Watch London Olympics Closing Ceremony Online

London Olympics 2012

NBC has succombed to pressure and is going to stream the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremonies live via its website It will will also be streaming via its NBC Olympics Live Extra app. Live streaming coverage for the closing ceremonies will begin at 4PM EST. NBC does still plan to show its tape-delayed coverage for its regular viewers. Also, keep in mind that the live streaming website and app require you to verify that you are a satellite, cable, or telco customer.

NBC has taken a beating for its delayed coverage of the London Olympics. So bad in fact, it even garnered its own hashtag “#nbcfail” on Twitter. In an age of instant media, NBC chose to take the old fashioned tape-delay route for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and they have paid dearly for it in the arena of public opinion. It appears that there was some fear on the part of NBC execs that the live streaming coverage would somehow interfere with the ratings of its top shows. Quite the opposite has happened, however. The description regarding this year’s Olympics ratings usually has “unprecedented” somewhere in the sentence.

This year’s closing ceremonies promises to be an exciting one. According to the London 2012 website, “‘We want it to be the best after-show party there has ever been.” Kim Gavin, who has masterminded spectacular stage shows for acts including Take That in the past, explains its focus: ‘It is about British creativity in the arts. There is a hell of a lot of talent and music and a hell of a lot of show in the show.’ Let’s hope it lives up to all the hype!


Google Football Doodle London 2012 – Day 15 Olympics

Day 15 of the Olympic Google Doodle is already here. Although the doodle will go live on Google’s home page after the clock strikes twelve, you can go ahead and play the next doodle here, and try your best with the scores.

Today’s London 2012 Day 15 Google Doodle is all about Football (Soccer). The latest Google doodle wants you to save some goals for your country, and more the number of goals you save, the better your points will be and the higher number of stars you will be awarded.

Google Football Doodle Day 15 Olympics

Google London 2012 Football Doodle features a goalkeeper in a blue shirt which lets you to save the goals as your opponent in the red shirt tries to score goals. The opponent has 5 footballs, and tries to shoot the balls one after the other.

London 2012 Google Football Doodle: How to Play?

Playing the football Google doodle is quite simple. All you need to do is click on the play button to start the game. You being the goalkeeper, the aim is to save as many goals as possible, as the player on the other end starts shooting the ball in random directions.

You can use the left and right arrow keys to move the goalkeeper in left and right directions respectively. Alternatively, you can control the keeper with your mouse, which is a lot easier than the arrow keys. To save a goal, you can press the space bar, or click the left mouse button, which will help you block the ball. However, if the ball is shot at ground level, simply block the ball by moving the player toward the ball’s direction.

For every goal saved, you will be awarded one point; however, for every goal that you’re unable to save, you get a “X” mark indicating that you’ve lost a chance. If you get three “X” on the top left counter, that’s the end of the game.

London 2012 Google Doodle: How to Get Three Stars?

To get three stars, try to block as many goals as possible. You get three stars if you save around 45 goals, or more. You will be awarded two stars if you save 10 or more goals and one star if the goals saved are below 10.

Note: After you’ve crossed 20 points, the opponent starts shooting the ball a little faster, making it harder and confusing to stop the goals.

This is the fourth interactive Olympic Google Doodle. If you missed the other three — Hurdles, Basketball, and Slalom Canoe Google Doodle Game, you can go here and play them.

London 2012 Slalom Canoe Google Doodle Game

As expected, we have another Google doodle today, and there’s no time to rest your fingers. Today, Google presents the London 2012 Slalom Canoe Game, also known as White-water slalom, where the main goal is to navigate a decked canoe through a course of hanging gates on river rapids in the best time possible.

Canoe Slalom made its debut at the Munich 1972 Olympic Games. However, it wasn’t considered a regular Olympic sport until Barcelona 1992. In this sport, the athletes negotiate a 250 metre white water course, flowing at a rate of 13 cubic metres per second, and dropping 5.5m from start to finish.

Over the last two days, Google has creatively come up with two interactive doodle, which were not only exciting to play, but has also provided users the best killer way to pass time. Google presented the first Olympic interactive doodle, which was based on the Hurdles race that certainly kept us hooked for quite some time. And last night, Google came up with the Basketball shooting hoops doodle.

