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D2D Deal of the Week: Hammerfight 50% off

Hammerfight in one line is a Steampunk game featuring mouse-dependant fighting controls of a gyrocopter with dangling weapons from an indie Russian developer. Well, this line does not say much, but with a little bit of explanation, I’m sure you will understand what this is all about.


Hammerfight is a Steampunk game: A subgenre of SF and alternate history, with fictional inventions and outlandish technology that runs off steam. Think Wild Wild West and you have steampunk. This 2D game features the typical iron-made gyrocopters that you fly around in a dense, if a little low-res backgrounds.

Hammerfight Screen1

Hammerfight has a gyrocopter with dangling weapons that are controlled by the mouse: Realistic physics merged with fantasy was done best in Trine, and Hammerfight aims to do the same with flying iron houses with weapons that are handled by the mouse. The extent to which you move your mouse and hit the target governs the amount of damage given so frantic sideway motions with the mouse are commonplace in this game and can be said to be the essence that defines the game. And it does so excellently.

Hammerfight Screen2

Hammerfight is an indie game from Russia: Konstantin Koshutin developed this game under KranX Productions and scored. This beautiful game, reminiscent of the classic top-down shooters with a twist is highly worth it for $9.99.

Hammerfight Screen3

However since this is a deal post, I guess you are waiting for the deal price. Well, over at Direct2Drive, this game is selling at the 50% off price of $4.99, DRM-free. That is a sweet deal, if you ask me!

Hammerfight Screen4

Nevertheless, if you wish to try a demo before buying this game with about 50 weapons, breakable objects, great art and setting with a story to boot, head over to Steam for the free demo!

Mount & Blade On Offer This Weekend on Steam. 80% Off

For all you The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion players would it kill you to play a very realistic medieval game where you are encouraged to play the game without saving (except before quitting) and take the entire game for what it is full of ups and downs? Well, Mount & Blade is that game. Though it does not boast of the beauty that was Oblivion’s engine, it comes pretty close to perfection with its high degree of realism and open-world system (well what did you think the references to Oblivion were for?) Yes indeed, you are dropped suddenly into the world of Calradia, with its own set of warring nations, bandits and independent towns who will either hate you or love you as you progress through the myriad quests that you take up and complete on horseback. Yes, the name (though bland) is spot-on. It allows you to fight on horseback a sort of one-up on Oblivion where you are forced to get off a horse to wage war. And this game is available at the unprecedented price of $4.99 on Steam.

Mount & Blade

One of the best things about this game is the amount of attention paid to detail and the flexibility given to you. For hardcore RPG fans, this is exactly what they would be looking for if they do not like fantasy or science fiction. Firmly set in the Dark Ages (or so), you can either be a fighter with skills ranging from the sword and shield to bows, crossbows, axes and the Knightly polearm(!) or a tactical commander with an army behind you or an armored merchant selling exotic wares and fending off fiendish bandits! And you will be part of very realistic wars where infantry will be cut through by cavalry which in turn will be pummeled by spears a la Braveheart. The customization is very detailed, as mentioned before. The following screenshot will tell you just how much of detail goes into making your character’s face!

Face Customization

So, still in two minds? Have a look at the screenshots below and read a couple of reviews. If you are a medieval era fan, this game will enhance those memories of the Age of Empires and Total War games in a comfortable third-person perspective.

Generic Town

Horseback Army

Get Mount & Blade this weekend only on Steam for $4.99

Steam Offering 4 Free Games to NVIDIA Gamers

Having a good display card can give you the ultimate gaming experience, however, owning a NVIDIA graphics card could give you some more surprise goodies. For a limited time, Steam is offering 4 free games to all NVIDIA gamers. The games that will be given away for free include Portal: First Slice, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast and Peggle Extreme.


If you are a NVIDIA card owner, you can download these games for free by simply creating a Steam account, no purchase is required for downloads. Excited already? Then go ahead and create a Steam account, or login to Steam using your existing account and then visit http://www.steampowered.com/nvidia/ and follow the instructions to get your free game downloads.

50% Off on Dirt 2, Dawn of War 2, Company of Heroes

Steam, one of the leading digital distribution channels for Games, is known to shower on some pretty awesome deals every now and then. This weekend is no different, for Steam has the following deals going on:

Direct2Drive and Impulse are also on the weekend deal bandwagon, offering Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II at 50% off ($19.95   instead of the usual $39.95 at Direct2Drive) and Company of Heroes: Gold Edition at 50% off ( $14.99 instead of the usual $29.99 for at Impulse Driven ).

So folks, hurry up and get those games you wanted at bargain prices while you can!

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter 66% Off

Serious Sam is anything but serious. This old school arcade-style shooter set a new bar when it came to using clichéd situations, storylines and hilariously odd enemies. While the original itself was wildly popular and enjoyed (or I daresay still enjoys) a huge fan following, Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter is the revamped High Definition version of the classic beautifully rendered in the Serious 3 engine. So, while the entire game feels pretty and lush with texture, the same frantic mayhem and on-screen action will greet players.


As Sam SeriousStone, you are sent back to ancient Egypt to, uh, kill things. The story is, to put it mildly, unimportant. What is is the amount of crazies you have to face off against with guns, guns, some more guns, and finally a lot of other guns. How these guns came to be in ancient Egypt, you ask me? I really don’t care! It is freakishly hilarious and must be enjoyed without giving leeway to such questions!


Steam is releasing this great new revamp for $6.79 for this weekend only. If you like first person shooters with a lot of gore and action, this one is definitely for you.


A word of warning, this game is rated M for Mature (18+) and is absolutely, frantically mindless.

Steam rolls out its holiday sale


While the pun in the title was semi-intended, the fact that this post could be a source of the drain on your wallet is highly intended! Valve corporation’s Steam digital distribution store has begun its holiday sale in earnest. From whole catalogues availing a general discount to everyday sales that you might be familiar with if you have ever shopped in the other digital distribution stores.

A few suggestions are:


Mirror’s Edge: ($4.99 for only four more hours!) A new kind of game where agility and speed must counter guns and aggression. As a Runner of a dystopia where information is monitored rigidly, you must run across the city dodging enemy bullets and more in your quest to deliver a message. At 75% off, this game is a steal.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl: ($1.99 for only four more hours!) A complex mesh of RPG, FPS and survival-horror elements, this dark and brooding game from the Ukrainian developer GSC Game World comes at 90% off. A quick look at a review will tell you just why this game is worth every one of those two dollars!


The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut: ($13.59 till January 3rd!) This is one of my favorite RPG games of all time from a beautiful story to gorgeous graphics to a shocking and deeply-influencing finale, this game had it all. Although I would advice anyone to go for a boxed edition ($39.99, I believe) because this is one of those games that must be owned, the digital distribution deal is not bad at all. Buy it, everyone you will not regret it!


Braid: ($2.49 for only four more hours!) Platforming action taken to a whole new level. Add emotive and wonderfully suited music and an emotionally jarring ending and you have one of the best indie games of the year. Trust me on this one and go buy it!