Nokia’s CEO Sends A Hard Hitting But True Memo To Its Employees

The Finnish giant – Nokia – has been continuously criticized since the last one year or so for its strategies and its choice of platform – Symbian. The company might be the market leader in terms of volume of handsets shipped, but the market share of the company is fast dwindling and so is its goodwill.

Last year, Nokia got a new CEO Stephen Elop and he promised that Nokia will bounce back in 2011. Rumors are also floating around that on the Capital Markets Day on Feb 11, Nokia will fire a boatload of top executives and may also announce a WP7/Android based smartphone.


Now, before the D-Day (Feb 11) when Elop will share the new strategy of Nokia with the whole world, he has sent all the employees of Nokia a very hard hitting but true memo. In the memo, Elop calls Nokia/Symbian a ‘burning platform’ and states that even after four years of the original iPhone being released to the public, Nokia has no answer to it. In the memo, he also states about the monumental growth of Android in the last two years and how the OS has managed to attract developers, hardware manufacturers and application developers, alike.

He also says that their low-end market share is being quickly gobbled up by the Chinese phone manufacturers. These Chinese companies are churning out new handsets in “the time that it takes us (Nokia) to polish a PowerPoint presentation.” In the end, Elop says that on Feb 11 he will share the new strategy of Nokia with the whole world which will help the company reclaim its market leadership and the confidence of the masses!

The full memo which Elop sent to the employees of Nokia can be found here. Hopefully, Elop will have a very good strategy in place to help the ‘burning platform’ – Nokia – regain its top spot in the mobile industry.

Forget Email, Spammers Are Looking Forward to the Mobile Platform Now

With the average computer user getting more tech savvy each day and the average mobile user just catching up, spammers are seeing the mobile platform as a viable option for expanding their notorious business.


Awareness against spam has gone up over the last one year and as a direct result, email spam has gone down visibly. As ZDNet says in this post, only 80% of the current email traffic is spam. Although the figure is nothing to be proud of, it is a vast improvement over earlier spam levels. So much so, that this is supposedly the lowest spam we have seen after 2007. However, in the last quarter of 2010, mobile spams increased up to 46 percent when compared with the fourth quarter of 2009.

The two primary platforms that are victims of mobile spam are undoubtedly Symbian, because it is so popular and Android, because it is so vulnerable. A quote from McAfee as it appears on ZDNet says,

In the past three months, we saw the lowest spam volumes since 2007, but at the same time, we identified attacks on new devices such as smartphones using the Android operating system. Mobile malware and threats have been around for years, but we must now accept them as part of the mobile landscape, both in awareness and deployment.

Spam can be fought with simple awareness and now that businesses are becoming more prominent on the mobile platform too, mobile users need to get aware against spams immediately. However, a comment on the same post at ZDNet has led to the question if these reports are bloated. The comment is quoted below.

This is like pharmaceutical companies not releasing cures for diseases but just symptomatic medications because you can make more money. If your entire business model relies on there being bad stuff out there you want people to think there is lots of bad stuff out there. Biased doesn’t begin to describe.

Nokia E7 Starts Shipping To The Public; Will Set You Back By €599

It was nearly six months ago that Nokia announced the Nokia E7. It was late last month that Nokia started taking pre-orders for the E7 in Finland and Sweden. Today, the company has started shipping the first batch of E7 to all those people who pre-ordered the handset.

The Nokia E7 is the un-official successor to the Communicator series from the Finnish giant. The E7 sports a 4CBD (ClearBlack Display) with a   resolution of 360×640. The handset is powered by an ARM11 680MHz processor along with a Broadcom graphics chip. The back of the handset sports an 8MP camera with dual-LED flash. The phone packs 256MB of RAM and 16GB of on-board storage memory along with a microSD card slot.

The handset sports the usual Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth along with a mini-HDMI port. Even though the Nokia E7 is aimed at business users, it is clearly visible that the handset not lack in the multimedia department. Like the N8, the E7 is made up of anodized aluminum as well and features USB OTG (On-The-Go) as well.

