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Nokia N9 Spotted: Another Symbian^3 Device?

Right now, Nokia is having a tough time in the market because they are not able to come up with remarkable high end gadgets. They announced the N8 but it is yet to come. The latest addition in the upcoming handsets from Nokia is the N9, which has just been spotted at Negri Electronics.

The Nokia N9, maybe sport the Symbian^3 OS. The N9 is also predicted to have a 3.5″ screen and a full QWERTY keypad. The N9 will also have a 8MP camera and dual LED flash. The possibilities of Wi-Fi, GPS is also very certain. The screen resolution will also predicted to be nHD (640 x 360).

We will come up with more details when we get access to it. The N9 will surely be Nokia’s next flagship smartphone. Nokia desperately needs to come up with something remarkable this time because the N8 was very disappointing in terms of innovation.


Nokia C7 Pictures Leaked; Sports An 8MP Camera

It was just yesterday we reported about the C7, and other N and E series from Nokia. Today we have the first leaked pictures of the Nokia C7. The Nokia C7 is a full-touch phone, with an 8MP camera at its back. The device looks similar to the Samsung Corby(s) out there. Along with an 8MP camera, the device also packs in dual-LED flash.



The front part of the screen is dominated by the touch-screen. A front video-call camera is also present near the top of the device screen. From the picture, it looks like the size of the touch-screen is ~3.5-inch. The call receive/end keys are also touch based. From the pictures, the device looks pretty thin. From the above picture, it is clearly visible that the Nokia C7 has dedicated music keys, and a camera shutter key. The device also sports a 3.5mm jack at the top. The device will run on S60 v5th edition, but we hope it runs on Symbian^3.

Hopefully, Nokia will announce the C7 officiallyin the upcoming few weeks.


Nokia N8: New Videos Demonstrating HD Video Recording, Messaging, Internet and Maps

Remember the Nokia N8? Yes, I am talking about Nokia’s next high-end handset that got trashed in an early review. One of the main drawbacks cited by the reviewer was that the Symbian^3 OS just didn’t cut it. Quite obviously, Nokia is keen to prove otherwise.

Nokia has recorded three videos demonstrating different aspects of the user interface (UI) including messaging, internet and maps. The first of the three is embedded below. The remaining videos will be released next week.

From the video, the browser looks strictly ok. The only thing worth noting is that it supports flash. The messaging aspect has definitely improved but Nokia is simply playing catch-up. Threaded SMS conversations, which has been present in iPhone, Palm and Android devices for a long time, finally makes it to Symbian. The saving grace is Ovi Maps, which is an excellent navigation app.

Some eye candy has been added to Symbian^3 including more widgets, some transition effects and a refreshed task manager. N8 will feature three home-screens, each of which will be capable of housing 6 widgets.

Undoubtedly there are several changes in Symbian^3. In fact, even from the quick first glance it appears to be a decent improvement over its predecessor. However, the problem is that it is still too similar to Symbian S60v5. Nokia N8’s operating system still feels pre-historic when compared with the likes of iPhone, HTC Desire or Xperia X10.

However, there is one thing that the N8 does well – it’s snapping pictures and recording videos. N8’s 12 megapixel camera is probably the best to ever grace a mobile phone. Here’s a HD video recorded with N8 that was released last month. Remember that this is taken using a pre-production firmware, so there is still room for improvement.

Watch it in Full HD here.

The Nokia N8 is expected to be released in August.

Nokia N8 Overview Videos From Nokia

The Nokia N8 has been making quite a few splashes around because of the new Symbian^3 OS. Some bench marks have also stated that the Nokia N8 is 180% faster than the N97, the almost flop touchscreen phone from Nokia.

There have been a lots of Nokia N8 videos and Nokia N8 pictures available on the internet, however, if you want to know all the details of the phone, you can watch a series of in-depth videos created by the Nokia team with Nokia N8.

The first video is available to watch, however, there will be two more videos in this series. We will add the other two videos as soon as they become available.

By the way, you can also pre-order the Nokia N8 phone on Amazon, at-least in some parts of the world.

Nokia N8 Is 180% Faster Than N97

In the past couple of months, the smartphone OS market has been a hot topic. In that hot topic, Android has been the center of attraction, while the OS which is the most widely used in the world; Symbian was lost in the crowd. There is no doubt in the fact that the Symbian S60 v5 for touchscreen smartphones is the slowest of all and this is the reason for its criticism.

The arrival of Symbian^3 with N8 is destined to change things forever for Symbian. The Nokia N8 in a benchmark test against N97 showed its power. The N8 is 180% faster than the N97 and 54% faster than Omnia HD. In the FPC bench 3D test the result was 60fps and it never fell below it.

Omnia HD vs N97

nokia-n8-benchmark nokia-n8-benchmark2

These results are very good sign for Symbian because its future depends on Symbian^3. Let us see whether it will be strong enough to compete with the power house Android.

These test were done by FinestFones.com.


Symbian^3 is now official

Symbian foundation has announced today the S^3 platform. It will be “feature-complete” by the end of Q1 and will have some big features like:

  • Better UI
  • HDMI support – See movies at 1080p
  • Multi-touch gesture support
  • Intuitive homescreen – More widgets. Twitter, facebook, Weather forecasts all at the flick of a finger.
  • Better support for H/W acceleration – S^3 harnesses the hardware to provide maximum visual enhancements and a feature rich environment.
  • Mutitask more- Writeable Data Paging will allow more applications to run in parallel for a faster, more complete and efficient multi-tasking experience, especially on mid-range hardware.
  • Faster Networking to provide a rich browsing experience.
  • Music store integration – This feature will be embedded within the radio and will help to identify a song and download it’s lyrics and album art.

The best thing is that it is the first Symbian to have an entirely open source release.

Nokia N8 To Be Announced at MWC with Symbian^3

Just when we thought Nokia is just getting geared by revealing Nokia C5 and Nokia C6, there are rumors that Nokia might launch a new device — ┬áNokia N8 at the MWC 2010, held in Barcelona next week.

Nokia N8-00 will come with a capacitive multitouch 3.5 inch display and will be the first to offer Symbian^3 OS. Apart from that it sports a 12 megapixel camera and capture 720p at 30 frames per second. It will also feature an HDMI output. Another interesting mention is Video on Demand through the Ovi Store.

Now that the Mobile World Congress – 2010 isn’t too long away, there is possibility that these are just baseless rumors.