Aero Flip Task Switching for XP with WinFlip

[Windows Only] Over the last few years, Microsoft has tried to leave XP behind after releasing Vista, and then Windows 7. Even though they’d like to forget about XP, millions of people and businesses out there are still using it. Some are reluctant to give it up, because it works, and they’re familiar with it. If you still have a PC running XP, there are a few things you can do to make XP look like Vista or look like Windows 7.

One feature I sometimes miss in XP is the Aero Flip feature. In Vista and Seven, you can hold down the Windows key and hit the tab key to switch to another application. Here’s what it looks like in Win7:


I recently found a cool little freeware application called WinFlip, which gives you the same feature in XP. Here’s what WinFlip looks like:


WinFlip is small, and it doesn’t take up very much of the system memory while running. It’s available in several languages and has plenty of settings. You can access the settings by right clicking on the WinFlip system tray icon while it’s running.

• Download WinFlip from Softpedia

You might also want to check out some of the other application switchers we’ve mentioned in the past.

Techie Buzz Verdict:

There are plenty of ways to make XP look more modern, but sometimes these tweaks make XP run slower. WinFlip is an easy way to gain a cool looking feature without paying a big price in performance.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Download Google Calendar Sync for Outlook 2010

I am a heavy user of Google Calendar and used to use Google Calendar Sync for Outlook. After I switched to using , Google Calendar Sync stopped working as it only supported Outlook 2007 or lower.

Google Calendar Sync Outlook 2010

However, the latest version of Google Calendar Sync now works perfectly with Outlook 2010 and can sync your Google events with your Outlook Calendar. The newer version of Google Calendar Sync for Outlook is available for only 32-bit versions of .

If you have been waiting for the update you can go ahead and download the Google Calendar Sync for Outlook 2010 from here.

BitDefender Antivirus Pro And Internet Security 2011 Offline Installer

Bitdefender provides some of the very good products for internet security and the company has recently launched Bitdefender Total Security 2011 which protects your computer from spyware, malware, virus and any kind of malicious threats. The Bitdefender Total Security 2011 suite includes an enhanced firewall, antivirus, file encryption and automatic updates.

The impressive thing about Bitdefender’s latest product is the search advisor feature which shows you warnings in case you click a link which may lead to a phishing website or may contain malware.

You can download all the products as one suite or may choose to install individual setups separately from the Bitdefender downloads page. This includes Bitdefender Internet security 2011, Bitdefender Total security 2011 and Bitdefender Antivirus pro 2011.

Download Offline Installers For Bitdefender Antivirus 2011

I feel really frustrating to use online installers for two reasons. First, when I have to reuse the product at a later time, I have to download it again and can’t use it instantly after a system format.

Second, having two computers at my desk – I have to separately run the online installers on both computers, which is very time consuming.

Following are some links which will let you download the entire offline installer that are included in the Bitdefender 2011 Antivirus suite:

BitDefender Antivirus pro 2011

BitDefender Internet Security 2011

BitDefender Total Security 2011

BitDefender Antivirus 2010

BitDefender Internet Security 2010

BitDefender Total Security 2010

Thanks Mayur for the links !

Desktop Weather from The Weather Channel

twc-icon [Windows] Here in the States, if you want to check weather on the TV, you’ll probably be watching The Weather Channel(TWC). On the web, TWC, or, has more competition, but it’s still one of the biggest weather services. So, you’d expect them to have a few apps for PCs and mobile devices. They do have a few, and I recently tried the Weather Desktop app for PCs. Below you’ll find some screenshots and commentary on it.

twc-installerFirst, I hit the big red Downloadbutton and I ended up with a 300kb installer stub. As you may know, a stub is a download manager that starts a larger download and installs it on your computer. After installing, I ended up with about 3.5mb in the program folder.

Here’s the first screen I saw during the install.


Next, I had to say Acceptto a license agreement. I read it briefly and I did find one section I didn’t like quote:

TWCi may require the update or automatic distribution of the Software on your computer when a new version of the Software application becomes available. This update or new download may occur automatically or through other means.

I don’t even like it when Windows updates without my knowledge. Did I really want desktop weather this badly? Yes, for now, I’ll give it a try.

After accepting the license, I hit three attempts to install software that I may not want. Pay close attention here if you don’t want these apps. The first is the Dealioshopping bar. Be sure to uncheck Set Yahoo as my default search, and also hit the Declinebutton at the bottom  if you don’t want Dealio.


