Super Mario 3 Games for Windows – Hours of Fun

marioHow old is Mario? Do you think he’s getting tired of jumping on Goombas?

Goomba2Mario first made an appearance in 1982. Since that makes Mario 28 years old, I think he’s just getting started jumping around. We’ll be seeing him for a long time.

The Wii and Xbox game systems brought back interest in the Super Mario series, but if you want to play some Mario games on your Windows systems, you’ll have no shortage of game choices.

Yesterday, Softendo released a simple version called Mario Play. Here’s a screen shot.


This game can be played in a window or full screen. There are no levels, no power-ups, and nothing else to help Mario. The object is to collect coins while dodging enemies as they continue arriving on screen faster and faster. You’ll be trying to get the highest score possible.

If you want a game more like the old Super Mario 3, try one called Mario Forever 5. It has all kinds of levels and will help you waste hours and hours. Here’s a screen shot.


In case you want to see it in action, here’s a video preview of Mario Forever.


There is one thing that you need to watch for when installing Softendo games. If you don’t want a special search toolbar in your web browser, be sure to uncheck it when you see it offered.



arrow-down-double-3 Download Mario Play

arrow-down-double-3 Download Mario Forever 5

arrow-down-double-3 More games at Softendo


If neither of these is enough to keep you busy, I found over 80 free Mario games at and a few dozen more Mario games at Caiman.

Techie Buzz Verdict:

The free Mario games at Softendo are great. The look and feel of them reminds me of the old Nintendo game systems. If you’d like some retro platform games, you should try these.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Super Mario on Xbox 360 with Kinect Hack

The Xbox 360 Kinect is a marvel of a device and is Microsoft’s next step into the world of gaming. However, what made greater news is the series of hacks on the Kinect that is allowing hackers to create their own in-game control mechanisms. As Manan Kakkar puts it in this post from earlier this month,

Microsoft’s latest and greatest has been hacked to be controlled on Windows 7. Earlier last week a bounty of $2000 was offered for anyone who could hack and release open source drivers for the Kinect. In a video shared with Gizmodo, the Kinect is being controlled on Windows 7.

That was a long time ago and over these last few days, the Kinect has seen quite a few hacks, one of the most notable and recent being a Super Mario game-play using Kinect.

Here is a video for your viewing pleasures. If you cannot see the video, navigate to this YouTube page.