Get 5GB Free Space on Dropbox For Trying Out Their Beta

is no doubt one of the most popular file synching software for PCs and mobile phones alike. To start out, Dropbox gives users 2GB of free space (and an additional 250MB) and then allows users to earn additional space by referring friends. However, you can earn 5GB of free space by downloading the beta version of Dropbox.


Users who download the beta version of Dropbox and help the developers fix the bugs will get up-to 5GB of space for uploading photos and videos from their mobile phone, camera or SD card. You will receive 500MB of space when you first import your photos or videos to Dropbox and continue earning additional 500MB of data for every 500MB of photos or videos you upload to the cloud.

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Dropbox has been growing rapidly and there were some hints that they might also integrate with Google Docs soon, however, nothing has come of it yet.

Beta software can often be buggy and sometimes crash your system. However, if you are willing to take the risk, you can download the beta version of Dropbox from here. Also, don’t forget to check our section to find free online storage for your files.

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Dropbox and Google Docs Integration Coming Soon?

The folks over at Fusible tipped us that Dropbox might finally be bringing much requested feature of integrating to their service after they purchased few domains including, and


The request for Dropbox integration with Google Docs was first requested on their forums in February 2010 (forum post). However, despite rumors that made rounds in early 2011, there were no signs of the integration. Dropbox has definitely been one of the most popular file synching services in the market and was recently valued at $5 billion. They have also shown exponential growth growing from 4 million users to 25 million users in under a year.

However, unlike other services like, Dropbox does not allow users to store or backup their Google documents in the cloud. However, this might change considering that Dropbox purchased, and on August 29th according to Whois records.


Unless they plan to spinoff their own document service in the cloud, I am pretty convinced that Dropbox might soon rollout integration for storage with Google Docs in collaboration with Google itself. Integration with Dropbox would help Google stave off some tough competition from Microsoft’s Office 365 and get more users to their service.

We are not sure about a formal announcement yet, but expect that it might be made in the next few days . This would definitely be a good addition to an already excellent service. Do you use Dropbox? Do you think it’s integration with Google Docs might be useful to you? Do let us know through your comments.

SugarSync Now Provides Free 5GB Storage Space

The   battle seems to be heating up. After increased their free storage space to 5GB, another sync service, SugarSync, has increased their   space to 5GB.

SugarSync Sync Service

SugarSync syncs your files across multiple platforms like ,  Mac OS X, , and . The service provides users with a desktop client which can then be used to sync files to the SugarSync servers.

The new 5GB free accounts will be available to both old and new users. SugarSync also provides a business account which provides users with 30GB space for $4.99 a month. If you do not have a SugarSync account, you can sign up for a free account to get 5GB storage space.

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How to Keep the Same Notes Everywhere – Synchronizing Tomboy with Dropbox

dropbox-icon The other day, I wrote about a free note taking application called Tomboy. As I mentioned there, Tomboy is now available for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since I frequently move between machines and jump in and out of Linux and Windows, I wanted to have the same notes in all places.

After some research, I found out that I could set Tomboy to use a local folder to synchronize notes. I am an enthusiastic Dropbox user and I have it installed on every PC that I use. To me, the next logical step was to point my Tomboy sync at Dropbox so that I was getting the same notes on all my PCs, no matter what system was running.

Here’s how it’s done.

If Tomboy is running, you can access the preferences by a right click to it’s system tray, or from the Search All Noteswindows under Edit – Preferences.


Make sure the pull-down menu is showing Local Folder, then hit the Browsebutton to choose a folder on your PC. Naturally, in this case, we will choose a folder inside of the Dropbox folder so that the files will get synchronized by Dropbox.


Once you have the folder selected, be sure to hit the Savebutton to save the folder path.

Now you only need to do this on every PC that you have Tomboy installed on and you’re ready to go. Whenever you need to update your notes, you can find the Synchronize Notescommand in the systray icon right click or in any note window under Tools.


That’s it. Have fun taking notes in Tomboy.

Syncplicity: Best Backup and Sync Service, 5 50GB Account Worth $99 Giveaways [Birthday Bash]

Note: Contest has been officially closed and the winners have been declared.

Ok it’s finally time to kick of the where we will be giving away prizes worth $4500, the first thing we would like to giveaway to our readers is free 50GB accounts of Syncplicity the best and sync service, worth $99 each, valid for 1 year. Please read the rules before you participate.

Syncplicity is a service that makes everyday sync, backup and sharing as simple as can be, the all-in-one services makes sure your files are everywhere you need them.

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5 Services To Backup and Sync Your Files

Backing up files has now become a regular part of many users daily computing lives, but not many users are aware of the different services available for backing up and synching files.

There are in-fact tons of such services available, which offer free sync/backup accounts to keep your files safe and secure in the cloud. The best part of having your files in the cloud is that you can access them from practically anywhere with a basic internet connection.

However we sifted through them all and will talk about only the best services to and sync your files.


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Syncplicity Adds Mac Support [Free Beta Invites]

Syncplicity is a popular file synching service which allows users to sync files between multiple computers, providing users with a real-time solution. Syncplicity also provides users with a option to backup/sync their account.


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Keep Your Important Files Synced With SugarSync [Free 30GB Account Giveaways]

Here at Techie Buzz we have always talked about the different ways to backup your important files and blogs, we have also talked about some important steps you should do before throwing away your Old PC earlier and ten things you should do after re-installing your OS.

To sum it up we are actually very paranoid about losing our files and always ensure we have regular backups. That said it is not always a joy to backup files manually and having a system where our files would automatically sync up with a online storage place is a joy to have.

SugarSync brings a huge relief to us with regards to backing up and syncing our files with a online storage. With a small piece of software running in the background you can easily sync up your files with SugarSync online storage without having to do it manually.

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