As of now, the E7 is available only at selected retail stores and should be available worldwide by Feb 16 for a whopping €599. Hopefully, the price of the device will go down after a month or so.

Best Mobile Apps Of The Week for iOS, Android and Symbian – #7

Welcome to the seventh edition of Best Mobile Apps of the Week for iOS, Android and Symbian. In this edition of BMATW, I will introduce our readers to a Fitness app for iOS and a popular third party browser for Android owners. Symbian users will know how to unlock their phone in a fun yet, efficient manner.

Below are the Best Mobile Apps Of The Week For iOS, Android and Symbian :

Fitness Free HD (iOS)

As the name suggests, Fitness Free HD for iPad is a fitness application containing information about more than 300 different exercises. All the exercises have been clearly explained with the help of many pictures and proper text instructions.

The benefits and the difficulty level of each exercise have been clearly explained as well. The app also lists all exercise according to various body parts.


The app also includes some inbuilt Recipes’ which can help a person burn all those fats or prepare him before he hits the gym. A paid version of the application is also available which features more than 700 exercises with video clips. The paid version also includes other goodies like a Calorie counter, Body tracker and BMI (Body Mass Index).

One killer feature of the paid version is that users can get live support from professional coaches! The paid version of the app costs $3.99. The free version of the app can be downloaded from here.

Nokia Bubbles (Symbian)

Today, Nokia released a new application called Bubbles which will help Symbian owners to unlock their phone in a fun, yet efficient manner.

Bubbles’ will appear on the screen if a user presses the Apps’ button whilst his phone his locked. The user can then either have some fun by simply throwing the bubbles away or initiate an action by dragging a bubble to the available drop point.

Below is a video of Nokia Bubbles in action on the Nokia N8 :

At the moment, users can use a bubble to unlock their phone, view an unread SMS, control the music player or the FM radio, call a specific contact or change the phone profile etc.

The application is still in beta so do expect some bugs. The application sure has a very interesting concept and hopefully, the future versions will improve the functionality of this app further. The application only supports the latest Symbian phones from Nokia like the N8, C7 and the C6-01.

The app can be downloaded for free from here.

Firefox 4 (Android)

It was only a couple of days ago that Mozilla released an updated version of Firefox 4 for Mobile for Android and Maemo. Compared to the previous beta releases, this new release of Firefox 4 for Mobile is way better.

The page loading times and the loading time of the application has been reduced drastically. In fact, the Mozilla team says that this new beta version of Firefox 4 is faster than the stock Android browser.


One big advantage of FF4 for Mobile is that it supports plug-ins. As of now, the mobile add-ons gallery for Firefox 4 features more than 100 plug-ins. The app does have its share of downsides including a very heavy memory foot print.

Readers can read more about Firefox 4 for mobile here. Android handset owners can download Firefox 4 for mobile from the Android Market.

Nokia N8, Nokia C7 and Nokia C6-01 PR1.1 Firmware Update Out

Beginning from today, Nokia has started rolling out the PR1.1 firmware update for its new Symbian (formerly Symbian^3) handsets like the Nokia N8, Nokia C6-01 and Nokia C7.

The new firmware update will improve the performance and stability of all the three handsets along with fixing some bugs. Other changes in this firmware won’t be visible to the end users, but will be helpful to developers.


Here is the official change-log from Nokia itself :

  • Meeting requests can be accepted directly from email invitations;
  • Maps integration in email, which means people can view the meeting location on the map when the address is mentioned in the location field in the invite.
  • For Nokia N8 users:
    a. New Quick Office 6.4 editor version, which offers editing possibilities and allows zooming in & out in Word documents.
    b. Three high quality games will also be preloaded on new devices Need for Speed Shift, Real Golf and Galaxy on Fire. (In some countries, Need for Speed is replaced with Asphalt 5). For current N8 users, these are available for free from Ovi Suite & Ovi Store.

Owners of any of the latest Symbian handset can update the firmware on their handset using Nokia Software Updater or Nokia Ovi Suite. They can also update the firmware on their handset directly via OTA (Over-The-Air).

