Celebrities Quit Twitter and Facebook for Charity

Lady-Gaga Several megastars including Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Usher are temporarily quitting Facebook and Twitter to raise money for Grammy winning singer Alicia Keys’ Keep a Child Alive (KCA) charity ahead of the World Aids Day. Keep a Child Alive aids families affected by HIV/AIDs in India and Africa. It has six main treatment sites located in Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, and India. Keys is the global ambassador of KCA.

All the participating celebrities have recorded their last tweet and testament. Leigh Blake, the president and co-founder of Keep a Child Alive, explained, “We’re trying to sort of make the remark: ‘Why do we care so much about the death of one celebrity as opposed to millions and millions of people dying in the place that we’re all from?'”

The celebrities will return to the social networks once $1 million has been raised. Lady Gaga is expected to make a significant impact thanks to her massive social base (nearly 24 million Facebook fans and more than 7 million Twitter followers). However, as Keys explained, “It just doesn’t have to be just because you’re a celebrity or something like that. It can be anybody.”

Browse/Search Twitter Photos By Hashtag With Hashalbum

Hashtags provide an easy way to group similar content together on . Most of the Twitter trends usually contain #hashtags too. However, Twitter does not provide an easy way to differentiate between tweets, links or photos when you browse the #hashtag.

Browse Twitter Photos Based on Hashtags

If you are interested in seeing the only photos from a particular hashtag, a handy service called Hashalbum will come in handy. Hashalbum provides users with real-time discovery of images and topics. Photos are stored into albums by the #hashtag used when uploading through twitter.

For example, if you want to see all the pictures tagged as #thanksgiving, you can view it by visiting this link on Hashalbum or this for #turkey pictures. You can also search for different hashtags you want to view pictures for. Hashalbums definitely makes it easier to only find photos that interest you or photos from a particular event. Go ahead and give it a try at http://hashalbum.com/.

(Source: Life Hacker)

FriendSnaps Creates Posters Out Of Your Facebook Friends Pictures

allows you to connect to your friends, sometimes long lost ones you haven’t met since you left school. However, what if you want to take all the profile pictures of your friends and create a poster with it so that you can hang it on your wall as keep it as a memento?

FriendSnaps Facebook Friends Profile Picutre Poster

FriendSnaps is a new service which will allow you to take the profile pictures of all your friends and create a poster out of it which will then be professionally printed out onto quality glossy paper. All the posters will be printed on A1 size papers.

Using FriendSnaps is pretty easy, just head over to http://www.friendsnaps.com/ and click on the "start making your Facebook poster" link. Once you have done that, choose among the different options available to create a poster and connect FriendSnaps with your Facebook account. FriendSnaps will now automatically fetch the profile pictures of all your friends and then give you options to create a poster out of it.

Pretty simple right, however, the service is not free and you will have to pay £19.99 for creating the poster. I am not sure if this is based on the number of friends you have. Nevertheless a price you have to pay for memory. It would have been good if this service allowed users to chose which friends they want in the poster rather than adding each and everyone too.

FriendSnaps will be launching a similar service for users soon.

Opera Floors Reddit: Gets Co-Founder to Ride the Narwhal over a Double Rainbow

Opera Software is no stranger to theatrics. Back when Opera 8 was released, Jon S. von Tetzchner, then CEO of Opera, attempted a cross-Atlantic swim to celebrate 1 million downloads. However, when it comes to going viral, Firefox always managed one up Opera.

A lot has changed since then. Opera now has more than 140 million users, and also seems to be getting really good at leveraging social media. Earlier in the year, Opera had us in splits with the Odd and Even browser speed test parody. However, as we have seen on numerous occasions, the best of the best viral stuff are impromptu creations with a touch of genius. That’s what happened yesterday.

Yesterday, a Redditor, who described himself as a “person with zero creative talent”, offered to draw anything requested by the community in MS Paint. An Opera employee, who also appears to be an avid Redditor, quickly took the opportunity to request a picture of Tetzchner riding a narwhal over a double rainbow. As an added incentive, he offered to put up the result on the home page of Opera. Here’s what the fellow Redditor came up with.


And this is what happened afterwards.


Opera Software obviously has quite a few avid Redditors. In fact, they have been campaigning heavily on Reddit for the past few weeks. Besides purchasing ad impressions, they also did an IamA (I am a), which was a roaring success. Opera Software was widely applauded for “doing it right” and clocked in more than 35,000 downloads from their Reddit campaign. They obviously got a few more yesterday. Well done!

70% Indian Youngsters Spend Over 30 Mins. Daily On Internet: Survey

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) recently conducted a survey about the internet usage among the indian youngsters and has found out some good statistics which can help rising internet startups in India to understand their consumers in a better way. According to the survey 85 per cent of the Indian youth uses Google as their only search engine and are also active on social networks.

The survey has been titled as The Web 2.0 Generation Survey 2010. It also reveals that more than 70 per cent of the Indian youth spend approximately more than 30 minutes daily on the internet. This survey was conducted by TCS by polling over 10,000 school going children in the age group of 12-18 across 11 cities in India.

According to Ajoy Mukherjee (VP,   Global HR) of   TCS nearly half of India’s total population has a age of below 20 and has been classified under the youth category, creating a group of over 459 million. This happens to be more than the population of USA. He also said that this survey will not only help TCS to find the best students but will also guide them to better communication with the youth. More survey results can be found here.

