QuickSearch Is A Multi-Search Engine Extension For Google Chrome

Firefox users are blessed with some really awesome add-ons, while extensions for Google Chrome browser are still in the developing phase. Chrome extension developers are working hard and some great extensions are on the way.

Performing search using only the default search engine does not give satisfactory results every time, and to get more refined results we have to use many search engines for different kinds of content and websites. In Firefox, there are several utilities for this purpose! In Google Chrome browser, a new extension named QuickSearch brings the ability to perform searches on different sites quickly.

QuickSearch Extension For Google Chrome


Features of QuickSearch are:

  • It’s button sits on the toolbar which loads a search box on clicking.
  • You can select any search engine / site by clicking its icon.
  • Many popular search engines and sites are provided by default.
  • Users can modify any available search engine to customize results according to their need.
  • You can also add new search engines and services easily.
  • Result pages are loaded into a new tab.

Though Chrome supports keyword based multi-search engine capabilities (Options > Basics > Default search> Manage) which enable users to search on different sites right from the omnibar, still, I would prefer this simple extension.

Install QuickSearch (Google Chrome extension)

Find Files Fast with UltraSearch

UltraSearch_MAINICON Last week, I told you how to Replace Windows XP Search with a faster file search utility. In the article I mentioned three very good and fast replacements.

This week, I’ve found a fourth search utility that I can recommend as well.

A company, named Jam Software, has just released a beta version of UltraSearch. It’s a relatively small and very fast file search utility for NTFS local drives. It should run well in any Windows OS that uses NTFS file systems (WinNT, Win2K, WinXP, Vista, Win7).

Features I like:

  • It’s very fast, almost as fast as indexed search tools
  • It’s small, less than 2mb download
  • It’s simple, no options other than selecting drives
  • It accepts wildcard characters ( * ? )
  • It allows the Windows context menus to show (right click on file)
  • It’s available as a zip download and installed download
  • It includes a help file (English and German)
  • It can be used from a portable drive (flash drive, floppy disk, CD)
  • It’s freeware, no strings attached



First, I want to clarify why I like search tools that don’t create indexes. Usually, an indexed search tool must run in the background, continuously watching your hard drive for changes. Often the index databases can be large, sometimes very large (gigabytes). Indexed search tools, can not be used from a portable drive, at least not easily.

Techie Buzz Verdict:

UltraSearch isn’t a new idea. There are a few other tools that take advantage of the NTFS file tables to search quickly. It also does not search inside of files for text or other data. It cannot be considered completely portable since it appears to write data to the Application Data folders and likely other areas. However, if all you need is a very fast and easy file search, it’s a big winner.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3.5/5 (Very good)

Search For Music Videos, MP3s and Lyrics Using Museeca

There are websites to search for music videos, websites to search for lyrics and even websites to search for MP3s. However, there are very few websites that allow you to search for all of these.

Museeca is a search engine solely dedicated to music. You can use Museeca to find MP3,music videos, Ringtones, Lyrics and even guitar tabs. The underlying search engine is Google so the results are pretty fast and accurate. For example, searching for an Mp3 of Fireflies would display a number of MP3 sites where you can listen to and download the song.

You can search for a song by artist, song or album name. While searching for a ringtone, you can narrow your search down to MP3 Ringtones, iPhone Ringtones or Polyphonic Ringtones.

Want to see which chords were used in a particular song? Another unique option that Museeca offers is to search for Guitar tabs. It searches popular guitar sites including Ultimate-Guitar and GuitarTab.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Museeca is an excellent resource to search for music and music related information. When you enter a query in Museeca, it searches Google for you but filters out all the noise and only gives you the results containing actual media.

Rating: 4/5

Only Search The Tweets From Your Friends

Twitter has a great search tool but the results are often too broad and irrelevant. When you search Twitter you are mostly interested in what your friends are saying instead of the whole world. There had not been an easy way to customize Twitter search for this functionality, until now.

Flocking.me is a great new Twitter tool that lets you search your friends tweets only and filters out the rest of the world. To use the tool, simply head over to Flocking.me and sign in using your Twitter credentials. Once signed in, you will see a search page with all your friends listed. Just enter the term you want to search for and Flocking.me will pull up the results from your friends tweets.

You can see the results as a list view, a thumbnail view or even on an interactive map. Flocking.me also takes some of the popular words/phrases appearing in your friends tweets and show them on the top of your screen.

You don’t even have to reload the page to see updates results, Flocking.me will do that automatically.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Flocking.me is a great tool to search Twitter for more relevant and focused information. It filters out all the noise and only searches tweets from your friends.

Rating: 4/5

Mowid lets you Perform Tag Searches on YouTube

If you are a YouTube Fan and spend most of the time searching and viewing videos in YouTube, Mowid can come in handy. It is a tag based search engine for YouTube which lets you explore YouTube videos by combining multiple tags (see example).

How Mowid Works

To get started, just browse to the homepage and you will see a scrolling bar right at the top of the page. This bar features the most popular tags on YouTube.


Select one or more tags and the bar narrows your search based on these tags. For example: If you are looking for videos related to box and best, just select them and Mowid shows you the videos accordingly. The more you mix the number of tags, the better and funnier are the results. It’s not just the same boring searches on YouTube and seeing the same videos over and over again. In brief, Mowid helps you find new videos in YouTube containing multiple tags.

The videos are shown in the same page as shown below


You can quickly share the video you saw on Mowid in your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious and Stumbleupon

Techie-Buzz Verdict

Mowid is a new video search engine which lets you find funny and not so common videos. It allows you to search for videos using tags or specific keywords and there are no sign ups or registrations involved.

