Girl Has a Spider Living Inside of Her Skin! Facebook Scam

A new is rapidly spreading on where users are sharing a video on their timeline with the message "OMG. this is really gross GlRL HAS A SPlDER LlVlNG lNSlDE OF HER SKlN".

OMG Girl Spider in Skin Facebook Spam

The following update is written in all capital letters and has replaced the word "I" with an "L". The video also warns users that it has Mature Content. However, don’t fall for it, since it is nothing but Facebook Spam. The scam is similar to earlier scams like the OMFG: A Girl Raped by Her Teacher in the Classroom and Brother Rapes and Kills His Sister scam.

It tries to generate curiosity in users and then redirects them to a site where they are asked to fill out surveys before they can watch the video. As a user, you might fill out the survey and make money for the scammer, but there will be no video to view in the end.

It is recommended that you DO NOT click on such links or scam messages on Facebook. If you come across this scam message, please delete/remove the scam from your Facebook news feed immediately. Alternately, you can report the scam to Facebook Security.

Here is an article about Avoiding Facebook Likejacking and Clickjacking scams. We have also compiled a list of Most Actively Spreading Scams on Facebook on Facebook for you to look through and avoid.  You might also want to use a security application for protecting you from Facebook scams. As a precautionary measure, always check which applications you use and remove unwanted or suspicious ones. If you aren’t sure how to do it, you can always check our guide on removing apps from Facebook.

Facebook for Android Gets Improved Pages Support

Facebook for Android has been updated for a second time in less than a month. Once again, it’s a fairly minor update. However, it does feature a few welcome changes.

The previous update saw rudimentary support for Pages being added. However, as I mentioned, it was pretty rudimentary. With the latest update, it is finally possible to view the full list of Pages that you Like, as well the ones that you administer. Now, you can tag Pages in your updates, and even posting as a Page, if you are the admin. Search for Pages is also included. However, surprisingly enough, Pages hasn’t received its own tab. Instead, it has been tucked onto the Friends section. Additionally, there are several bug fixes and optimizations. However, as far as noticeable new features are concerned, there isn’t anything else.


As we mentioned earlier, Facebook for Android is a pretty decent application, but it still lags behind its iPhone counterpart. Facebook for Android currently has a rating of 3.7/5, with a significant number of 1-star ratings. Even the latest version seems to be causing “Force Close” and battery drain issues for many users. For a long time, Facebook has been giving Android the step-motherly treatment. However, with the initial success of Google+, Facebook might have to work harder. Once Google+ is ready for the general public, Google will surely begin to leverage Android’s 550,000+ activations per day to increase Plus’ market penetration.

GoogleMinus Tells You Who Removed You From Google Plus Circles

We are all human beings and definitely love to have friends. However, unlike friends we meet in real life, Social networks like , and allow us to get in touch with people we have never met (or may never meet) in our lives.

That said, initially people do accept your friendship but as time goes some of them may unfollow you or unfriend you. There have been ways to find out who unfollows you on Twitter or who unfriends you on Facebook, but what about Google+? Well, thanks to a new extension called GoogleMinus, you will be able to find out when someone removes you from a Google Plus circle through a notification. As Read Write Web points out, GoogleMinus is an unfriend tracker for Google+.

Google Plus Unfriend Tracker

The extension works in , and Safari. However, you will have to install another extension called Kynetx before you can start using GoogleMinus because it is built on that platform. Kynetx is a browser platform which allows developers to build browser apps that run on multiple browsers without having to write separate extensions for each of them.

One annoying thing I found with Kynetx is that you will have to first create an account there before you can install any extension. You will have to do it only once and can then use the extension on any browser. However, you will have to install the Kynetx extension on all the browsers you choose to use this extension on.

If you decide to run through all these hoops, you will get a notification as shown in the screenshot above whenever someone decides to aha remove or block you from their circles. Find it useful? Then go ahead and install the GoogleMinus extension.

Google Plus Technical Lead Answers Questions from Users

Google is betting big and risking a lot on its latest social network, Google Plus. According to unconfirmed and fairly imaginative estimations by Paul Allen, Plus might have already crossed ten million users, but Google has been carefully controlling the number of people allowed in. Google Plus is currently in field-testing phase (beta phase). However, Google is actually taking the field-testing bit seriously. Learning from the mistakes committed with Wave and Buzz, Google has been iterating rapidly. Within just three weeks of launch, Google has tweaked several minor aspects of the product, such as gender visibility, with bigger changes in the pipe. We have seen everyone from Engineering SVP Vic Gundotra to general Google Plus developers collecting feedback by engaging with the users. In another such attempt, Joseph Smarr, the technical lead on Google Plus, created a “Ask me anything” thread on AnyAsq. He has already answered hundreds of queries, and is not yet done. Some of the more interesting revelations are:


  • Google+ uses Java servlets for its server code and JavaScript for the browser-side of the UI, largely built with the (open-source) Closure framework, including Closure’s JavaScript compiler and template system.
    Our backends are built mostly on top of BigTable and Colossus/GFS, and we use a lot of other common Google technologies such as MapReduce (again, like many other Google apps do).
  • Smarter ranking/collapsing/filtering in the stream and notifications, integration with more Google products (e.g. an easy way to share articles from Google Reader to G+), and an API are things that Smarr wants to see soon in Google Plus.
  • While discussing the significance of the ability to add non-Google+ users to your circles he said, Personally, I think it’s a crucial feature to empower targeted sharing, esp. in the early days of the product when many of the people you want to share with aren’t yet using Google+ or checking it regularly. After all, a lot of “targeted sharing” happens over email today.
  • Smarr believes that while he is personally happy with the core circles/sharing/etc model, there’s just a lot to do in terms of UI tweaks, making the stream and notifications smarter, improving new-user sign up, and so on.
  • No Google+ integration with Google Calendar or Docs is currently planned. The Plus team isn’t reusing any code from Wave.
  • Multiple Google Account integration with a single Plus profile is something Smarr has been lobbying for internally.
  • Searching and Tagging are also being actively discussed internally.
  • It should be possible in the future to create circles from your Gmail contact groups.
  • Currently Google isn’t sure about what to do with Buzz, but for now, it will continue to exist as an independent product.
  • By Google’s standards, the Google Plus team is surprisingly small.
  • While answering several questions on the development process and engineering behind Google Plus, Smarr shared a few interesting tidbits.
    • “We built and re-built many aspects of the UI many times based on user studies and dogfood feedback. And of course we’re “standing on the shoulders of giants” in many ways, learning both from our previous social products and the industry at large. For instance, Andy Hertzfeld was working on a prototype “next-generation contact manager” before Google+ got started, and many of the ideas in that prototype formed the core of the “circle editor” UI we shipped, but we made numerous changes and revisions to the UI along the way, and we’re clearly going to need to keep doing that going forward (for all aspects of the product).”
    • “We put extra emphasis on engineering speed/agility–we try to release code updates on a daily basis while still keeping quality/stability/latency as high as you’d expect from google.”
    • “Trading off consistency vs. availability is always challenging, and even more so in social applications where your actions affect other users, often in other data centers.”
    • “Also, pretty much everything about hangouts is technically challenging. I don’t know much about the details; I just know those guys are wicked smart. :)”

Update Google Plus through SMS

Google Plus has been making waves ever since it was announced. Within just two weeks, it has managed to amass millions of users, and millions more are desperate to get in. The biggest strength of Google Plus is its engagement factor. Google has finally made a social product that’s genuinely fun and addictive to use. As a result, we are seeing people like Kelvin Rose ditch their blogs in favor of Google+.


If you are one of those folks who are already hooked, and you are from India, then there is some good news for you. Now you can update your Google Plus status, on the go, via SMS. All you need to do is send an SMS to 9222222222 with your message text.

You can even specify post visibility while updating via SMS. Here are the modifiers you can use:

  • @[circle name] – To share your update with selected circles.
  • @extended – To share your post with your extended circles.
  • @public – To make your update visible to everyone (including search engines).
  • @[email address] – To share your update with a particular person.

If you don’t specify anything, your post will be shared with everyone in your circles.

It’s slightly odd that this feature is currently available only in India. Normally, the focus during early field testing is strictly on US residents. However, Indians might also represent the ideal demographic for this feature. India is a country where mobile phone penetration is very high, but smartphone penetration is low. Additionally,SMS is dirt cheap. The Indian masses will almost certainly appreciate this feature. But, the question is, how many of the masses are using Google Plus? In these early days, it’s mainly tech and social media enthusiasts who are dominating the social graph.

Google Plus After One Week: Can it Challenge Facebook? [Editorial]

It’s been just over a week since Google Plus was unveiled to the world. Google’s big new announcement wasn’t exactly a surprise, but the beauty and elegance of the product caught many off guard. The Google Plus launch will probably go down as a turning point in Google’s history. This will probably be the do or die moment for Google, as far its social media aspirations are concerned. Facebook has already established itself as the undisputed leader among social networks, and is currently well on its way to weaving itself into the very fabric of the interwebs. If Google fails now, it might not get the opportunity to fight another day. So it’s only but natural that the Google Plus launch caught the imagination of tech enthusiasts around the globe. The questions on everyone’s mind were Does Google ‘get social’? Can it finally succeed in challenging Facebook?


As expected from any major product launch, Google+ attracted everything from ebullient praises to utter disdain. I have been using Google Plus enthusiastically for the exactly a week now. In his initial review, my colleague Tony Price hailed Google Plus as one of the most amazing products he has ever seen. While my reactions are slightly more restrained, I am also amongst the hordes of geeks that Google Plus has succeeded in winning over. While the enthusiastic reception from early adopters is a positive sign, it doesn’t automatically imply mainstream success. Google is concerned by the growing influence of Facebook because through its ‘Like’ buttons Facebook is able to gather accurate personal data such as which movies you like, which movies your friends like, and which movie you might enjoy watching. Google is desperate to gain a foothold in the social web, because it can help them make sense of the semantic web, while supplying a treasure trove of additional data. However, in order to do this, Google Plus needs to achieve critical mass. Make no mistake, anything but large scale adoption will mean failure for Google+.