Next you’ll see an offer to install Advance Registry Optimizer. It’s shareware and you have to spend $30 to get it to work fully. If you don’t want it (and you really don’t), then hit the Declinebutton.


After the last Decline, the Weather Desktop will finally install and you’ll see the application window.


Yes, it’s ad supported. Do you see the advertisement in the bottom right? At least it wasn’t flashing at me and jumping up and down.

The main window has lots of stuff you can check out. First and most important to me was the current weather and the weather alerts. As you can see, there was a weather alert when I first ran this. We had some pretty heavy thunderstorms that night.

I liked the built in radar image. You can see the storm had passed over me and nothing else was close to me yet.

The menu on the left had several different things you could do to learn about the weather.


Most of these menu items worked well, but sometimes nothing seemed to happen when I chose them. I noticed that the Weather Desktop is marked as Betaat the top of the page. Below are some of the features that did work.

weather-desktop-alergy weather-desktop-national weather-desktop-video weather-desktop-trivia

When you close the main application, it will minimize to the system tray and a little icon will tell you the current temperature. The icon is normally blue, but it turns orange and flashes when there’s a weather alert.


There’s plenty more to the app, but that’s all I’ll show you for now.

Techie Buzz Verdict:

It’s free, but it is ad supported. There are tons of great features, but some of them don’t work right now. I like this little program, but it still needs work. The major things I didn’t like were the third party software offers while installing, and the very loose licensing language. The Weather Desktop app has more drawbacks than I like in a free application. However, you may like it better than I do.

Techie Buzz Rating: 2/5 (Below Average)

Motorola Droid Gets Official Android 2.2 Update

It was just yesterday that I told our readers about the upcoming Android 2.2 update for the Motorola Droid, and lo behold the update has been officially released. Verizon along with Motorola has started rolling out theMotorola Droid Android 2.2 OTA update to the Droid owners. Droid owners don’t necessarily need to wait for the OTA update to be available for them.

They can download the official Froyo build from the internet and flash it on their Droid. A Rooted version of the official Froyo ROM is also available for download. Here is the link to download the official Froyo update from Motorola and Verizon. The folks over at Droid-Life have posted a tutorial on how to flash the official rooted Froyo update on the Motorola Droid.

Update: It looks like an updated version of the Froyo build has leaked on the internet. We will update this post as soon as we get more information about the leaked ROM.

Free 3D Modelling Software – Blender 2.53 Beta, Released

The Blender Foundation has just announced the release of Blender 2.53 Beta. Blender is an open-source and free 3D modelling software. It is available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and Solaris. Blender was used in the creation of a number Open Movies.

This is how Wikipedia describes Blender:

Blender is a free 3D graphics application that can be used for modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, rigging, water and smoke simulations,skinning, animating, rendering, particle and other simulations, non-linear editing, compositing, and creating interactive 3D applications, including video games, animated film, or visual effects.

With this release, Blender has gained a number of new features and improvements.

User Interface

Blender 2.53 Beta has a new clearer, better organized and fully customizable user interface. It also has an updated graphic design and a new icon set. Creation of custom keyboard shortcuts is also now possible in Blender. Key definitions can be grouped in “key maps” and each key map can be fully customized and saved.


Supports for add-ons have also been added in Blender. These add-ons are python scripts which do specific functions and can be installed or uninstalled separately.

Support For 64-bit

Blender already has support for 64-bit systems in Linux and Windows. With this release, it has been extended to Mac OS X too.


In the Sculpt mode drawing and editing performances have been improved significantly. It has also been optimized to reduce the memory usage to support more detailed models. The quality and usability of the brush and stroke system have also been significantly improved. All these improvements means that Blender can now generate more detailed 3D models.

Smoke and Particle Simulation

Blender has a new smoke simulation engine, which can create more realistic smoke. The particle simulation now has a fully interactive animation playback and editing.

Download Blender 2.53 Beta For Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and Solaris


Microsoft Security Essentials New Beta Download Now Available

Microsoft Security Essentials is one of the best free Antivirus and Anti malware solution available today. I have been personally using MSE for a while now and have found it to be the best security solution which is easy on system resources and does its job well.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Today, Microsoft released a new version of Microsoft Security Essentials for beta testing. Some of the new features in Microsoft Security Essentials Beta include:

Windows Firewall integration During setup, Microsoft Security Essentials will now ask if you would like to turn the Windows Firewall on or off.

Enhanced protection for web-based threats Microsoft Security Essentials now integrates with Internet Explorer to provide protection against web-based threats.