Symbian is way behind Android and iOS in certain departments including a dated UI, extremely bad text input system and a pathetic web browser. Nokia has promised to fix most of these shortcomings in future firmware updates.

However, this PR 1.1 firmware update does not improve any of these aspects of the phone.   Seriously Nokia, it’s high time you do something which will be appreciated by both – the general public and bloggers.

Android Overtakes Symbian, Becomes the Highest Selling Mobile OS

Canalys, an independent analytics firm, has disclosed that Android is now the highest selling mobile operating system in the world. According to its analysis, the total shipment of Android handsets jumped from 20.3 million units in Q3 to 32.9 million in Q4 2010. Contrary to what you might expect, Symbian, the previous leader in the smartphone segment, also saw an increase in the number of units shipped, and climbed from 29.9 million units to 31 million units. However, considering the rapid growth experienced by the entire smartphone industry, Nokia has little to brag about.


Besides Nokia, other players who have reason for disappointment are Research in Motion (RIM) and Microsoft. Windows Phone 7 arrived too late in the quarter to make its presence felt. On the other hand, RIM continued to struggle to compete against the accelerating onslaught of Android devices. Although mid-range devices like Curve helped RIM to overtake Nokia in Latin America, it ended up shipping less than 15 million handsets.

Apple ended up in the third spot with 16.2 million shipments, and posted healthy growth rates. The availability of iPhone on Verizon is expected to help Apple in closing the gap with Symbian. However, for the moment, Android simply looks insurmountable.

Nokia’s MeeGo Based Handset Pictures Surface

The Finnish giant Nokia is currently on a sinking ship Symbian. In the last year, Symbian was the most criticized mobile OS despite its market leadership. Many Nokia loyalists all over the world are eagerly waiting for the next generation of Maemo to arrive, namely MeeGo. Now, the folks over at GSMArena have dug out a picture from the Mobile-Review forums of what is apparently a handset running on MeeGo.


The handset shown above in the picture can very well be the Nokia N9 which will hopefully be announced by Nokia at the upcoming MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona. From the leaked pictures, the screen size of the handset looks to be around 4-inches. The handset also sports a 3-axis gyroscope along with an accelerometer. A few days ago, rumored specs of the N9 popped up on the Internet suggesting that the handset will be packing a 1.2 GHz Intel processor.

Hopefully, Nokia will announce a MeeGo based handset at the MWC thus killing all these rumors. In fact, Nokia must announce a MeeGo based handset at MWC. Right now, most Nokia loyalists have pinned their hopes on the MeeGo and delaying the launch of a handset running MeeGo will not help Nokia at all. MeeGo is also being touted by some as the comeback vehicle for Nokia.

Only time will tell whether MeeGo will help kill all the negativity surrounding Nokia/Symbian or not.

Best Mobile Apps Of the Week for iOS, Android and Symbian – #6

Welcome to the sixth edition of Best Mobile Apps Of the Week for iOS, Android and Symbian. In this edition of BMATW, we will introduce our readers to a clock application for the iOS platform, along with a very popular messaging client for the Android platform. Also, we will introduce our Symbian users to an application which will change the wallpaper of their phone by simply shaking it.

Night Stand (iOS)

Night Stand is the most popular third’ party clock replacement app on the Apple App Store. The app features nine visually stunning clocks including a digital and a retro one. The app also features the usual clock’ functions like Alarm and Stopwatch. Night Stand is also able to display the local weather information, if the user so desires to.


Users can also use any song from their iPod library as the alarm tone as well. The Alarm function of the app has a very nice feature as well Math Puzzles. When users will try to stop the alarm on their iTouch device, they can do so only by solving a math puzzle. Users can setup multiple clocks for their convenience as well.

A Pro as well as a Lite’ version of Night Stand is available on the App Store. The paid version of the app costs $1.99. Here is the link to download Night Stand.

Shake n Screen (Symbian)

Shake n Screen is a nifty application the Symbian platform which will allow users to change the wallpaper of their phone by just shaking their phone. Users first need to specify the folder where they have kept all their favorite wallpapers.

