Prevent Unauthorized Access To Your Files and Data

You can secure your files in several ways the most easy way being hiding files and folders, locking files and folder or password protecting them. Users may still have access to all the other files and folders on your system.

Prevent is a handy   that will allow you to completely disable copying, pasting, renaming, deleting and moving files and folders to prevent unauthorized access to your files and data.


In addition to that it will also disable access to copying data from open text files and documents.

The software will also disable the task manager so that no one can kill the prevent or other processes on the computer.

Prevent allows you to lock your computer from unauthorized access by providing hotkeys, you can choose your own hotkeys too.

Rest aside this software is not fool-proof as anyone who knows the hotkey can reactivate all the functions, but nevertheless is can come in pretty useful to keep out your pesky brother or colleague.

Download Prevent

Secure Your Computer Completely With Rising PC Doctor

Rising PC Doctor is a professional and smart security tool for computer users. With its seven key functions of automatic malware analysis, immunization of USB storage devices, ability to repair Microsoft Internet Explorer & Windows, Trojan Behavior Detector & Blocker, protection against malicious websites, Internet Explorer protection and Trojan Download blocker. Rising PC Doctor will greatly enhance your protection against malware and cyber threats.

Rising PC Doctor


1) Trojan Behavior Detector & Blocker
Rising PC Doctor can detect the majority of Trojans and great number of other malware upon startup before they can execute their malicious function. This function will significantly increase your protection from cyber threats.

2) Trojan Download Blocker
After successful infection, many viruses automatically start to download large numbers of Trojans and other malware. The Trojan blocking technology of Rising PC Doctor ensures that even an infected computer will not download any other viruses and stop the spreading of whole families of Trojans.

3) Automatic Malware Analysis
AT boot, Rising PC Doctor can automatically scan for potentially unknown malware. When permitted by the user, possible malware is automatically transferred to Rising’s Automated Malware Analyzer for detailed analysis. The user is informed about the result of the analysis and can quickly react to new threats for which conventional protection is not yet available. Analysis metadata collected by the community of Rising users will be stored in the Rising Security Database, providing up-to-date information about cyber security.

4) Completely Redesigned Vulnerability Scan
The completely redesigned Vulnerability Scan of Rising PC Doctor can detect vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, its security settings and third party software from many manufacturers. With the easy to use interface, even inexperienced users can handle potential vulnerabilities in the operational system and a lot of other major software applications.

5) Strong Ability to Repair Microsoft Internet Explorer & Windows
Rising PC Doctor can fix the Internet Explorer on many computers whose homepage has been changed by malware, which are permanently displaying adware or which are plagued by many other problems. On such computers, Rising PC Doctor can help you to repair the system registry, system settings and the host file.

6) Powerful Process and Startup Management
This function gives you better control over drivers, programs loaded at boot, Active X controls and other important software influencing the operation of your computer.

7) Advanced Tools for Experienced Users
Rising PC Doctor provides additional tools for experienced computer users such as Disk Cleanup, System Startup Management, Service Management, Network Application Management, LSP Repair, File Shredder, and Special Virus Removal Tools which are designed to eliminate only a limited number of viruses.

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How to Run AntiVirus on a PC That Will Not Boot

Three Questions, One Answer

  • How can you run a virus scan if you can’t get Windows up and running?
  • How can you use a different brand of antivirus on a PC that you don’t have administrative rights to?
  • How can you run an up to date virus scan on a PC that does not have an internet connection?

Do you have any suggestions?

Free Rescue CDs

In my opinion, the simplest solution is using a Live Emergency Rescue CD. It’s most likely to work in all three cases as long as the PC can boot from the CD/DVD drive.

Many of the leading AntiVirus vendors offer a bootable CD with their brand of antivirus on it. Here is the typical procedure for using them.