Twitter Desktop Notifications For Google Chrome

recently got the ability to display notifications from on the desktop and there are several extensions out there which display notifications now.


If you are a user, you can now get Twitter notifications about new tweets, replies and direct messages right on your desktop with a . Using Twitter Notifier for Chrome will allow you to get rid of desktop clients, however, you have to remember that this extension will only display those tweets and not allow you to do anything else like replying or viewing it on Twitter.

I ran a few tests to check for DM and replies notifications and they were almost instantaneous. By default the extension is set to display all the tweets along with replies and DMs, so you might want to visit chrome://extensions to change the settings for it to only display @reply and DMs if you want.

Have fun with the new desktop notifications from Twitter. Download Twitter Notifier for Chrome.

Twitter Ties Up With LinkedIn, WeFollow, Bing For Directory Services

Just a few minutes ago I wrote about a mysterious link called "Directory" appearing on certain profiles in Twitter. It turns out that it is a full page replacement for "Who To Follow" on .

Twitter Directory People

As you can see from the screenshot above, which you can also see for yourself here, Twitter is now displaying "Who to follow" and friend suggestions in an entirely different page altogether.

Twitter Directory Related Services LinkedIn, WeFollow

However, there is a interesting section in the sidebar of this page called "Related Services" where Twitter has tied up with several other networks including LinkedIn, WeFollow and Bing among others. These services will allow you to find your people and follow them on Twitter.

Twitter Directory LinkedIn Service

This tie-up will allow Twitter to tap into other services to allow users to connect to people they already know on different social networking services. Unfortunately, Twitter does not have a tie-up with yet, and Twitter’s co-founder Evan Williams had made that clear at the Web 2.0 summit, which was also reported by the NYT.

So, the mysterious directory service on twitter is after all a way to allow people to connect with more people and also use other services to connect with people they already know there.

Mysterious Directory Option Shows Up On Twitter

is working on something, though I am not really sure on how big it is. According to several people including one of my friends @vausdevg, a new link has begun to show up on Twitter, with the anchor text "Directory".


However, the link is not functional and several Twitter users are curious about it as you can see from the screenshot above. I asked my friend to check the link, but it is not functional. So what kind of directory is Twitter working on? Is it a directory listing people’s contacts? Is it a directory of people whose tweets you want to follow? Nothing is sure as of now.

I’ll keep my eye open and update this post when more information becomes available, till then…

Update: TechCrunch is reporting that this is something similar to "Who To Follow" and "Similar to" and can be accessed by visiting this page.

(Image via @vasudevg)

Myspace Announces Mashup With Facebook

Whoever would have thought a few years ago that once the most popular social networking site Myspace would have a tie-up with the current social networking site . However, it happened today. Myspace and Facebook have announced a collaboration today where MySpace users can import their Facebook likes and interests to Myspace.

Myspace Facebook Mashup

In a press release by MySpace, they announced a partnership with Facebook which read:

Today, Myspace announced Mashup with Facebook, a new feature that allows Myspace users to easily create a personalized stream of entertainment content. With a simple one-click set-up, the likes and interests of a user’s Facebook profile are ported over to Myspace, enabling a user’s stream to become immediately populated with the entertainment content they already love. Users also have the ability to program their own streams based on recommendations and trending topics bubbling up on Myspace, while also engaging with other fans that share the same interests and passions in music, celebrities, TV, and movies.

According to the new agreement Myspace users will now have the ability to pull their Facebook likes and interests into Myspace allowing Myspace to fill their stream with entertainment content they like. Mashup with Facebook is an opt-in feature that is quick and easy to set up. Users can visit Myspace.com and click on the Mashup with Facebook button to begin.

Myspace will use a users likes and interests data from Facebook to display relevant Myspace topic pages, profiles and videos among other things. The new recommendations will all work in real-time so that users can discover new content quickly.

Myspace will use the Sync with Facebook feature which allows users to sync their Facebook and Myspace profiles to Mashup their data. As weird as it my sound, it looks like Myspace was in desperate need to piggyback on Facebook’s success to keep themselves up and running.

For more information visit the Myspace press release.

Shareaholic – a Simple Way to Share Web Pages

shareaholic-iconThe name of this web browser addon tells you who it helps. If you are addicted to sharing cool links or awesome images in Twitter, Facebook or any other social web service, Shareaholic could help.

I tried it out, and it’s helped my sharing output already. Shareaholic supports sending content to over 100 different services.


It’s easy to install and use. Just point your web browser to the Shareaholic home page, and install the plugin. They support Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera, Flock and Songbird.

Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Internet Explorer 8 Safari Opera Flock Songbird Music Player

Once installed, you’ll be prompted to customize it, so that it shows only the services that you use. Clicking on he Shareaholic icon in your browser will bring up the sharing menu.


You might have noticed from the image above, that you can assign keyboard shortcut keys for each service. You can also use it to shorten long URLs. That’s really handy. I also like the simple posts it creates.


If you need more details, watch this video about Shareaholic.

If you have a sharing habit, Shareaholic is an addon you need to try. It’s a lot easier than going through a twelve step program to cure your addiction.

arrow-down-double-3Install the Shareaholic Addon/Extension

Note: We previously wrote about Shareaholic almost a year ago. You may also want to check out a similar addon called AddToAny.