Start Using Facebook Video Calling Right Now

Earlier today, announced a new feature to their site which involved video-calling and group chat in collaboration with Skype. This new feature involved giving current Facebook chat users the ability to video call their friends.

If you are someone who are not sure how to use this feature, here is a simple step-through on getting that done.

Step 1: Head over to

Step 2: Click on the "Get Started" button on this page.

Facebook Video Calling

Step 3: Now click on the name of contact you want to chat with and then click on the Video calling icon in the chat window.

Step 4: You will be prompted to download a plugin for your browser. This is only a one-time process, so you will be able to video chat in the future without having to install this plugin again. According to reports this does not work yet on and on Linux based operating systems. I tested this with and it worked perfectly fine.

Facebook Video Calling Error

That’s it, you will now be able to video call and group chat with your friends using Facebook. Video calling however is only limited to one person at this time.

Right now the Facebook video calling is very buggy and you might see messages as seen in the screenshot above. However, the quality of the call is excellent if you are able to call someone that is.

Google Offers Virtually Unlimited Storage on Picasa Web Albums for Google+ Users

Google-PlusOne of the many awesome features of Google+ is that its Android app automatically and instantly uploads any new picture or video that you capture. Google rightly points out that “taking photos is fun, sharing photos is fun, but getting photos off your phone and on to the web is pretty much the opposite of fun”. Now Google+ takes over the responsibility of uploading media for Android devices. Earlier Microsoft and Apple had announced similar features for Windows Phone and iOS.

Google Plus is tightly integrated with Picasa Web Albums, and it leverages Picasa for all media uploads. Unfortunately, Picasa offers only 1 GB of storage for free, and has a tiered pricing plan for folks requiring more. One major concern among Google+ early adopters was that they were going to run out of space sooner or later. Obviously, 1 GB is nowhere near enough for most users. These days, even smartphones are capable of capturing HD Videos that alone can gobble up gigabytes of storage. Thankfully, Google has realized this, and has decided to offer virtually unlimited storage on Picasa to Google+ users.

Hawk eyed readers might be wondering exactly what “virtually unlimited” storage is supposed to mean. Well, Google isn’t exactly offering unlimited storage on Picasa. It is still offering 1 GB only for free users. However, photos up to 2048 x 2048 pixels and videos up to 15 minutes won’t count towards that storage quota for Google+ users. Even better, the Google+ mobile application automatically resizes your photos to 2048 pixels (on their longest edge) to ensure that your uploads don’t count towards the storage quota. If you don’t use Google+, then the maximum resolution permitted is 800 x 800. You can still upload videos that are up to 15 minutes long. Once you exceed your storage quota, Google will automatically resize all new uploads, unless you upgrade to a higher storage plan.

Did Mark Zuckerberg Just Join Google+?

Google recently launched a new social networking site to compete with called . The service is definitely good and worth using, however, Google+ invites are hard to come by.

Mark Zuckerberg Google Plus

That said, someone big and important has joined Google+ and it is none other than Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. While, Mark’s activity stream is barren right now, his circles show that he has been friending several other Facebook employees and adding them to his Circles.

Mark Zuckerberg Google+ Circles

We are not able to confirm yet whether the profile is real or not and anyone could simply create a new profile and add people from Facebook to their circles. If it is indeed Mark Zuckerberg, then Google must have definitely created a lot of waves for him to check it out personally. We are investigating whether the person in question is indeed Mark Zuckerberg or an impersonator.

More updates to come…

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(h/t @vimoh)

Google+ Banned in China

Google-PlusIt’s been barely two days since Google Plus was unveiled, but China has already decided that it has seen and heard enough. Even before most Chinese people have had the chance to get their hands on a Google+ invite, the Chinese Government has banned the Google’s new social network.

Google’s troubles with the Chinese Government are well known and documented. Last year, Google pulled out of China, after a very public war of words with the government. Google alleged that elements with the probable backing of the government had hacked into its services to access data belonging to human rights activists. It’s not clear exactly which aspect of Google Plus aggravated the Chinese, but both Great Firewall of China and Just Ping are confirming that Google Plus is inaccessible inside China.

Google Plus is a new social network that was recently unveiled, and has since been dubbed as a potential “Facebook Killer” by pundits. It attempts to offer the best blend of openness and privacy through its strong focus on Circles (groups). If you have just received an invite, don’t forget to check out our Google+ setup guide. If you are still waiting for an invite, take a look at our screenshot tour. Due to excessive demand, Google has stopped handing out any more invites, but you can drop your mail in the queue to be notified as and when more invites become available.