  1. Download an ISO or other CD image file from the AV vendor (See downloads below)
  2. Burn the image to a CD (How?)
  3. Insert the CD into an infected PC and reboot

Notes on Use

The rescue CDs that I’ve used often boot up quickly. Once booted, many of them ask you what you want to scan and how you want to handle suspected infections. If you can set the AV scanner to automatically report or remove infections, you can typically walk away from the PC while it’s working and come back after it’s done.

There is one drawback. Most of these rescue CDs can’t be easily updated. If you keep using one too long, it’s less likely to detect the latest infections. I recommend that you always download the latest ISO and burn a new CD. The cost of a blank CD is well worth the extra time and headaches that an Emergency Rescue CD can save you.

Download Free AV Rescue Disks

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Free Anti-Virus Rescue boot CDs

Critical Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability Hits Twitter

As far as security is concerned, Twitter has been having a bad time over the past few months. There have been innumerable incidents of Twitter malware and scripting vulnerabilities besides the infamous TwitterGate incident. James Slater has uncovered another serious Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability in Twitter which can allow hackers to gain control of your account just for viewing their Tweets.

You can find the details about the exploit here (or just watch the video embedded above). But in plain and simple terms, the problem is that Twitter allows developers utilising their API to put whatever they want in the application link (the link automatically identifies your twitter client). According to Slater Twitter is aware of this exploit but is yet to fix the issue.

This exploit is really scary since viewing the malicious tweet is sufficient for the hacker to steal your login information. If you are not logged into Twitter you would be safe or using a 3rd party Twitter client you should be safe. Hence, till Twitter goes ahead and fixes this vulnerability don’t tweet from the Twitter’s web interface.

Setup Adobe Flash Permissions For Applications

Adobe Flash Player, thou art great. But Adobe Flash Player, thou art not my playmate. Ok, I know I suck at poetry and that was a really bad attempt. But anyways, we are talking about Adobe Flash Player here, you got the idea? Cool.

Adobe Flash Player, whatever distress it might cause to developers or users alike, is still very prominently used today. Many applications are based on it and many people make a living from it. But our dear Flash Player has a minor Security Feature. A security feature, that’s not loved much.

Flash Player warning

Recognize this warning? This dialog always pops up whenever a flash object tries to connect to another location which is either on the internet or another network. So, this will pop up when a locally saved flash file will try to connect to an internet based location. The warning will popup for any flash object that is using as older security algorithm.

This security feature, does actually save you from many threats, but if you know that the location the flash object is trying to communicate with is safe, you can change the settings.

  1. Click the Settings button from the dialog that pops up (as seen in picture above)
  2. The Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager will open in a new tab. In the Manager, Click the Edit Locations link, add a location and browse for the file you wish to add to the whitelist.


You can set flash player to always ask for your permission when a potentially unsafe connection is going to be made (Recommended), set it to always allow any connection (not recommended) or deny all connections. Any location which will be added to the Trusted list will be exempted from any interference while running or creating a connection.

Settings Manager

If you trust’ an entire directory, all the files and subdirectories in that directory will be also be added to the whitelist. If you still get the warning, you might need to add a few more files to the whitelist as some flash objects need a swf file as well a html file for working.

Needless to say, Adobe should have made this process of allowing applications network access far more easier. It should have been inbuilt into the browser or flash object itself, and the user need not go to the Adobe site to change settings. That’s why I said. Adobe Flash Player, thou art not my playmate

Beat Keyloggers With Neo’s SafeKeys 2008

Keyloggers are a very real threat when surfing from public terminals (e.g. cybercafés). These utilities run in the background and record all keyboard strokes including your username and password.

The easiest and safest way to avoid keyloggers when surfing from a cybercafé is to use an on-screen keyboard. Windows provides an on-screen keyboard out of the box. However, it is useless since it registers each click as a physical keystroke. We had earlier told you how to thwart keyloggers using the Virtual Keyboard Interface for Firefox. However, that solution worked only with Firefox and required installation.

