DraftSight Is A Free CAD Software For Linux

When it comes to CAD software, AutoCAD is still the best one around. Unfortunately for Linux user though, AutoCAD is not available on Linux – and it also cost around $4000 which is a lot.

Dassaults Systemes has just released the first beta of an AutoCAD clone called DraftSight. Unlike AutoCAD which does not work on Linux and which cost a bomb, DraftSight has a Linux version and it is available for free as well. This is probably the closest free alternative to AutoCAD that works on Linux right now.

DraftSight has a user inteface which is not very different from that of AutoCAD. So, users of AutoCAD should be familiar with using it. In addition to the similarity in the UI, DraftSight can also open, edit and save AutoDesk’s (the company that makes AutoCAD) proprietary .dwg files. This makes DraftSight a very good alternative to AutoCAD if you want a CAD software that runs on Linux and does not cost much.

DraftSight is not open-source, but it is a free software. Beside Linux, it is available for Mac and Windows as well. For Linux, both .deb and .rpm packages are available. You can download it from here.

The package for Ubuntu is for 32-bit only. If you are using 64-bit Ubuntu and want to install it, follow the steps below. :

  • Download the .deb package from the link given above.
  • Open the Terminal and go to the download directory.
  • Now install the dependencies using the commands:
sudo apt-get install  libxcb-render-util0 libdirectfb-extra
  • Finally install DraftSight with the command given below:
sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture DraftSight.deb

Here is an introductory video of DraftSight:

(Click here if you cannot see the embedded video.)

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Hooeey Webprint Builds An Offline Archive Of Webpages You Visit In Firefox

Do you need to automatically capture snapshots of webpages you visit, without having to bookmark them manually or having to search them later from the browser’s browsing history ?

Hooeey Webprint, an Adobe air app keeps a closer eye on the pages you visit in Firefox and automatically captures a full page snapshot so that you can quickly find the websites you visited in a given time period.


The best thing regarding Hooeey Webprint is that all the data is stored locally on your computer so that you can quickly view the full page screenshot of earlier visited pages, when no internet connection is available.

This is extremely useful for designers and developers who need a better way to archive screen mockups, design prototypes on which they were working through out the day.

Since the app runs on the Adobe Air platform, the program works with Windows, Linux and MAC computers. Following are some of the nifty features of Hooeey webprint:

Real Time Web Page Capture: Hooeey webprint captures the snapshots automatically in the background. There are no settings to configure and absolutely nothing to tweak. Once the browser extension is in place, the add-on automatically keeps recording the snapshots in the background and archives them for later viewing.

Tagging And Searching: The app contains a useful Search pagesfeature which allows you to filter webpages by keywords and tags. So if you want to filter archived pages from a particular website, simply type the domain name in the search box and hit the Returnkey


Otherwise, you can also use the auto generated tag cloud on the left sidebar, which filters archived pages according to keywords.

Sharing Screenshots: Sharing a particular screenshot is easy, double click the thumbnail to expand it into the full view. Then you can share the screenshot on Twitter, Facebook or open the link in your browser.

There is also a printoption which can be used to print out the complete full page screenshot of a webpage you had previously visited.


Complete Privacy Control: Worried that your 7 year old kid who knows a thing or two regarding apps can spy on your browsing activities ? Hooeey webprint allows you to password protect your offline archive so that only you can open the local snapshots and no other shared users of the same   computer has access to the local archive.

Custom Blocklists: Sometimes you might want to prevent specific webpages from being recorded e.g search results, Facebook news feed and so on. In those situations, you can define a custom block list of URL’s in the blocklist settingspanel.

This includes private IP’s, custom FTP addresses or secure sites (https).


In addition, Hooeey webprint lets you completely export all the data to a custom email address or you can also export all the snapshots, meta tags and full text archive to your local computer.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Hooeey Webprint is very useful when you want an easier way to archive all the webpages for later viewing. The extension is available only for Internet Explorer and Firefox, which seems to be the only downside of the application.

Techie Buzz Verdict: 3.5 (Very Good).

Minus Is A Dead Simple App To Share Images and Files

We have covered a lot of services in the past for sharing images and files online. However, I just came across a really dead-simple app to share files and images with anyone using just drag and drop.

Min.us Drag and Drop Uploading

Minus provides a simple way to share your images and files online with an easy to use drag and drop interface. You can simply drag a file from your computer and drop it on the Min.us website and it will automatically start uploading the content. Once the upload is complete, you can then easily share the image or file online using the link provided by Minus.

