BBM Music Launched In Italy And Spain

Few months ago, Research-In-Motion (RIM) announced  the new BBM Music service for the BlackBerry smartphone users. BBM Music is currently available in the UK. RIM is rolling out BBM music in more European countries. BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) Music is a cloud based music service, which allows you to discover and access great music and share it with your BBM Music friends. RIM recently launched this service in Italy and Spain.

bbm music

Features of BBM Music

  • Music made social BBM Music is a cloud-based, social music service that allows you to share and discover music with your friends, creating a continually evolving music library:
  • Build a personal music profile with 50 of your favorite songs. You can refresh your profile by swapping out up to 25 songs each month.
  • Invite your BBM friends to subscribe to BBM Music and to join your BBM Music Community.
  • With each friend that is added to BBM Music, you grow your music collection since the songs from the profile of each BBM Music friend are available to you at any time.
  • Up to 50 tracks from your personal profile are shared with your BBM Music Community, and each member of your community shares up to 50 songs from their profile with you.
  • Enjoy a truly social community-based music experience the more friends who join your community, the more songs you can listen to.
  • Easily discover music that your BBM Music friends are listening to, and comment on your friends’ songs and playlists.
  • You can create multiple playlists from music in your profile as well as all of your friends’ profiles, and with one click you can shuffle the entire collection of music from your BBM Music Community. You can even see which friend contributed each song while it plays.
  • Within your BBM Music app, you also see a visual timeline that shows the recent updates of all users within your community. It gives you a chronological view of community updates, including who added new friends, which songs were added or removed, which playlists were created and what comments were made by your BBM Music friends.
  • Listen to Full Tracks – BBM Music subscribers can listen to full tracks from their friends’ profiles not just previews.
  • Offline Listening – Music can be saved to smartphones for offline listening, allowing users to access songs even when they don’t have wireless coverage.
  • Topping the Charts Keep track of how many friends are listening to your tracks.

BBM Music allows you to create a personal music profile with up to 50 of your favorite songs and share them with your BBM Music Community. Your friends can also share their music with you, but the service limits only 140 friends. BBM Music is charged at $4.99 in the US, £4.99 in the UK and €4.99 in Italy and Spain.