255 Million Websites in 2010; Apache Serves 152 Million Of Them

Back in November 2009, I had written a post about the Internet having 187 million domains. Looks like that DYK is obsolete, since new stats suggest that there are now 255 million websites on the Internet.

Web Server Market Share 2010

Royal Pingdon, the internet website tracker has a new post which says that in 2010 there were around 255 million websites, this was 9% more than 2009.

In addition to that, Apache server gained market share and now powers around 152 million or 59.4% websites. Microsoft IIS is second with 57 million websites, which shows growth for the Microsoft .Net platform. Sadly, our favorite webserver; Nginx; which powers Techie Buzz did not see much growth and grew about 700,000 to 19.9 million websites.

Google’s web server which powers the Blogger platform grew from 14.1 million to 14.9 million websites in 2010, this suggests that only 800,000 new blogs were added to Blogger in 2010, however, thanks to the Blogspot spam this number might be higher because Google might be removing thousands of blogs every day.

Overall, this is good news for Apache, but my experience has not been that good with it. I prefer using Nginx because it is lightweight and does the job pretty well. Hopefully, we should see more Linux distros bundling Nginx setups (LNMP) which should increase it’s market share in future.

Firefox On Top in Europe; Thanks To Google Chrome And European Union

Earlier today, Clif wrote on how Chrome and Safari are stealing users from IE globally, however, here comes more bad news for Internet Explorer. According to stats released by website tracking firm Stat Counter, has overtaken Internet Explorer as the most used browser in European countries.

Europe Browser Stats

According to Stat Counter, Firefox now has 38.11% share in the European market as compared to IE’s 37.52%. However, here’s the catch. Firefox is not gaining users from Internet Explorer, instead is the one that is making dents into their market share. According to the Stat Counter CEO, Firefox has more or less been stable, whereas IE has been the one losing market share.

Google Chrome has about 14.8% market share as compared to 5.06% in December last year. That itself is a huge gain. Firefox on the other hand have lost market share since last year.

In addition to Google Chrome, this feat can also be credited to the new browser ballot system for browsers that was enforced on all new Windows PCs by law of the European Union.

However, IE is still one of the top browsers in North America, but that crown could soon be placed on top of Firefox’s head too. Google Chrome is by far one of the best browsers available today. However, with around the corner and the new 11 browser it will be very hard for Internet Explorer to overcome the competition.

My prediction is that Google Chrome will own around 25-35% market share by end of 2011 and Opera should end up with 5-7% while Firefox remains stable or sheds some more users.

Android Has Over 200,000 Apps In Android Market

An unofficial app tracker for , Android Lib stats suggest that there are now over 200,000 apps in the Android Market. This brings the Android Market on par or at-least near to the number of apps carried by rival; Apple, in their app store.


The latest stats on Android Lib show that there are now over 200K apps and games in the Android market. If this is true, this is definitely a phenomenal growth for the Android Market over the past two year. However, there are several people out there who doubt the viability of the apps in the Android market.

After I tweeted about the stats, several users began complaining that most of the apps are either bad or crash. However, the same can also be said about the apps in Apple’s app store. Majority of the apps in the app store are just there for numbers, most of them are practically useless. This trend though does not apply to a single app store and is common throughout every store out there.

Coming back more to the stats, the development of new apps for Android has definitely grown in the past year, with the past 3 months seeing almost 70,000 new apps and games being added to the market. Also, out of the 200K+ apps, 180K+ apps were added in 2010.

The app store milestone adds to the earlier milestone of over 300,000 Android devices being activated everyday. However, there is no official data out there to corroborate either of these milestones.

Take this information with a pinch of salt. These numbers may be inflated and we are trying to do our best to find out other sources to confirm this information.

(Source: Softpedia)

Twitter Has 224 Million Users, Adds 100 Million Users This Year

seems to be on a roll to reach a big milestone in the coming year. As of today Twitter has said that they have added more than 100 million users this year alone. Some notable joiners to Twitter this year include @billgates, @tigerwoods and @cher.

Twitter Logo

So how much is Twitter’s total user base? Roughly around 224 million users. To figure this out I used Twitter’s API to request user information and I was able to get information for users up-to 224,789,500. You can do view the information by visiting this link http://api.twitter.com/1/users/show.xml?user_id=224789500.

