How Insecure Is Your Computer? Ask Secunia PSI

We hear about Windows security exploitations almost every day. Most of these exploitations are on computers which haven’t been updated with the latest security fixes through Online Update. We don’t though hear enough about exploitations through any other software we might have installed in our system.

In today’s world of freeware craze, we install tons of programs and some of us are even diligent about removing unused programs frequently. But, how often do we take the time to see if they are updated? Unless the program offers an automatic update check and you had enabled that option, you might have a year old software for all you know.

SecuniaSecunia offers a Personal Software Inspector (PSI) tool to analyze your computer’s software and provides you with list of software that needs updated. Next time someone asks me to clean up their computer, I am going to run this first to see what needs to be updated.

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Tips to keep your computer secure and safe

A year has gone and the next is coming. Chances are you had enough of all virus threats this year, and can’t bear any more. Fed up with annoyances and programs that do nothing other than monitoring your activities and causing harm? Here are some tips and habits you can adopt to keep your computer and your valuable data secure the coming year.

May be you can take them as New Year’s Resolutions!

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