Neo’s SafeKeys is a free portable (doesn’t require installation) on-screen keyboard utility which provides sophisticated protection against keyboard loggers. Some of the salient features of Neo’s SafeKeys are:

  • Protects you from keyloggers since on-screen key presses aren’t translated to physical keystrokes.
  • The utility changes dimensions as well as position on screen every time. This renders any mouse-click loggers useless.
  • A newer breed of (rare) malware called screenloggers attempt to defeat on-screen keyboards by capturing screenshots on every mouse click. Neo’s SafeKeys 2008 now supports key press by simply hovering over the on-screen buttons to defeat these malwares.
  • Protects you against clipboard loggers since data isn’t stored in the clipboard. You need to drag and drop data from Neo’s SafeKeys to the web form.

Beat Keyloggers With Neo's SafeKeys

[ Download Neo’s SafeKeys 2008 ]

Highly Critical Javascript Vulnerability Found in Firefox 3.5

Last week a critical bug was discovered in Mozilla Firefox’s JavaScript engine. Unfortunately, the details of exploiting this bug was released yesterday and is currently doing the rounds on the internet. This bug affects Firefox’s new JavaScript rendering engine(TraceMonkey) and has been termed as highly critical by the Hackers can gain control of any user’s system by installing rogue software when they visit an exploited website.

Mozilla has confirmed that they are working on a fix. In the meantime there are a couple quick fixes you can implement.

  • This vulnerability only affects the new Just In Time compiler that is a part of Tracemonkey JavaScript engine. Hence, you would be safe if you disable the new engine.
    • Type “about:config” in the address bar and press Enter. Ignore the warning.
    • In the filter box type “jit”. You should notice an entry titled “javascript.options.jit.content”.
    • Change its value from True to False. You can change the value by double clicking on the line or using Toggle option from the right click context menu.
      This will force Firefox to use the older rendering engine which is slower, but immune to this exploit. Once a patch is released simply change the value back to true.
  • Another solution is to simply block JavaScript on all untrusted websites using No-Script extension.

Firefox : Config Screen

The critical nature of this vulnerability coupled with the full disclosure of the exploit is extremely worrying. Until a fix is released by Mozilla we would highly recommend that all Firefox users apply these quick fixes and stay on the safer side.

Download Kaspersky Anti-Virus & Internet Security 2010

toplogo Kaspersky Labs, creator of premier security applications have launched the new versions of their security suites. Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 and Kaspersky Antivirus 2010 are out on the streets.

The new updated suites carry a lot of updates and new features to keep you safe from the bad guys. Kaspersky’s software has a very good reputation of spotting and killing viruses. So you need not worry, the cops are with you.

A quote from the Kaspersky team to let you know about some new technologies they have used in the updated 2010 range of their products.

The new version 2010 products incorporate the advantages of advanced Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) technology in the Application Control module that assigns a security rating to previously unknown malware; unique Sandbox technology embodying virtualization technologies and providing a dedicated secure runtime environment; and the innovative Kaspersky Security Network that uses information from millions of users to dramatically reduce response times to new threats and replenish reputation databases with the most up-to-date information about clean and infected files.

Download Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 provides the basic tools needed to protect your PC. It offers protection for a range of IT threats.

New features:

  • Kaspersky Toolbar for Internet browsers to warn you about infected or unsafe websites.
  • Special Game Mode to suspend alerts, updates and scans while you play.
  • The Safe Runfunction makes surfing the Internet using various web browsers much safer and easier, as well as allowing any number of other applications to be run simultaneously. A green border around the application window also makes it easy for the user to see that it is protected.

Updated Features:

  • Basic identity theft protection, including improved secure Virtual Keyboard
  • Urgent Detection System to stop fast emerging threats
  • Next generation proactive protection from zero-day attacks and unknown threats

Kaspersky Anti-Virus | Download 30-Day Trial | Purchase (For $39.95 for 1 year)

Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 has everything you need for a safe and secure Internet experience. All the features and technologies of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 are included in this product.