So is Twitter quickly catching up with ? Not exactly, Facebook has over 500 million users and Twitter is yet to get halfway there, but the growth it has shown in the past year or so has been tremendous. If Twitter continues to grow at this pace it wouldn’t catch up with Facebook, however, they should definitely be able to reach somewhere near the 400 million users by next year.

Please note that there might be a discrepancy on whether this ID is an actual incremental number in the database or not, however, I was able to create two users to confirm that they were indeed getting incremental.

Test User 1 was assigned the ID 224788434 – http://api.twitter.com/1/users/show.xml?user_id=224788434

Test User 2 was assigned the ID 224789253 – http://api.twitter.com/1/users/show.xml?user_id=224789253

As you can see this shows that Twitter is actually incrementing this number. You can also browse all the IDS by numbers too, so these indicated that the profile numbers are actually the Twitter user counts.

P.S. Ev’s Twitter Account ID is 20 http://api.twitter.com/1/users/show.xml?user_id=20 and Biz’s is 13 http://api.twitter.com/1/users/show.xml?user_id=13.

300,000 Android Devices Activated Every Day

If there was any doubt that was not a force, a simple tweet from the founder of Android should quench your doubts. According to Andy Quinn’s tweet, over 300,000 Android devices are activated each day.


That is an enormous number of phones and goes on to show that Android has finally arrived and is taking over iOS big time. Android has surely inched a lot since it was started out. In the past 6 months itself, Android has almost doubled it’s daily activation, back in July they were doing about 160,000 a day.

Android Apps Stats

Android is also quickly gaining on iOS in another department, apps. According to the Android Apps watchdog Android Lib, over 23 Billion Android apps have been downloaded till date, and the count just goes up every second. In addition to that there are currently around 20K+ apps being added each month. In the past 8 days itself, 7131 apps were added to the Android market.

So is Android slowly inching towards gaining over ? Also Apple does have the which gives them an added advantage over Android currently, but considering the number of Android based tablets being launched by next year, Apple has Google breathing down their throats.

(Source: Fortune and Techmeme)

2 Days, $1 Billion. That’s Thanksgiving and Black Friday For You

I do want a Sony Bravia and a Wii along with an Xbox 360 with . Those are my guilty pleasures and I want to wait for a bit before I do get them. However,  millions of consumers across United States didn’t wait, they purchased something or the other in the past two days to make sure that retail sales in US topped $1 billion.

Not Surprisingly, this year people spent more than they did last year on Black Friday, $648 million to be precise and $407 million on Thanksgiving. Hey I didn’t make up these stats and neither do I like it, but I do go by certain companies which have proven records, one of which is comScore who have released this report.

According to comScore, people spent $407 million this year on Thanksgiving day as opposed to $318 million in 2009 and splurged a further $648 million on stuff in 2010 as opposed to $595 million last year. This is a 28% and 9% surge respectively and goes on to show that US is almost finally out of the recession which stopped people from spending in previous two years.

Where is the recession everyone keep talking about? Nowhere near the shopping radar. If companies can manage sales of $1 billion in two days, there is more likely than not no recession. Of course every dollar matters and the unlike every year, this years sale came from online channels too.

comScore reports that during the Black Friday period certain sites got more 3 million hits. Some of these sites were also included in our Black Friday deals list and are black-friday.net and blackfriday.info among others.

Another interesting thing about these sales figures was that Amazon saw the most sales. It was not surprising considering that Amazon is an online only retail store.

Nevertheless, $1 billion in two days is huge. So what did you buy this Thanksgiving or Black Friday?

Statistics Is A Joke, Not Reality

Statistics is not only for junkies. It is used by businesses, webmasters, mobile industry and practically everyone who has access to some sort of data, inventory or anything tangible or intangible. However, Statistics in general has been biased towards data one agency has and does not reflect reality in general. I could not think of any industry where statistics was not based on speculation or was based on what one company has to say.


In webmaster’s world, Alexa is a base of ranking in many cases. However, Alexa ranking is highly biased. A site which receives 300K page views per month is ranked higher than a site which receives 2 million visits. How is this possible? Because, Alexa uses their own data which is collected through their toolbars and other hidden methods to judge the ranking. If people don’t install a toolbar to visit your website your website will be ranked lower.

This is not a problem, it is a very big problem, because advertisers use this data to judge your site. And it is an irony because it does not in any way display reality.

Today, Hit Wise an analytics company says that 1 in 4 users in US are referred through . This data is not wrong at all, but the bigger question here is how many users in US are being tracked by Hit Wise? It is 1 in 4 or is it 1 in 100? Though these companies make their data public, it is really hard to sit and figure out data from hundreds of sources to put two and two together.