Google Doodle London 2012 Canoe Game

The search engine giant continues to present its interactive and addictive doodles on its home page. In today’s London 2012 Slalom Canoe Google doodle game, all you need to do is navigate through the water channel, avoiding small hurdles in-between, and make it to the finish line in the best possible time.

How to play London 2012 Slalom Canoe Google Doodle Game?

Visit the Google homepage and click on the play button. When you’re all set to go, press the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard repeatedly to control the canoe as well as to increase the speed. You need to navigate the canoe through the hanging gates in order to fetch more points or stars. If you fail to pass through the gates, extra seconds are added to your final time as penalty.

Also, you need to avoid small hurdles that you come across, which not only slows down the canoe, but also damages it, with cracks appearing on it from the front. The goal — try completing the lap as fast as possible.

Shootin’ Hoops – London 2012 Basketball Google Doodle Game

Yesterday’s Google Doodle was a massive hit. Many Internet users spent hours together to win three stars and get the best time in completing the 110-meter hurdles. Today, Google has added yet another interactive doodle on its homepage, and it looks like Google will be publishing more interactive doodles in the next few days.

Today’s doodle is a basketball game (shooting hoops), which is published in order to celebrate the upcoming men’s basketball quarterfinal games in the London Olympics 2012. This is the thirteenth doodle, and the second interactive doodle, posted by Google during the ongoing London 2012 Olympics.

Google Doodle London 2012 Basketball

How to Play the London 2012 Google Doodle Basketball Game

In the Basketball Google Doodle, you need to aim and shoot as many basketballs into the hoops as possible in under 24 seconds. The controls are quite simple. You need to use the space bar key to set the shot, and pressing it again will shoot the ball towards the basket. You can also make use of mouse buttons to click and shoot. For best results, give a break between each click, or if you’re using space bar, the longer you hold space bar the further he throws.

When you reach 8 points, you will notice that the player moves far from the basket. This happens again when you reach 18 points. As the player continues to move back and reaches the three-pointer position, every successful basket thereafter will be awarded three points.

This is currently the best way to waste your time. Make sure you don’t get caught while playing during office hours ;) Go ahead and try your best, and don’t forget to mention your score below.

Watch this video to see how you can try scoring 39 points:

Best Olympic Google Doodle – London 2012 Hurdles

Not everyone gets a chance to take a part in the Olympics, however, Google is giving Internet users a chance to take part in the 100-meter hurdles, but with a Google Doodle. All you need is a strong keyboard and fast moving legs fingers!

Today’s doodle is the best Olympic Google Doodle ever made. The London 2012 Hurdles doodle is an interactive doodle game in which you can take part in the 100-meter hurdles game, and try to cross the finish line in the best possible time, or beat the actual Olympic record of 12.21 seconds set by Donkova Yordanka from Bulgaria on 20 August, 1988.

Google Doodle London 2012 Hurdles

However, if you’re male, you need to catch up with Robles Dayron of Czech Republic, and beat his 110-meter hurdles records set at 12.87 seconds.

How to Play the London 2012 Hurdles Google Doodle Game

The game rules are pretty easy. Like I said, you only need a strong keyboard and fast fingers. Once you click on the play button, you will need to use your left and right arrows to determine the speed at which the athlete is running. That is, start pressing the left, right arrows keys as fast as possible to make the athlete run faster. However, you need to be careful while jumping the hurdles. To jump, simply press the up arrow key or the space bar.

At the end, the doodle displays the total time taken to reach the finish line. If your score is well below 12.21 seconds, you will get three stars, which otherwise is considered as a Gold medal. If not, you will be awarded two stars (Silver) and three stars (Bronze) depending on your score.

The athlete in the doodle was featured in the Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony Google Doodle.