Minus File Uploaded

Minus also provides desktop tools for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The desktop tools also provide an easy way to drag and drop files to upload them to Min.us. It also provides a sharing tool for with support for and coming soon. If you want to upload files using your browser, Minus provides a   with support for coming soon. All these tools can be downloaded from http://min.us/pages/tools.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Techie Buzz Recommended Software

Overall Minus is a great app which allows you to quickly share files and images without the hassles. I could not find any easier way to share content online.

What I would like to see though is the ability to easily post the uploaded images to and within the app, that would make it perfect. So go ahead and start sharing your content with ease at http://min.us/

Rating: 4.5/5 (Excellent)

Avast 6 Beta Released, Introduces AutoSandbox and WebRep

Although I normally recommend Avira Antivir and Microsoft Security Essentials to anyone looking for a free antivirus, Avast is another option worth considering. In fact, it is one of the most popular free antivirus utilities available in the market, and with good reason. Avast performed quite well in all of Av-comparative’s on-demand and performance tests carried out over the past year.

A couple of days back, Avast Software released the first beta of Avast 6. The biggest draws of the new version are:

  • AutoSandbox: Avast Pro already features a sandboxing option that enables users to surf the web and run applications in an isolated environment that can’t affect the rest of the system. In the new version, Avast has gone a step further and added auto-sandboxing, which can automatically run suspicious programs in a sandbox.
  • WebRep: WebRep’ is a browser toolbar, which is largely similar to WOT (Web of Trust). It is plugin for Internet Explorer and Firefox that displays the reputation score of the website you are currently browsing based on the feedback collected from the community as well as the expertise of Avast’s researchers.

Avast 6 also adds a SafeZone’ to the premium version, which offers a special virtualized area for sensitive transactions. Script Shield’ and Site Blocking’, which were previously available only in the Pro version, are now included even in Avast Free.


Head over to the forums to download the beta version. However, don’t forget to uninstall any previous version or other antivirus products before installing it. Also keep in mind that unexpected stability and performance issues might be present, since this is the first public beta build.

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Flip Toast Is An Awesome Desktop App for Facebook

There are several apps available to access on the desktop, however, sadly I haven’t found anything worthwhile. That is until today when I came across an App recommended by Manan called Flip Toast.

Facebook Notification Flip Toast

Flip Toast is an app based on and is by far one of the best Facebook Desktop apps I have ever come across. The app has a neat interface and provides users with an option to drag and drop images to upload them to Facebook along with giving you an option to catch up with your Facebook feed and also Facebook notifications.

Facebook Upload Photos, Update Status from Desktop

Flip Toast provides and intuitive interface which looks great and does the job pretty well. For example, you can click on the update icon and update your status or click on the photos icon to drag and drop photos and upload them to your Facebook profile.

Flip Toast also display your feed updates through small notification blurbs which disappear after a few seconds. However, you can also like or comment on posts from your desktop itself.

Overall this is one of the best desktop apps I have ever seen, however, make sure to install the app from their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=166111553400149 as the app installer on their website comes with several unwanted things.

Go ahead and use this app, I am very sure that you won’t be disappointed with it.

Jealous About Mac App Store? Here Is A Software Store For Windows

Mac users just got a brand new app store which features several apps they can download and use, if you are not happy with it you can always try out some Mac App store alternatives.

Windows App Store AllMyApps

However, what if you are a user? Well, thanks to sites like Download.com and Softpedia, you can downloads and use tons of apps or software as we prefer to call it. However, App stores provide users with a unified experience of software installs, software updates and easy installation. In case of Windows, this experience is hard to get.

All My Apps, an application installer which allows users to install multiple apps at once, which we had covered earlier has now turned into an App store for Windows providing an experience similar to the Mac App Store.

All My Apps Software Installer

All My Apps providers users with a web interface and desktop tool to download and install apps. The advantage of using the desktop software is that it will also check for available updates for installed software. This will make updating software on your computer as easy as clicking a single button.

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All My Apps has a big catalog of Freeware which you can download and install for free. The app also provides one-click-installation of software which does away with the multiple-screen software installation you are usually accustomed to. The software also acts like an app launcher, allowing you to launch installed applications by double clicking on it.

Download: You can sign up and download All My Apps for your PC from http://allmyapps.com/.

Techie Buzz Verdict

All My Apps is a really good way to discover new software and keep them up-to-date. However, the software is still buggy as it does not discover the software which was already installed on my PC. However, since the software is still in beta, we can expect these things to be taken care of in the future.

Another nice thing about this software is that it does away with those pesky multiple-screen software installs and replaces it with a single click. However, some advanced users might find the lack of advanced options like changing install directory and removing start menu listing a problematic.