New protection engine The updated anti-malware engine offers enhanced detection and cleanup capabilities with better performance.

Network inspection system Protection against network-based exploits is now built in to Microsoft Security Essentials.

You will need to sign in to Microsoft Connect in order to download the latest beta of Microsoft Security Essentials. To download MSE beta, head over to this link. MSE beta is available in both 32bit and 64bit editions and also supports . More info and details on MSE Beta can be found at the Windows Team Blog.

Motorola Droid X To Get A Software Update Tomorrow?

The Droid X was released only a few days ago, and was sold-out in a relatively short time as well. Now, Verizon is gearing up to roll out an OTA software update for the Droid X. Droid-Life reports that software update isDroid X expected to be rolled out tomorrow i.e. 19th July. The software update won’t be bringing Froyo the Droid X, but will be improving many other aspects of the phone.

The improvements include a better battery charging status indicator, better looking GPS status bar symbol, and an updated weather widget icon. Along with this, the software update will also bring smoother transition in the camera and video recording application. The software update is also expected to include the Amazon Kindle Book application, which will allow users to download and read thousands of eBooks available at the Amazon Kindle store.

Along with the above said changes, the software update will also improve the loading time of Exchange ActiveSync, and will organize the favourite contacts by their call counts. It might be possible that this is the same software update, we had told you less than a week ago.


Backup iOS 4 SHSH Blobs for iOS 4.1 Jailbreak

Apple may be releasing   to public soon, however, just like users might still have to downgrade to a lower version in order to fix issues. However, lot of users had problem while downgrading from iOS 4 to iPhone OS 3.1.3, due to Apple not allowing local restores.

Backup iOS 4 SHSH Blobs

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, you might want to backup your SHSH Blobs to Cydia. SHSH blobs are required for older OS so that you can jailbreak newer versions of iOS. If you are already using iOS 4, it is highly recommended by the Dev Team to backup your SHSH Blobs locally or on Cydia.

Restore SHSH Blobs

If you want to backup iOS 4 SHSH blobs locally, you can use a tool called TinyUmbrella to backup your iOS 4 SHSH blobs so that you can use it to jailbreak when you upgrade to iOS 4.1. To backup your SHSH blobs download TinyUmbrella and run it, connect your iPhone or to the computer and click on the “Save My SHSH” button to start the backup process.

TinyUmbrella is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The update is a one click process, so do it before iOS 4.1 hits the street to be on the safer side. You can download TinyUmbrella for Windows from here, Mac OS X from here and Linux from here. More download links can be found at the official site here.

Testing The Single Window Mode In GIMP

GIMP is one of the most powerful open-source image editing application, rivaling even some of the commercial application out there. One thing that usually turn off people who have migrated to GIMP from other professional software is the extremely different interface that GIMP has. While other software utilizes a single window interface,  GIMP has a multi-window interface.

The GIMP developers have decided to incorporate a single window interface as well in the next release, i.e GIMP 2.8. Well, these is all old news actually and you might have read about it before.  However, it would be interesting to know how it is coming along. So, I decided to install the latest GIMP release (unstable), i.e. GIMP 2.7.3 and test it out.

Single Window Mode!

This is the multi-window mode that GIMP has always had and it is also the default mode in GIMP 2.7.3. However we are not here to talk about this. So, the single window mode can be enabled at Windows -> Single-window mode.

As you can see, the dockable dialogs like Tool Options, Color etc. are not in their own window anymore. They all have been integrated with the main window in Photoshop-fashion. I must say this looks a lot cleaner and more organized than the multi-window mode. The tabs in the windows in multi-windows mode still remains as tabs in the single-windows mode too. However, right now GIMP cannot remember the single-window mode and always starts with the multi-windows mode. This is just a minor issue and will be fixed before GIMP 2.8.

The position and layout of the docks are completely configurable. You can have them arranged in tabs, as different panels on either side of the image or on the same side, in the same panel one above the other etc. However, you cannot put them below or above the image (and for good reasons).

Image Tabs

One thing that has been  discussed  quite a bit is how different opened images will be handled in the single-window mode. In the multi-window mode, different windows are opened for different images. However this is not acceptable in the single-window mode. Here, tabs comes to the rescue.

In the single window mode, when multiple images are opened, they are all opened in the same window and tabs are introduced to navigate between them.

So, there you have it, a brief tour of the single window mode that will be introduced in GIMP 2.8.

If you want to test it, you can find installation instructions here.