Twitter Officially Announces Retweet Button, Partners With Tweetmeme

Yesterday we told you that was going to launch Official retweet buttons and today it has been officially announced on the Twitter blog.


The official tweet button for Twitter is in partnership with Tweetmeme who are one of the biggest providers of the "Retweet" button for websites all across the world. Tweetmeme also accounts for 750 million daily retweet button impressions. It definitely made more sense for Twitter to use the technology behind Tweetmeme, since it also accounted for shortened URLs.

In future, all Tweetmeme buttons will redirect to Twitter’s "Retweet" button by default and the Tweetmeme team will continue to work with Twitter on the Retweet button and other projects.

The Retweet button from Twitter is easy to integrate and makes use of Twitter’s own URL shorterner, which it also uses to provide a brilliant spam protection mechanism. If you want to make use of the official Twitter Retweet button, head over to this link and create your own. Watch a video of the official Retweet button in action below.

Unsubscribe From Facebook Comment and Like Notifications

One of the reasons I do not comment or like posts by popular persons on is that I start to receive several notifications that other people have also liked or commented on the same post. Notifications are fine if they are one or two, but getting 100s of notifications is definitely not cool.

Unsubscribe From Facebook Notifications

However, looks like Facebook has heeded my complaints from the past about this and now allows users to unsubscribe from notifications for comments or likes made on other’s posts or even on your own posts.

Once you comment or like a post, you will now also see a link called "Unsubscribe", clicking on which will stop sending you notifications if anyone else comments or likes the same post. Once you have unsubscribed from the post, you can also Subscribe back to it by clicking on the "Subscribe" link. Definitely helpful and will keep your notifications in Facebook to the minimal.

Google To Acquire Jambool for $70 Million

Jambool - Social GoldGoogle is on an acquisition spree right now. After the official announcement that it had acquired Slide, there has been speculation that it has now acquired Jambool, a social gaming monetization startup for about $70 million.

Jambool runs Social Gold, a virtual goods monetization platform which enables developers to manage their own virtual currency in their games. It also allows developers to get detailed analytics about your in-game virtual economies. Social Gold is used by many online games; but it was hit hard by the launch of Facebook Credits, the official virtual currency of Facebook.

Jambool was founded by Vikas Gupta and Reza Hussein, two Indian developers who were previously working at Amazon.

Google is desperate to crack the social networking market and social gaming is probably the best way to do it. It has reportedly set its sights on Facebook and is planning to launch a Facebook competitor codenamed “Google Me”.

Collaborative Project Management Tool WizeHive Giving Away Premium Accounts To Google Wave Users

Google Wave might have had a short lifespan, and it might have failed to gain significant traction. However, make no mistake, it definitely had its fair share of dedicated users. Although, Google has promised to keep Wave alive till the end of the year, the long term future of Wave is uncertain to say the least. Many users are already speaking out against Google’s decision to axe Wave. In fact, some are even trying to change the search engine giant’s mind through initiatives like SaveGoogleWave.


WizeHive, a Google Wave competitor, has decided to capitalize on the buzz surrounding Wave’s demise to attract new users. If you or your company heavily relied on Google Wave, WizeHive is one of the many collaboration tools you can have a look at. While WizeHive might not have all the fancy features of Wave, it is better organized and offers a more coherent user experience. It allows you to instantly chat with people, share files, collaborate on projects and organize tasks.

In order to grab a premium account, all you need to do is signup for the free account and send an email to [email protected]. The first 500 people to request an account will get their 30-day trial changed into a 1 year standard account worth $588.

Google Wave Crashes: Gets Killed Over Lack of User Interest

Google-WaveRemember Google Wave? The product that many of us thought would change the way we communicate, forever. Sadly, a little more than a year after it was first announced, Google has decided to pull the plug on Wave.

Wave was one of the most hyped web services in recent history. The artificially created scarcity of invites even prompted many to shell our hefty cash for invites to an essentially free service.

I still believe that Wave deserved all the attention it received. It truly was a revolutionary service. Unfortunately, Wave might have been too different for its own good. Many failed to grasp the concept of Wave and struggled to get started, while several others grew frustrated with the chaotic nature of an open ended communication platform like Wave.

Earlier today, Urs Hölzle, senior VP of operations and Google Fellow at Google, acknowledged in a blog post that Wave has not seen the user adoption Google would have liked. As a result of the lack of interest surrounding Wave, Google has decided to pull the plug. Although the standalone service will be available til (at least) the end of the year, Google will not be developing Wave as a product any further.

Over the past few years, Google has tried and failed repeatedly at making inroads into the social web. While Google was busy dealing with one failed product launch after another, Facebook went from strength to strength and is now in a position to dominate not only the social web, but also the web in general. At this point of time, Facebook is quite possibly the biggest threat to Google, and Google knows it. The closure of Wave demonstrates that Google is looking to cut its losses and focus on the impending launch of its new social network – Google Me. Make no mistake, Google Me might be Google’s last chance to fight back. If it fails again, it might be too late to stop Facebook.