Techie-Buzz rating: 3/5 (Average).

SearchZooka: Perform Advanced Search on Multiple Search Engines

Advances searches on Google, Yahoo and other search engines can be a lengthy process. You have to remember the operators for each specific search engine and perform the search. SearchZooka is a a mash up of all the popular search engines and lets you perform advanced searches in one place.

Currently it supports Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Technorati, Digg and Delicious.

How to Use SearchZooka

To start your advanced search, just browse to the homepage and type your query:


You can search for pages that were published within a specific date range. The sites settings allows you to search a specific website or all websites. Next, you can restrict your search for pages whose URL matches with your search query. This feature is not so common with all the popular search engines out there.

Next, You can set the priority of your search according to relevance or date of publication. SearchZooka also supports country and language specific searches.


After you are satisfied with all the search parameters, hit the create button. It opens a new tab with a list of all the search engines where you want to create your advanced search.

Click the search engine and the advanced search results are opened in a new tab. Following are the results when i searched this blog from SearchZooka:


Techie-Buzz Verdict

Searchzooka is a really impressive tool to create advanced searches on multiple search engines. But the resulting page is way too complicated and non web savy users may find it confusing to use. I would also love to see Twitter being integrated, so that we can see relevant tweets as well.

Techie-Buzz rating: 4/5 (Good).

Google Goggles: Search the Web with Pictures

Google has launched another innovation today , after the Real-Time search for Google .

Google Goggles , is a brand new product launched in Google Labs. This product is a big innovation in the field of visual search. In simple words , when you point your camera at an object , take its picture , and then use Google Goggles , Google searches for the information about the object on the Web and gives you result about what it is.

This is a simple explanation of Google Goggles. Using this product , the type of object you can search for , is only limited by your imagination and your sight. For example : You can point your camera to Google Search Logo on a web page , take its picture and submit it to Google Goggles and Google returns the search result : as a link to Google Homepage.

Google Goggles
Google Goggles

Similarly , you can search for products like food items , books , cars , gadgets , laptops , cellphones , and yes for people too ; and you can search for all these things using your cellphone. To search for specific products and objects , Google Goggles uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to recognize text on product labels.

For now , Google Goggles is supporting only Android powered devices and cellphones. But surely in the next few months , it will extend its support for more devices and platforms.

Add Google Search and Twitter To Your Right Click Menu

KwiClick is a great Firefox Add-on that increases your productivity by adding Google Search and a lot of other options to your right-click menu. Once installed, the add-on lets you set up a number of mouse options to perform various functions. For example, you can highlight a word on any page and you will see a search KwiClick option when you open the right-click menu. Choosing that will search Google for the highlighted word and open results in a small window that you can look at while browsing the internet.

If you are more of a social network addict, you can set that option to search Twitter instead of Google. There a number of providers you can choose from including YouTube, Yahoo!, Veoh, Delicious e.t.c. You can also set options to open the results in a new window or new tab.

You can also use KwiClick to share links and videos on various social networks like Facebook and Twitter. KwiClick allows you to watch videos while you browse the web and email them to your friends with a single click. Here is a complete list of things that you can do with KwiClick.

You can get the add-on here.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

KwiClick is one of those tools that are packed with features but struggle with user-friendliness. KwiClick is a great tool but it can be even better if it is tweaked for a smoother experience.

Rating: 2.5/5 (Good)

Google Launches Music Search

Google-Music-SearchThe rumours were true. Earlier today, Google unveiled its new onebox for music related searches. As expected, Google will be providing song previews supplied by Lala.com and iLike.com. Additionally, you will be able to listen to related music on Imeem, Rhapsody or Pandora. Streams provided by Lala will play the full song once and then switch to a 30 second preview. Streams provided by other providers will include 30 second previews, as well as full songs. This feature will be made available to users in United States over the next few days.


The objective of the new onebox for music related queries is threefold:

  1. Reduce the effort it takes to find music by your favorite artists.
  2. Enable you to discover new music through partners like Imeem and Pandora.
  3. Allow you to identify that catchy tune you may have heard in a cafeteria. The new music search will return relevant music streams even if you use a line or two of lyrics.

Google is not the first major search engine to provide free streams within the search results page. Yahoo has been doing this since last year. Feeling left behind, they took this opportunity to remind us about their own music search abilities in a blog post. What remains to be seen now, is how Microsoft Bing will react.

Microsoft Ties Up With Twitter and Facebook: Will Integrate Real Time Updates Into Bing

Microsoft-Bing-Twitter-Facebook The search engine war is on! Earlier today we revealed that Google may be planning on launching its own music service to enhance music related search results. Now according to latest reports, Microsoft is expected to announce non-exclusive deals with both Facebook and Twitter later today.

This deal will give Microsoft access to both Facebook and Twitter status updates and will undoubtedly give them a huge advantage over Google. Google has clearly started that real time search is their biggest challenge. Unfortunately for them, the partnership with Twitter and Facebook would offer Bing a wealth of data that won’t be available to them. It has already been demonstrated more than once that Twitter is extremely agile when it comes to breaking news. The access to Twitter (and Facebook) data stream will allow Bing to react faster to emerging trends.

While this deal is undoubtedly a big step for Microsoft Bing, it must be remembered that both of them are non-exclusive in nature. In other words, there is nothing stopping Google from partnering with Twitter or Facebook tomorrow. A lot will also depend on Microsoft’s ability to properly integrate real time data received from Facebook and Twitter.

[ via All Things D ]