After that, users can play around with the various settings of the application including the auto start, auto hide and sensitivity option. The Sensitivity’ option will allow users to set the sensitivity of the shake’ on which the wallpaper of the phone will change.

clip_image003 (Image Source)

The app also has a Power Saving Mode’ which will automatically stop changing the wallpaper, if the phone is found to be inactive for some time. As of now, the application works only on the Symbian S60v5 and Symbian^3 based handsets. The application is available for download on the Ovi store for $1.99

GO SMS (Android)

GO SMS is an awesome SMS app for Android. For me, GO SMS is able to beat other big third party messaging applications like Handcent. The UI of GO SMS is pretty simple, fast and pleasing to the eye as well. The app also supports themes which will allow users to change the UI of the app from time to time.


The app notifies the user of a new SMS with a popup, which also contains some nifty options like Quick Reply and delete. However, I would have personally preferred the app to use the Android style notification style instead of this popup one.

GO SMS also has other useful features like Backup/Restore, Security Lock, Batch mode and Individual contact information. Users can find out more about GO SMS here.

Nokia N8 PR1.1 Firmware Leaks

Last year, Nokia launched its first Symbian^3 based handset the Nokia N8. The phone was heavily criticized for its poor web-browser, outdated UI and its disastrous text input system. Nokia had promised that they will release a new firmware for the N8 in January or early February which will improve some of the heavily criticized aspects of the phone.

Now, reports are coming in that the PR1.1 (v13.015) firmware for the N8 is under the final stages of testing before being rolled out to the public.

However, some folks over at the forums have managed to get their hands on this upcoming firmware for the N8. The PR1.1 firmware was listed on NaviFirm from where many users downloaded and flashed it on their N8. One user has even posted a video of the firmware in action on the N8.

Here is the video of PR1.1 firmware running on the Nokia N8-:

Users who flashed the firmware on their handset are reporting an improved browser performance and a more responsive music player. The overall performance of the handset and the RAM management have also improved. The Gallery app on the phone also seems to work a bit smoothly now.

Even though the browser performance has improved, it still crashes intermittently. Readers can also find a video of the browser speed test on the Nokia N8 running PR1.1 firmware here.

Nokia has promised more changes for the N8 including UI updates along with a web browser and text input overhaul in the upcoming firmware updates.

Best Mobile Apps Of the Week for iOS, Android and Symbian – #5

Welcome to the fifth edition of Best Mobile Apps of the Week for iOS, Symbian and Android. In this edition of Best Mobile Apps of the Week (BMATW), we will introduce our readers to a very slick RSS app for iOS, a new Launcher for Android and a painting application for Symbian devices.

Below are the featured mobile apps of the week for iOS, Symbian and Android:

ADWLauncher EX (Android)

AD Launcher EX is the paid version of the highly popular ADW Launcher. The paid version of the app offers some nice features over the free version including some crazily awesome animations. The app also includes four different kinds of App drawers including 3D and a 4D one.

Below is a video demonstrating all the features of ADWLauncher EX:

In fact, ADWLauncher EX is so good that it has forced me to change loyalties from LauncherPro. To know more about ADWLauncher EX, readers can read our full review here. The app is downloadable from the Android Market for $3.50.

Pulse (iOS)

Pulse is one of the best looking RSS readers available for iOS. The app has a UI unlike any other feed reader out there.   The app shows a picture of the webpage and the heading of the post.

Below is a screenshot of how Pulse looks -:


Pulse brings in only the ‘bare essentials’ of an article by stripping the post from other irrelevant stuffs like advertisements, images etc. The app also includes some nifty features like Offline sync, Easy Share and News Discovery. iOS users can download Pulse for free from the App Store.

Pulse is also available on the Android Market for free.

Scribble Away (Symbian)

Scribble Away for Symbian OS is a simple painting tool. Even though simple’, the app has all the basic painting features covered including the canvas type and even allows users to share their paintings on popular social networking sites. A simple but definitely a fun filed time killing application.


Scribble away is available for all the touch based phones from Nokia running on Symbian S60v5 or Symbian^3. Symbian users can download the app from here.