This is why statistics is a funny business. One company will walk up and say Facebook does well. Then a second will come in and say Google does well. Who should we believe in? People have to understand that this data is coming from individual companies which do not have access to more than 10% of the entire data (see I added my own 10% here) and in no way represents what is actually happening in the US or anywhere else.

So What Is The Big Problem?

The big problem in every industry including television is that no one controls a right to ascertain who visits which website or watches which television show. However, no central agency can step in here and assert that they want this data too. This is of course done to protect a user’s privacy. But several individual services/agencies track views across websites. One of the things these services track are referrers which is where this type of data comes from.

So assuming that a company tracks 100 million users a month, they will determine that out of it 30 million came from US and out of it 10 million came from Facebook and then say that 1 in 3 users in US came from Facebook. Now there is no problem in that data, it is only based on the data that company has and not the entire US internet traffic. So saying that 1 in 3 visits came from Facebook is true for that company. However, in a pure statistical view that data is speculation at it’s best when you take the entire traffic into consideration.

Imagine 10 companies have a survey to determine something. Each company can only target 100 people. Each of this company will have something different to report, however, it does not mean that each of these companies are right. However, when you take the data from all these companies and collectively measure it, it will have a true measure of what all of those people wanted.

What Is the Second Big Problem?

The second big problem is that none of the big companies including Google, Facebook or actually make their traffic public. So everything is left to speculation. Considering how many companies run analytics we will always see different results from different companies. If this is not a joke, what is it?

Agreed that we have to use some sort of data to judge popularity of websites and it has been done successfully throughout all these years, but the way we determine it is always based on partial data accumulated by one company or the other, which might be a fraction of the entire industry in general and will never lead to a fair conclusion.

If we need to really determine who is ruling in this industry, let’s just base data on one thing or nothing. There is no point in sitting up every morning to see that one stats company say that this one is the biggest one and then the next morning having to read some other site saying that this is the big one.

Let’s have these statistics company contribute basic data to a central agency/source and then let’s figure that out by adding two and two up. Let’s make this joke some sort of a reality where we can truly measure something rather than having conflicting reports come up everyday.

(Image Credit: http://www.stat.columbia.edu)

Microsoft Sells 1 Million Kinect for Xbox In 10 Days

There is no doubt that Microsoft is big in the operating system market and . However, they also have another huge cash cow in the form of Xbox 360, the gaming console. It looks like it now has another one in the form of .

Microsoft Kinect

Since it’s launch 10 days ago, Microsoft has sold over 1 million units of the Kinect and are claiming to sell about 5 million units by the end of this year. With Black Friday coming up next week and the holiday season to follow, their claim will definitely come true.

Microsoft’s Kinect is in direct competition to the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Move by Sony, which is available on the Xbox rival PS3. Microsoft also recently announced that the more than 25 million Xbox LIVE members have spent more than 1 billion hours on the service a month, an average of over 40 hours per member.

Microsoft Kinect sensor is available for purchase for $149.99 with an Xbox bundle starting at $299.99.

P.S. We will be giving away a Microsoft Kinect to one lucky winner in the next few days, so stay tuned and subscribe to our RSS Feeds or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Google Chrome Extension To Check WordPress.com Stats

If you are a WordPress.com user or have a self hosted WordPress.org installation, you might have heard about the WordPress stats plugin which tracks page views and hits to your website. If not then you might want to try it out here.

WordPress Stats in Google Chrome Extension

If you use the WordPress stats plugin and use , here is a quick way to check your stats without having to visit the site itself. The WordPress stats is definitely useful when you want to check your stats including top posts for the day, referrers, search terms and external clicks.

Interested? Go ahead and download the extension from here. You will need to enter your website URL and WordPress API key in the options page to start viewing your website stats.

1 Million Angry Birds Downloads in 24 Hours

Angry Birds is definitely a very popular game. It managed to take down GetJar one of the most popular app stores in the world when it went free for phones yesterday.

Angry Birds 1 Million Downloads

However, here is a surprise, the game has been downloaded over 1 million times in the past 24 hours. The fact was tweeted by the official GetJar account on . This is definitely a big feat considering how addictive this game is. You should also go ahead and download it for sure.

If you still can’t download the game, you can try out some alternative download links for Angry Birds.