StumbleUpon: Updated iPad App is a Must Have [Review]

Many internet users love to discover new content. One of the best ways to do that is through StumbleUpon. The issue is that many users are beginning to use their tablets and smart phones more than their computers, and StumbleUpon didn’t always have the best presence in the mobile space. It seems as though that changes today.

StumbleUpon has released an updated version of their iOS, specifically their iPad app. As I see it, this is now a must have app for the iPad. Since I got my iPad back in March, I have wanted something just like StumbleUpon. I use my iPad as a couch computer for browsing the internet and playing games. StumbleUpon helps me discover content I may not have found otherwise.

You are probably asking yourself why I didn’t use Stumble on my laptop then. I think that the screenshot above provides your answer. My laptop’s desktop is really cluttered. When I am on my laptop, I am working, chatting in TWiT’s IRC channel, reading news items, talking on Steam, and browsing the web.

The StumbleUpon iPad app is pretty, and it keeps my attention. When I sit down and use the StumbleUpon app, its all I do. I get he best experience I have ever gotten out of StumbleUpon, and all it took was the iPad. Who would have thought.

One of the big features of this redesign is the social integration inside the app. The “social bar” shows you if users you follow on Stumble have liked a page. If not, you will get a suggestion as to who to follow on Stumble.

As I said, I feel like this app is a must have for all iPad owners. I don’t use those words very often. I think the social integration is amazing, the interface is amazing, and I love it. I whole hearted recommend you go out and get it.

App: StumbleUpon for iPad
Developer: StumbleUpon
Price: Free
Score: 5/5 – A Must Have

StumbleUpon Releases Official Badges

StumbleUpon allows users to discover new content and share them among their followers, it is one of the biggest sources of traffic for many websites.

Previously, users could add StumbleUpon sharing badges to their site, however, none of them were officially supported by SU. However, StumbleUpon has now officially release StumbleUpon badges, which users can easily add to their websites.

StumbleUpon Official Badges

The badges are available in different sizes and also display the number of hits a webpage got through StumbleUpon, along with providing users with an option to submit the webpage to SU. The badges are available for WordPress, TypePad, Movable Type, Feedburner, Blogger and any other website.

So, if you are looking to gain more traffic to your website, head over to the Official StumbleUpon Badges page to get the badge of your choice. More info is available at the Official StumbleUpon blog.

Update: There is a bug right now in the badge generation code, no matter which badge you select it will always display the first option. I have notified StumbleUpon about the issue, an update should be available shortly.

Update 2: The badge generation bug has now been fixed.

Jogstr Allows You to Stumble Through Digg

Do you love StumbleUpon? Do you love Digg? If the answer to both the questions is yes, then you will probably enjoy Jogstr. Jogstr is a web-service which takes the data from Digg and serves it through a StumbleUpon like interface.

Using Jogstr is simple. Just select the categories you are interested in and click on the Jogstr button. Jogstr will randomely select a recently popular item from Digg and display it. If you are only interested in a specific niche, you can also filter stories based on their sub-category. Although Jogstr displays the most popular stories by default, it is possible to configure it to stumble through the Upcoming section instead. Sharing pages is quick and painless thanks to inbuilt support for Twitter, Facebook and pretty much every social bookmarking service you have heard about.

Jogstr - Stumble Through Digg

Techie Buzz Verdict

One of the best things about StumbleUpon is the element of surprise. Once you have selected your areas of interest, it works on its own. Jogstr brings the same experience to Digg. It works really well for the Entertainment as well as Offbeat section. However for the rest of the categories, you may find the traditional Digg interface to be more useful. Jogstr is an interesting idea which has been executed nicely. Give it a try and let us know what you think about it.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Good)

[ Visit Jogstr ]

Google Reader Send To Button

In the past we have covered several custom Google Send To buttons for , however one of our readers recently asked us that he wanted to create a custom Google Reader Send to button to send a article to the URL shortening service from StumbleUpon.


The benefits of sending a link to is that you get custom analytics and more. You can find out all about it in our review.

Here is a tutorial on how you can add a custom Google Reader send to button for, if you are new to adding custom buttons read our earlier tutorial on adding custom send to buttons to Google Reader.

Creating Link To Submit To API

We will be using the API provided by, the first thing is to get the URL that will allow you to use the API to submit content to it, you will find the basic URL below. World!;[]=twitter&services;[]=facebook&login=yourusername&apiKey=yourapikey

Now taking this as the base URL, we replace the required things and create the URL we will use in Google Reader.${title} ${url}&services;[]=twitter&services;[]=facebook&login=yourusername&apiKey=yourapikey

The text that we have marked in bold green is the services will post the URL too, if you do not want to post to or please remove this from the URL.

The text marked in red should be replaced with your own username and API key which you will find under the settings in your account (direct link).

Creating Custom Google Reader Send To Button for

Once you have created the URL we require for submitting a link to using a custom button, head to the settings page in Google Reader and go to the Send To and create a custom link (follow this tutorial if you don’t know how to).

Here are the parameters you will require;

URL: The One we created above
Icon URL:

Once you have added the params click on save button.

Submitting Content To From Google Reader

Sending link to is the same, use the send to menu to send links to


However the response you may see might be weird, but don’t worry if you created the right URL the content will be submitted to, you can confirm that by visiting your account.

Hope this helps all you lovers who want better stats and use Google Reader to share content using the Send To button. Opens Up To Public the URL shortening service created by the folks behind the social networking and sharing site StumbleUpon has finally gone public after a long period of closed beta testing.

supr_schedule_tweets connects directly to your & account allowing you to tweet or update your Facebook status within their own interface, the good part about this is that it also allows you to schedule tweets or status messages to go out at a later time.


Once you have send out a tweet, will track and create detailed analytics for the post, in addition to promoting the link to SU users. You will also able to see the the number of views that you received from Stumble upon users, the number of retweets and so on.

In addition to that also allows you to create Short URLs on your own domain and provides users with a plugin to integrate into their blog and a handy bookmarklet to shorten URLs from anywhere. is definitely something you might want to use to get that extra traffic to your server, you don’t need to sign up to if you are already a StumbleUpon user.

[via TechCrunch]

StumbleUpon From Any Browser, Coming Soon?

StumbleUpon is a social network which brings in steady traffic rather than bringing a burst and disappearing altogether. The only problem with StumbleUpon though was that it pre-dominantly supported stumbling through toolbars only, unless a website has a StumbleUpon button to make things easier for you.

Having toolbars for each and every browser is not easy though, and the team at StumbleUpon will be releasing a new web toolbaron Tuesday, which could fit into any browser without users having to install anything. The toolbar would actually be a (i)frame, that would give users stumbling options, just like a regular toolbar.

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Get StumbleUpon Toolbar For Opera With OperaStumbler

StumbleUpon is a great service to discover new site and share it with like minded people. StumbleUpon makes it easier for users to stumble upon or share sites by providing a toolbar to users, unfortunately the toolbar is available for only Firefox and IE users.

operastumbler-logo Stumbling becomes harder for users who use Opera, since it involves manually loading and reviewing the site or giving a thumbs up to it. We shared the same annoyance as other StumbleUpon Opera users faced, since we had to toggle between Opera and Firefox to stumble a site, this led us to search for a tool that would make stumbling from Opera much more easier.

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