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Here is the list of current record holders in:

Women’s 100-meter hurdles:



Wind (m/s)


Date and place

WR 12.21 +0.7  DONKOVA Yordanka 20 Aug 1988 – Stara Zagora (BUL)
OR 12.37 +1.5  HAYES Joanna 24 Aug 2004 – Athens (GRE)
AF 12.44 +0.4  ALOZIE Glory 8 Aug 1998 – Monte Carlo (MON)
AS 12.44 -0.8  SHISHIGINA Olga 27 Jun 1995 – Lucerne (SUI)
EU 12.21 +0.7  DONKOVA Yordanka 20 Aug 1988 – Stara Zagora (BUL)
NA 12.33 -0.3  DEVERS Gail 23 Jul 2000 – Sacramento, CA (USA)
OC 12.28 +1.1  PEARSON Sally 3 Sep 2011 – Daegu (KOR)
SA 12.71 +0.1  MAGGI Maurren Higa 19 May 2001 – Manaus (BRA)

Men’s 110-meter Hurdles Records:



Wind (m/s)


Date and place

WR 12.87 +0.9  ROBLES Dayron 12 Jun 2008 – Ostrava (CZE)
OR 12.91 +0.3  LIU Xiang 27 Aug 2004 – Athens (GRE)
AF 13.26 +1.4  BOWNES Shaun 14 Jul 2001 – Heusden-Zolder (BEL)
AS 12.88 +1.1  LIU Xiang 11 Jul 2006 – Lausanne (SUI)
EU 12.91 +0.5  JACKSON Colin 20 Aug 1993 – Stuttgart (GER)
NA 12.87 +0.9  ROBLES Dayron 12 Jun 2008 – Ostrava (CZE)
OC 13.29 +0.6  vander-KUYP Kyle 11 Aug 1995 – Gothenburg (SWE)
SA 13.27 +1.6  VILLAR Paulo 28 Oct 2011 – Guadalajara (MEX)


Score Prizes During the Olympics 2012 with Viggle

The London Olympics 2012 go into full swing tonight. People from nations all around the globe will tune in to cheer their favorite athletes. With that in mind, what better time could their be to introduce you to an app that pays you to watch your favorite shows. Today, I want to introduce you to Viggle, a “loyalty program for television that gives people real rewards for checking into the television shows they are watching”.

Points for Watching Olympics 2012

Review in Detail

Viggle is available in both IOS and Android flavors. This FREE app allows you to “check in” while you are watching TV. Pictured above, you can see a screenshot of how the app looks on an iPad. When you are watching TV, simply tap the “Check In” button and it will listen in on what you are watching. After a few seconds it will match the sounds it picks up to its database and will show you on the screen what it thinks you are watching. Once you confirm that is what you are watching, it will give you all kinds of links about the show, as well as information on other ways you can accumulate points.

On the “What’s On” tab of the app, it will tell you special points promotions where you can earn significantly more points for watching. As an example, I checked into a Travel Channel show that I just happened to be watching today and after a bit of time, Viggle awarded me 29 points for watching that show. If you look at the picture above, you will notice that you earn significantly more points for watching the “Featured Shows”.

Starting tonight, you can earn the chance to get 100,000 points when you “invite friends, check in and play along with Viggle LIVE during prime time Olympic coverage”. Viggle has a social aspect to it. It allows you to share what you are watching on Facebook and Twitter. You can also invite friends and earn points when they sign up using your invite link. They also have to actually check into a show for you to get credit. If you do that during this Olympic coverage, you’ll get 1,000 points per person plus other great opportunities.

Review Summary

The Good: If you are an avid TV watcher, you can earn rewards for checking in with this app. You can earn everything from a $10 off an order coupon to a Royal Caribbean cruise! The app is extremely simple to install and integrates with Facebook for authentication.

The Bad: If you’re phone or tablet isn’t on the cutting edge, the app is pretty flaky. On my pitiful little LG Optimus T, it even gave me a warning that the app would run slow. Frankly, it didn’t work at all. However, on my iPad 2, it worked like a charm. Also, the rewards are far from reach and seem a little expensive to earn. For instance, a $25 Starbucks gift card is 9000 points. Considering I only got 29 points for my check in today it will be quite a while before I reach even the smaller of the prizes. However, if you’re a big TV watcher and are willing to tap into the “Featured Shows”, you can earn points a lot quicker.

Because the app requires so much horsepower and the fact that it is hard to earn big rewards, I am going to give this app 3 stars. I think there is a lot of potential in this app and it is kind of fun. If you would like to learn more, see their website at