New Features:

  • Unique Safe Run Mode for questionable applications and websites
  • Kaspersky Toolbar for Internet browsers to warn you about infected or unsafe websites
  • Special Game Mode to suspend alerts, updates and scans while you play

Updates Features:

  • Security Application Monitor to give you full picture on programs installed on your PC
  • Identity Information Controller to give valuable data an extra layer of protection
  • Advanced identity theft protection, including improved secure Virtual Keyboard
  • Urgent Detection System to stop fast emerging threats
  • Next generation proactive protection from zero-day attacks and unknown threats

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 works to prevent the system from getting infected, which is a much more effective approach than treating an infected computer.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 | Download 30-Day Trial | Purchase (for $59.95 for 1 year)

Facebook: What to Expect with the New Interface

I enjoy using Facebook. After using Friendster, Tribe, MySpace, and Orkut, Facebook was a breath of fresh air. I have never received Spam, and I’ve only had facebook-logoone or two random people try to “friend” me during the 2 years that I’ve been a member. Since Facebook evolved from a university setting, it lends itself well to interaction (unlike Friendster), it doesn’t assault my senses with horrendous themes or auto-playing multimedia files, and people are usually clothed in their profile pictures. It’s really a very positive experience after using MySpace.

Facebook is getting ready to launch a brand new interface (which you can see at, and the changes promise to be for the better. Everyone I know has a mild case of Facebook Application fatigue. For at least two months, I fought my way through Zombie, Pirate, Snowball Fight, and Knighthood requests, just to see if there was any legitimate communication from my friends. Unfortunately, there were far more application referrals and updates going on than anything else, and communication was reduced to a lot of clicking on links and buttons. The new Facebook interface will change this by significantly tightening up application security. Application developers will no longer be allowed to force you to invite your friends in order for you to see the outcome of a quiz, test, or any other information you’ve submitted. This should dramatically reduce the application clutter that everyone is experiencing. Applications that don’t meet certain privacy requirements and applications that continue to force users to promote them will be banned. Maybe this will force the developers to work harder to keep user interest instead of trapping them in an unbreakable invitation loop.

Privacy is also going to be a much bigger priority on Facebook . There have been several complaints, petitions, and requests from the user community for additional privacy controls, information from application developers about how their information is being used, and ways to prevent Facebook itself from distributing their information (remember Beacon anyone?). Facebook is changing all of that by allowing users to try the applications before they allow their information to be shared with the developer. This gives me a little more piece of mind about my application use, and I think it’s a huge step in the right direction. Facebook is learning from their previous privacy mistakes, and these new changes will give them a significant edge over the competition.

TrueCrypt | A FREE file encryption utility that is useful too

We all know the importance of file encryption to store our sensitive data.

But still, most of us, don’t do that because of procrastination or simply because we don’t know how to do that. Technically speaking, encryption is the process of transforming information using an algorithm (called cipher) to make it unreadable to anyone except those possessing special knowledge.

There are plenty of File Encryption utilities available on the Internet for download. Some are FREE, some are not, and some charge a hefty price. Sometimes, it becomes really difficult for average Joe, to select the perfect file encryption program, as per his own requirements.

TrueCrypt, is a utility, which fits most of the encryption requirement of most of the computer nerds, and the best part is, it is FREE. Recently, one of its stable version 5.1a, was released, well not that recently as it is already about two months back.

IT is an Open Source encryption program which can render your disk, or any file or folder on your disk, totally encrypted in a split second. It works on all platforms; PC, your Mac or Linux, and performs encrption on-the-fly, which means that data are automatically encrypted or decrypted right before they are loaded or saved, without any user intervention.

TrueCrypt also allows you to encrypt your entire USB flash drive. However, you will not be able run TrueCrypt from the USB flash drive. This is because Windows does not support multiple partitions on USB flash drives.

A really nice FREEWARE.