Overall, All My Apps providers users with one of the easiest ways to install new software to your computer and is a recommended download.

Ratings: 3/5 (Good)

MiniBin Let’s You Manage Windows Recycle Bin From System Tray

Need to quickly empty the Recycle bin and can’t find the Recycle bin icon on Windows desktop ? MiniBin is a freeware utility which lets you manage Windows Recycle bin following a nifty little system tray icon.

Whenever you delete files and folders from Windows, the file or folder is moved to Windows “Recycle bin” folder, so that you can recover the same file at a later point of time. If you are the type of person who deletes a whole bunch of files every single hour and can’t find the “trash” folder among 52 icons on Windows desktop, MiniBin might just save the day.

There aren’t much options though, you can either empty the recycle bin folder by right clicking the system tray icon or choose to open the Recycle Bin folder, as shown below:

The application is useful when you are working with a lot of open applications and hate minimizing each of them, just to find the Recycle Bin icon on desktop, right click it and empty the trash. Then you have to maximize all the minimized applications to their previous state. Keyboard ninjas might make good use of   “Win key +D” but folks who never want to learn any keyboard shortcut will find Mini Bin useful. [via ]

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Techie Buzz Verdict

MiniBin is a portable app, thus will work on any computer from a removable drive without any installation. If you are a coder and always delete a lot of codes only to restore them at a later point of time, get MiniBin today. Useful !

Techie Buzz rating: 3 (Good).

Total Video2DVD – A Friend’s Recommendation


[Windows only]

Last week, my friend Rick popped into Google Chat with a question.

Rick: Do you have a moment Clif ?

me: Yes

Rick: Perhaps you can help … I have on my external hard drive, a movie that is in FLV format.

me: Ok

Rick: I am looking for a freeware that can transfer it to a DVD, so that I can play in player. Any ideas on a program?

me: No, not really. I rarely burn DVDs. I’d probably Google for ideas. “how to burn FLV to DVD”

Rick: LOL, for once you can’t help me. That is ok.

me: Thanks for asking. Let me know how it turns out.

A few days later, Rick wrote me an email.

Hello Clif, Well I thought I’d take a moment to tell you how I made out. After using Google, installing and uninstalling several programs (all free of course), I was about to give up when a friend stopped over and said … try “Total Video2DVD” .   It worked out fantastic.   It was as easy as a drag and drop. It does have a small water mark on screen unless you register,   Price $35.95.     But I’m able to deal with the small on-screen water mark.

Happy Holidays,     Rick Campbell

I normally don’t post shareware, but it sounds like the free version is usable. Below is a snapshot of the user interface of Total Video2DVD, and a brief description.


Total Video2Dvd (Old name E.M. AVI to DVD) is an easy-to-use disc authoring and burning software which includes a powerful video converter engine for DVD that lets you do more with your standard or High-Definition digital media.   It creates standard DVD discs with studio-quality personalized menus.

In case you’re curious, there’s also a video showing how it works.

arrow-down-double-3 Download Total Video2DVD

What free software do you need? Let me know and I’ll give you a recommendation.

AdSense Desktop Reporting/Notifier

Millions of publishers use on their websites. The service is one of the most popular ways of monetizing your inventory. However, spending time everyday to visit the website to view your earnings can be tedious if you do tons of other things too.

AdSense Desktop Notifier

In the past I had written about several tools which would allow you to view your Google AdSense earnings on your desktop, however, most of them have stopped working or have not been updated in quite sometime.

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I personally do use a tool which allows me to track Google AdSense earnings on the desktop and it is called SysSense. SysSense provides you with a view of your AdSense reports with a handy tooltip and also sits in your taskbar so that you can view your AdSense earnings whenever you want.

In addition to that, you can also see in-depth reports of your Google AdSense earnings using the SysSense Reports tool. Overall, this is a definite must-have software for any webmaster who wants to keep a quick eye on their AdSense earnings, without having to fire up a browser.

Update: Also See How To Track Google AdSense Earnings in Google Chrome

Download SysSense


Evernote Crosses 5 Million Users

Evernote, the popular note-taking software has crossed a huge milestone today; 5 million active and kicking users. Evernote, is definitely one of the best note-taking software which is available for multiple platforms including , Mac OS X, and .


Another interesting point of their growth is that they added over a million users in the past 83 days. This might be partly due to their new Android app which was well received and Evernote 4 for Windows which was better than their previous versions.

Evernote took more than one year to get to the first million users, however, the adaptability of the software has grown a lot with them adding 4 million new users within the next two years. For more info on their achievement, visit the official Evernote blog.

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