Microsoft Offers Free Windows Phones To U.S. Students Who Make Apps

Microsoft are currently running a promotion which all students who go to College in the United States can participate in, specifically those who are making apps for the Windows Phone platform, as den by default reports. To quote, here are the requirements to participate in the promotion:

  • You are a student in an accredited university/college in the United States
  • You have developed two Windows Phone applications that are (or will be) published between March 26th and May 31st, 2012.
  • Those apps are targeting Windows Phone 7.5
  • Apps support Fast App Switching
  • The apps are of high-quality and are not created with one of the “do-it-fast” tools, like AppMakr or FollowMyFeed
  • You have not received a Windows Phone device in previous student promotions from Microsoft
So, to enter, you need to create and publish two Windows Phone apps to the Marketplace anytime between March 26th and May 31st, and sign up on the Facebook page. So, if you’re a student who has been interested in getting your feet wet in Windows Phone development, this seems like a great time and incentive to get started!