Trillian 5 Beta Released: Beauty Meets Functionality

Last month, I had previewed Trillian 5, a major update to the popular multi-protocol instant messaging and social networking tool. On paper Trillian 5 appeared to be a stunning update to one of the most powerful instant messengers out there. Now that the public beta has been finally released, I can confirm that Trillian 5 lives up to the expectations.


As always Trillian is packed to the brim with features. However, unlike before, it doesn’t feel congested or bloated. The UI is sleek, intuitive and gorgeous. Trillian 5 supports Twitter, Facebook as well as LinkedIn in addition to Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, AIM, Skype and E-mail. Future beta builds will also introduce cloud syncing for chat history, so that you can access your social graph on the move.

For a more comprehensive look at the new features in Trillian 5 check our earlier coverage. Trillian 5 Beta can be downloaded from

2.5 Million Muslims Threaten To Quit Facebook Over Fan Page Removal

has been having a lot of problems with Muslims and had faced a ban from the Government of Pakistan earlier over Controversial Caricatures of Prophet Muhammad. In fact, the controversies were so serious that death penalties were being contemplated for Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook Banned

After all that happened in the past two months, Facebook is now in the midst of another controversy, where they are accused of removing some popular pages related to Muslims from the social networking sites.

According to reports, several Muslims are circulating a letter on Facebook accusing Zuckerberg of ignoring the feelings of over 2.5 million Muslims. The letter reads: "Although you have attended the world’s best communication skills courses you have been most successful in growing great hatred and hostility between you and Muslims around the world, but seriously this time you have caused an almost unrepairable [sic] damage."

The letter demands Facebook to reinstate the removed pages and also demanded that pages which disrespect the Islamic religion should be removed from Facebook.

According to Facebook spokeswoman, the Islamic pages, which included "I love Mohammed" and "Quran Lovers", were taken down because they were being used to ‘spam’ users, which is against the company’s policy.

Now, if things do not go right the 2.5 Muslims have threatened to leave Facebook and join which is a Facebook clone and promises to respect the Islamic principles. Now the question here is whether such controversies can be controlled and will it ever end?

(Source: TOI)

MySpace Begins Testing Redesigned Profile Pages

If you still care about MySpace, there is some exciting news for you. The social networking giant, which has been struggling to stay relevant, is currently testing a redesigned profile page.

We’re testing a new look and feel of our site among users and the response so far has been positive”, a MySpace representative confirmed to Mashable.


Among other things the new profile page offers improved navigation and more focused social stream. The screenshot obtained by Mashable suggests that the new profile page also includes a module to promote profiles on other social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

To be honest, the new profile page appears really slick and is definitely a significant improvement. However, is this a case of doing too little, too late?

Sony Promoting "The Social Network Movie" About Facebook On Twitter

Sony Pictures is promoting "The Social Network Movie" on using promoted trending topics. "The Social Network Movie" is a movie based on Mark Zuckerberg’s life and .

The Social Network Movie

The movie’s catch line is "You Don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies". The 500 million relates to the number of users Facebook currently has.

The movie is based on Ben Mezrich’s book The Accidental Billionaires and has a budget of 40 Million pounds. The movie is supposed to be a comedy one but will surely add to the ridicule Mark Zuckerberg is already a target of. The movie is produced by Kevin Spacey and is expected to be released this October. The film claims several things about Facebook’s history that might or might not be completely accurate but it definitely sounds like a fun thing to watch.

Now I am not sure why Sony chose Twitter to promote a movie based on Facebook, but whenever you visit, you will see a sponsored listing for the hash tag #SocialNetwork. Sony Pictures are promoting the URL which in turn redirects to the movie website

I am not sure whether Sony is also promoting "The Social Network" movie on Facebook too. You can watch the trailer of "The Social Network Movie" embedded below.

Twitter’s @earlybird Account Takes Flight

A few days ago we had told you about Twitter’s new @earlybird account which would be used for posting exclusive shopping deals to users, the account has now taken flight and is promoting some exclusive deals to Twitter users.

Twitter @earlybird Deals

A blog post on the official Twitter blog, announced that the @earlybird account was not functional with the first deal being  with Walt Disney Studios. The first deal will give users in US a special deal for "The Sorcerer’s Apprentice" feature film by Walt Disney Pictures.

We’re just getting started– we’ve got an amazing lineup of deals to share in the coming days and weeks with people following @earlybird. Several times a week, @earlybird will help consumers discover Twitter-exclusive deals in entertainment, fashion, technology, beauty, travel and more.

Quite a few months ago, there were people who questioned on how Twitter would make revenue. Back then, Twitter did not have any business plans and wouldn’t comment on their revenue model, however, in the past few months Twitter have come up with some really good business deals which might eventually turn the company into a highly profitable one.

In addition to the the @earlybird account, also started promoted trending topics and may allow users to purchase paid followers on Twitter in future too. They also have deals with search engines like Google and Bing worth millions of dollars.

(Official Twitter Blog)