Sync Lotus Notes With Google Calendar

NG2Sync is a handy and opensource command line tool which will allow you to quickly sync your Lotus notes account with Google Calendar.


To sync your Lotus notes with Google Calendar, just enter your Lotus notes password along with the credentials for Google Calendar. Once you have provided the information, this tool will sync up both your accounts and keep them up to date.

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Google Chrome Adds Bookmark Sync Support

A few days ago we told you how was in the process of adding Bookmark sync support that would allow users to sync their bookmarks with a Google account.

The latest dev version of Google Chrome 4 (v4.0.201.1) now includes bookmark sync support, this will allow you to sync your local bookmarks to your Google account.

The bookmarks will be synced using XMPP technology that also powers Google Talk, to enable bookmark sync you will need to start Chrome with the –enable-syncflag.


Once you do that go to Click on the Wrench icon and select Sync my bookmarks to setup your bookmarks with your Google account.


Once you setup your account Google Chrome will automatically sync your bookmarks with your Google account, you can then re-sync them on another computer.

Definitely useful, however to start using this service you will have to upgrade to the latest dev version of Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Sync Already Exists?

Just a few hours ago we told you how was planning to offer browser synchronization across multiple computers.

We dug around a bit and came across a service called Google Chrome Sync, that provides bookmarks synchronization across computers.


The website in question is registered by someone from Russia, they also have a account @chromesync where they have posted a few updates dating back to May 2009 with regards to this tool, however the website in themselves do not offer any downloads yet.


It would be interesting to try out this tool, if anyone of you have access to it please drop us a email and let us know about it, we would love to test that out.

Google Chrome To Get Cloud Synchronization

More than a year ago Google had pulled the plug on Google Browser Sync a very handy   for that would allow users to sync their browser settings with a external server in the cloud.

Back then hadn’t even debuted but that decision didn’t go down very well with many users, however there was a good alternative in the form of Weave from Mozilla.


However a interesting news is floating around, according to a design document Google will offer Chrome users the ability to synchronize the settings with their Google Account.

This is definitely good news as it will allow users to use Chrome on multiple PCs without have to worry about copying their bookmarks and settings, more likely than not it will work similar to how Google Browser Sync worked for Firefox.

This feature will initially be available to development version users and later on gradually rolled out to everyone. In the meantime do start using one of the several Google Chrome Extensions available to users.

Xmarks “Bring Your Own Server” BYOS Edition

XMarks is a nice way to synchronize and store your browser bookmarks online, however not many would feel comfortable storing their passwords and bookmarks on a third party server.

Here is some good news, Xmarks have now released a new version specifically for users who want to sync their data to their own servers.


The BYOS edition will allow users to specify their own servers where they can sync all their bookmarks and password and restore them or access them from multiple places.

The BYOS edition of Xmarks provides the following features;

  • Does not communicate with our servers except to open a tab in your browser after an upgrade to tell you what’s new.
  • Does not contain any Discovery features.
  • Will be upgraded much less frequently than our standard Xmarks add-ons.

Xmarks BYOS is currently only available as a , you will have to uninstall the older Xmarks add-on before you can start using Xmarks BYOS.

Introducing Xmarks Bring Your Own ServerBETA [Xmarks Blog]

Synble: A Backup, Sync and Free SMS Tool For Nokia Smartphones

If you have ever wanted to or sync your mobile phone contacts, SMS messages, call history this tool we are going to introduce you to is the only one you may ever require.

Synble is a free application for Nokia Symbian/S60 phones that will allow you to sync and backup your contacts, SMS messages and your call history to a online location.

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Synchronize Local Documents With Google Docs Using DocSyncer

Google Docs is one of the most popular services used to edit Word and Excel documents online. You can easily download all the documents from Google Docs to your local machine and vice versa.

The process of uploading and downloading the documents can get tedious at times and a automatic synchronizer should definitely be helpful. DocSyncer is a useful utility which will allow you to synchronize your local documents with Google Docs.


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