tata Docomo is India’s No.1 telecom operator in terms of new subscriber additions. Recently, they went one step ahead and launched new “Daily Plans” for their prepaid subscribers across 16 telecom circles. Daily Plans are not available for Tata Docomo’s prepaid subscribers in Mumbai and Maharashtra & Goa circle.

tata docomo daily plans

Daily plans allows you to call your friends and loved ones at a reduced call rates. These plans are available only for a day. All the packs will be deactivated on the same day at 12 midnight. You can activate daily plans directly from you handset by dialing *141#

Daily Plans:

  • Pay Rs.5 and get 30 local minutes for Tata to Tata Calling
  • Pay Rs.5 and get 10 local minutes across all Networks
  • Pay Rs.12 and get 30 local minutes across all Networks
  • Pay Rs.14 and get 30 local/National minutes
  • Pay Rs.5 and get 10MB Free Browsing
  • Pay Rs.20 and get 10 minutes to USA/Canada
  • Pay Rs.10 and get 5 minutes to USA/Canada
  • Pay Rs.20 and get 3 minutes to Gulf
  • Pay Rs.5 and get 15 minutes FREE music
  • Pay Rs.5/day and get Cricket alerts.

All the daily plans will be available till 12 midnight, except the night calling packs which will be available till 7 am of the next day. You can also activate multiple Daily Plans. This service is quite useful since there is no need to visit the retailer for activating these daily packs. You can activate it within seconds directly from your mobile phone.

TATA DoCoMo Introduces New Rollover Plan

TATA DoCoMo is widely known for introducing path-breaking plans in India. They completely changed the face of telecom industry in India by introducing “per second billing” which allows the customer to have complete transparency in billing. The new rollover plans allows the customers to carry forward their unused talk-time and SMS packages to the next billing cycle.

The new Rollover Plan is available in four different types – RO 500, RO 799, RO 1000 and RO 1099 with a monthly rental of Rs.500, Rs.799, Rs.1,000 and Rs.1,099 respectively.

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Let me explain you how this plan works. If you purchase the RO 1099 plan, you will get 1,50,000 seconds of free local calls and 72,000 seconds of free STD calls per month. If there is any unused talktime for the current month, it will be carry forwarded to the next month. This means that you won’t lose your talktime and SMS packs since you can use them for next three months.

Anil Sardana, Managing Director, Tata Teleservices Limited says,
“Today I am proud to say that we are launching yet another industry first- The Rollover Plan- exclusively for our Tata DOCOMO Enterprise Customers. Innovation in tariff alone doesn’t give any operator a runaway success – it is understanding the nuances of customer usage patterns and integrating customer needs and value propositions into our product strategy that are key to a sustainable business model. Taking the first mover advantage, we have consolidated an aggressive proposition that offers transparent tariff along with the facility of carrying forward of unused free usage for a period of 3 months – this feature will definitely benefit and interest our enterprise customers.”

The roll over benefit will be applicable for 8 consecutive cycles with each cycle comprising of 3 months. Lets hope that, they start the same service for the retail customers as well in the near future.

Tata Teleservice Also Launches Push Mail Service

Earlier we saw Reliance Communications launching Push Mail VAS to its millions of subscribers, in the competitive spirit even Tata Teleservice has launched the similar service for its subscribers. Tata Subscribers, Indicom and DoCoMo can now read their mails on low end handsets.   Like RCom, even Tata Teleservice has tied up with ISeeMedia to deliver this service.

Mr. Zubin Dubash, AVP VAS, New Products Development, Tata Teleservices Limited, said, Push 4 All Mail is a revolutionary service that will change the way people communicate. Customers will have to no longer worry whether their handsets are GPRS/BREW enabled or not since Push 4 All Mail is a ubiquitous service that will provide hassle free easy to use email service on SMS. Today consumer preferences are changing dramatically and as a telecom operator it’s important to listen to consumer’s voice and offer services that make a meaningful impact both in terms of service and revenues.

We are extremely please at the commercial launch of Tata’s newly branded Push 4 All Mail SMS-based push-mail service and look forward to some very meaningful traction throughout 2010,said Anthony DeCristofaro, President and CEO, iseemedia. Tata Teleservices is the first operator in India to offer a push-mail service ubiquitously on all handsets which will revolutionize the way users receive and send their email via SMS, seamlessly from basic phone sets.

Unlike RCom which offers this service for 30 INR per month and 50p for each SMS, Tata will be offering push mail service for just 15 INR and 50p for each SMS.

TATA DoCoMo Unveils 5 Amazing GPRS Packs

Recently, TATA DoCoMo unveiled 5 new GPRS packs that will encourage their subscribers to stay connected with their friends wherever they go. Now checking mails, sending scraps and replying tweets are just a click away. Though none of the packs provide unlimited access to internet, but the amount of data provided in these packs are more than enough for normal users.

tata gprs

Plan In Details:

GPRS Pack 1
Price: Rs.5/-
Validity: Till Midnight (11:59pm)
Benefits: You will get 10 MB for internet usage.

GPRS Pack 2
Price: Rs.15/-
Validity: 3 days
Benefits: You will get 30 MB for 3 days that can be used in daytime and 500 MB for 3 days that can be used at night.

GPRS Pack 3
Price: Rs.33/-
Validity: 15 days
Benefits: You will get 50 MB for 15 days that can be used in daytime and 1 GB for 15 days that can be used at night.

GPRS Pack 4
Price: Rs.48/-
Validity: 30 days
Benefits: You will get 100 MB for 30 days that can be used in daytime and 2 GB for 30 days that can be used at night.

GPRS Pack 5
Price: Rs. 95/-
Validity: 30 days
Benefits: You will get 200 MB for 30 days that can be used in daytime and 4 GB for 30 days that can be used at night.

All the GPRS packs mentioned above will be available on TATA DoCoMo Home and TATA DoCoMo roaming networks only. To get the TATA DoCoMo internet settings, please sms “INTERNET” to 52270. All the GPRS packs are available on special EVD recharge. To activate Rs.5 pack, please sms “GPRS” to 121.

If you have any queries regarding these GPRS packs, feel free to ask us in the comments.

Samsung’s First Android Phone i7500 Launched In India

Tata Docomo and Samsung Mobiles today announced Samsung’s first Android based phone; Samsung Galaxy (I7500) in India. Samsung Galaxy (i7500) comes with inbuilt Google mobile services.

Samsung Galaxy comes with 5 Mega Pixel camera, supports various multimedia formats and 3.2AMOLED touch screen. Samsung Galaxy also gives you 7.2 Mbps HSDPA and WiFi connectivity so that you enjoy Google’s mobile services with high speed internet on your phone. The 1500mAh Battery will ensure that your phone is your best buddy even if you use it for the entire day.


Features of Samsung Galaxy

  • 5 MP Camera
  • 3G
  • Wifi
  • 8GB Internal Memory
  • External Memory (MicroSD) expandable upto 32 GB
  • AMOLED Display

The Samsung Galaxy is priced at INR 28,990.

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