HTC Droid Eris To Get A Software Update Soon

Droid-Life is reporting that the HTC Droid Eris is going to get a software update soon. The software update will not bring Froyo to the Eris. Instead the software update will improve the performance and enhance some features of the phone. A tipster at Droid-Life managed to get his hand on a leaked screenshot of the upcoming software update from Verizon.

The software update will improve the audio quality and audio control of the phone. It will also enhance the speed dial feature of the phone. The text, video and picture messaging ability of the phone will be improved as well. Other improvements include bluetooth pairing with a Jabra bluetooth headset. Also Droid users can now sync their Gmail contacts with their phone. The Weather/App widget of the HTC Sense UI has been improved as well.

The software update is expected to be rolled out to Droid Eris users at midnight on 17 July. It is nice to see HTC and Verizon rolling out a software update for such an old Android phone. Kudos to them!

HTC Droid Incredible To Get An OTA Software Update Soon

It was just a couple of days ago, that HTC had released an Over-The-Air (OTA) software update for the HTC EVO 4G. Now, the company will soon be rolling out another firmware update for the HTC Droid Incredible. Droid-Life has got some leaked information about the upcoming firmware update with pictures and video from some credible source.

The firmware update will bring with it – 720p HD video recording to the Incredible. Along with HD video recording, the update will also bring 3G hotspot feature to the phone. ¬†Hopefully, the performance and the stability of the phone will also improve with this update. The bootup screen of the phone has also been changed to the “Droid” Red eye bootup.

Sadly, there is no specified timeframe when the firmware update will be available. Hopefully, the firmware update will hit the Incredible users sometime within a few weeks.

Apple Publishes Open Letter About iPhone 4 Poor Network Reception Issue

Apparently, the death grip was not the culprit behind the poor network reception of the Apple iPhone 4. Apple has written an official letter to all the iPhone 4 owners with regard to the poor signal strength. The letter saysApple that Upon investigationthe engineers at Apple found that the formulaused to calculate the network strength was wrong.

In many circumstances, the wrong formula, used to display 2 more bars of signal than the actual network strength. To fix this issue, Apple is going to adopt AT&T’s network strength calculation formula. Along with this, Apple is also going to make the network bar 1, 2 and 3 taller so that users can easily see them. Apple is going to release a free software update to fix this issue.

The software update will be available within a few weeks and will use the new network signal formula. This software update will also be compatible with the iPhone 3GS, and the iPhone 3G. Reader’s can read the full letter from Apple here.

Nokia Releases Firmware Update For 6700 Classic Phone

Nokia released a firmware update for the S40 OS Nokia 6700 classic phone. The most highlighted addition via the update is the free, voice-guided, turn-by-turn navigation. The S40 series phones were the only ones left out in the free navigation considering S60 phones.


The maps in the 6700 classic is also updated to verion-14. The update also improves the camera feature, for example, one step auto focus has been added. Also, the menu switching to landscape to portrait or vice-versa while taking photographs is added. The Bluetooth audio connections has been improved as well.

Overall, the new update for the 6700 classic improves performance and stability. The update can be downloaded from the local Nokia support site. The update is available in most regions and if it is not, then it will surely arrive within a week.


Sony Ericsson Releases A Minor Update For X10

Sony Ericsson has released a minor update for Xperia X10. Unfortunately, it is not the update which fixes the battery issue, but it is supposed to release by the end of this month.Sony-Ericsson-Xperia-X10

However, this minor update has reportedly improved performance, especially in Timescape and Mediascape. The update is R1FB001 and baseband version 1.0.21. For now, the update is only available for phones running the Nordic and American firmware.

For the rest of the world it is not available yet. I tried in India and found no new updates. I will give an update on this within sometime. It is good to see Sony Ericsson taking seriously their Xperia X10 users.


New MacBook Pros Have Updated DisplayPort, Software Update Available For Them As Well

Just yesterday, Apple released the new MacBook Pros with Core i5 and i7 Processors. Along with the new Macbook Pros, Apple also released a software update for the new Macbook Pros. The MacBook Pro Software Update 1.3 weighs inapple-logo1 at 258Mb. Apple says that update “is recommended for all 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro mid-2010 models and contains improvements for graphics stability for high-performance video and gaming applications as well as various bug fixes.”

The new 15and 17Macbook Pros feature an Intel Core i5 or a Core i7 CPU. The 13Macbook Pro still uses the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, though the processor now runs at 2.66Ghz. 4Gb of DDR3 RAM is now standard across all the Macbook Pros now. Apple also updated its implementation of the Mini DisplayPort. It can now simultaneously transfer video as well as audio signals. This mean users can now enjoy both audio and video signals when they connect their MacBook Pro to a HDTV using a miniDP to HDMI adapter. Apple sells one such converter from Griffin on their online shop. The 24Apple Cinema LED Display still relies on USB connection for audio signals, even when connected to the newer MacBook Pros.