Sony Announces Two New Cybershot Cameras

Today, Sony announced 2 new Cybershot cameras The TX5 and The H55. The H55 Cybershot camera from Sony has a 14 megapixel, 25-250mm lens with 10x zoom capability. It is also able to record videos at 720p, but the sound quality will be mono. The camera has a 3 inch LCD to view your clicked pictures and videos.TX5_06_001

The more capable sibling of the H55 is the TX5. The TX5 is exactly opposite to H55 and is less than an inch thick. According to Sony, the TX5 is the thinnest waterproof camera in the world. The cam is water proof in up to 10 feet of water, and can also survive drops of up to 5 feet. The TX5 features a 10.2 megapixel lens, with a 3inch touch screen. Like its sibling H55, the TX5 will also be able to record videos in 720p resolution.

The H55 and TX5 cameras features Sony’s Sweep Panorama mode along with Active Mode. The former assists you in taking Panorama images by stiching up to 100 images together. The latter helps in shooting smooth videos when walking or running. Sony’s Smile Shutter and Face Detection technologies are also present. Both the H55 and TX5 support SDHC and Sony’s proprietary Memory Stick card formats.

The H55 and TX5 Cybershot cameras will hit the stores in April, this year and will cost 250$ and 350$, respectively.

Sony: VAIO Z and F Series, Green Laptops, Bloggie Pocket Cam, Sony Dash

The Sony event at was quite a delight with Sony unveiling some cool new laptops. Sony unveiled the Ultra thin VAIO Z series laptops with intelligent switching between graphics intensive and battery saving modes. The VAIO F series will come with Intel’s Quad-core processors and HDMI output.


In addition to that, they also unveiled the Sony VAIO W series, which is a green laptop build using recycled CDs.


They also unveiled a new pocket cam curiously called Bloggie . The camera looks pretty neat and can also capture HD videos along with photos.


Sony also unveiled Dash, the personal internet viewer, which will allow you check weather, social networking sites, email and more with more than 1000 free apps available for downloads.

More Announcements from Sony at CES 2010

  • TransferJet coming to cameras, photo frames, and VAIO in the future. TransferJet will allow users to wirelessly transfer images from cameras to their PC or photo frame.
  • EXMOR Handycams
  • Sony SD Cards for cameras and Handycams
  • Handy Cam and Cyber-shot cameras going dual-SD and Memory Stick
  • Availability of WSJ and NYT on Sony Reader
  • Streaming movies from Sony Network Entertainment coming to VAIO and other Windows PC and PSN networks.
  • New Blu-ray deck with WiFi support.
  • New Sony Bravia with Bravia Internet video integration

What’s next? A keynote by Steve Ballmer from Microsoft. Don’t forget to watch the Steve Ballmer keynote live online.

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Sony PSPs Used by the Royal Navy as Teaching Aids

Here is another reason by which you can convince your parents/spouse that you need that PlayStation Portable. The UK Navy has bought 230 bright blue PSP consoles loaded with study-materials for sailors at sea. The consoles come preloaded with technical science studies and have been distributed among marine warfare technicians, radar and sonar operators and VHF radio operators in a bid to keep them abreast with their education.

Bright Blue PSP

The PSP was chosen as opposed to many other handheld devices due to its durability and specifically because it could easily be used in cramped bunks of submarines and warfare vessels. These consoles will help the sailors crucially with their studies as they come with short slides with commentary of eight to twelve minutes’ duration. Another reason the PSP was chosen was because the sailors (mostly young men between 18 and 30 the same as the target market of the PSP) were familiar with the controls and could get to work with little to no help from their instructors.

The Navy also decided to not disable the UMD tray since that would mean that the sailors looked after it well. Not bad considering the Navy was all about discipline and no play!

Sony To Launch An Online Music Store Like iTunes

When we think of Sony, we think of gaming consoles, Televisions and cyber shot cameras. Being too focused on hardware and not making a mark in software and digital world is a huge issue with Sony. However, all that may change with this recent announcement.

Sony just announced that they plan to launch an online store to sell music, books, movies and other downloadable applications for mobile devices. No dates or specifications have been disclosed yet but speculations are that it will be very similar in nature to Apple’s iTunes. With a number of mobile devices like mp3 players, ebook readers e.t.c. , the store will work as a platform to link all such products to Sony’s digital library.

With thin margins in hardware, Sony does need to make this one work to be profitable like earlier and to become a top player in the market. As part of their strategy to move into the software market, Sony also brought in Tim Schaaf, one of the main software people at Apple, back in 2006.

Watch Netflix Movies On Sony PlayStation

Netflix is trying to hook up with as many platforms as possible for its movie streaming service. As of now you can instantly watch a movie from Netflix on your computer, Xbox, DVD player and Televisions.

The next portal that is being added to Netflix streaming service is Sony Playstation 3. The streaming would start next month and anybody who has a Netflix membership to instant movies will be able to watch movies using their PS3. Netflix is continuously increasing the number of instantly watchable movies which makes good sense with their strategy of partnering with more and more platforms.

Unfortunately, this is only for US as instantly watchable movies are not available outside of the US yet. With an estimated installed base of 9 million users, PS3 would give Netflix a good push-up in terms of growth.