Google Recovers Search Share From Bing

Over the last few months , the decision making search engine from Microsoft has been poaching search market share from both and Google Search.


It looks like the high tide has finally reached its peak. According to StatCounter, a online statistics measuring service, Bing’s market share in US dropped by over 1% from 8.51% to 9.64% in September 2009. Microsoft’s new search partner Yahoo also shed more than 1% going down from 10.50% to 9.40%.

Google search on the other hand was a big gainer. Google’s search market share went up from 77.83% to 80.08%. It also has a global market share of over 90%.

The statistics have been collected using more than 4.6 billion search engine clicks on sites that are tracked by StatCounter. US traffic accounts for over 1.1 billion of those clicks.

Does this mean that Bing has peaked? Maybe. Bing’s search market share has been gradually declining since mid-August. This suggests that the initial hype is now fading and people are now looking for some real search resultsinstead of all the fun and fancy results.

Did you make a switch from Bing to Google? Do you still use Bing? Do tell us your thoughts and views about this.

Google Adds Hot Trends to Search Results

Google Trends is a very useful service that allows you to find the search trends for any particular keywords. In addition to that you can also use Google Trends to compare trends between multiple websites.

Hot Trends is a feature in Google Trends, which allow you to see the hottest searches performed on the web in the last 1 hour. You can view the Hot trends for any location by changing the top level domain. For example, using will show you the hottest search terms in USA. Using will show you the hottest search terms from India.

Google announced the integration of hot trends into Google search results for users in USA and Japan. Starting today whenever you search for keywords that are in Hot Trends you will see hot trends in the search results.


This feature will show up in search queries that rank in the top 100 hot trends.

Keep up with the latest trends using Google Search [Official Google Blog]

Yahoo Search Pad With Google Gears Integration

I hadn’t been to search in a long time and was surprised today when I was checking a link. A Google Gears permission box popped up on the screen.


On further investigation I found that Yahoo is using Google Gears for it’s new Search Pad feature which will allow you to take notes and store them while searching on Yahoo.

According to the search pad help page;

Search Pad is a note-taking application that automatically tracks and organizes sites you find on Yahoo! Search to help you complete important tasks such as buying a car or planning a trip.

Search Pad definitely looks like a cool feature because more often than not, people end up taking notes while researching through search. Search Pad pretty much does it all.


Once you have created notes you can then email or share them with others. This makes sharing research among several people a breeze.

Have you tried out the new search pad? What do you think about it? Do let me know.

Download Free Tutorials For Anything Online

Did you ever think to start out learning something on your own and haven’t found the right resources for it, for example you want to take up designing and you want to learn Photoshop, or learn java on your own?

Google does provide users with a good way to search and find resources, but do you want to skip through things and just download the right tutorial?


Free Tutorial for Me is a handy online service that indexes more than 38 million tutorials, but wait they do not do it themselves, they still use Google, however they only show , PowerPoint presentations and documents in the results.

To view the tutorial just click on the view button next to the tutorial and it will load a internal viewer to load the PDF, document or presentation, so you do not even need to have any of these softwares installed on your computer to view them.

Definitely useful and worth using if you are looking for a site to search for tutorials.

Free Tutorials for Me [via Technospot]

Bing Grows More Twitter Friendly With BingTweets

the ever growing decision making search engine has grown a little bit more friendly than their earlier announcement of introduction of twitter tweets in search results, with the introduction of BingTweets, a search engine which will also display real-time tweets in Bing results page.

This new offering sports a completely different interface than the original Bing page, as you can see from the screenshot below.


The real-time auto-updating search results from twitter is displayed in the left hand side of the page, with the regular results taking up the right hand side.


In addition to that, BingTweets also adds a bit of social elements to the interface in the form of allowing users to share the results on either twitter or using other sharing options.


Another interesting feature is that you can see all the trending topics on the page, however they are further divided into most popular trending topics, most popular people trending, most popular places trending and most popular products trending.

Overall a very refreshing and social search offering from Bing, wonder whether folks at Google are still sleeping, or are they? Maybe they are just working on buying out twitter :-).

Bing Overtakes Yahoo in Search Market Share

Bing the latest search engine from Microsoft has launched to a very welcoming audience, lots of people said real good things about this new search engine, within a few days of launching it has already surpassed Yahoo to take the number 2 position in US and global search market according to

The latest market share positioning for Bing is search engine usage is now as such.

  1. Google with 71.47% market share.
  2. Bing with 16.28% market share.
  3. Yahoo with 10.22% market share.


In addition to this the global search market share for Bing is about 5.62% which is slightly ahead of Yahoo at 5.13%, Google is also the market leader worldwide with 87.62% market share.

The surge in Bing market share should  sound alarming to both Google and Yahoo alike, such a drastic shift is something they would not have really anticipated, however it would be interesting to see if Bing is able to hold on to this market share in the next 3-6 months.

Have you used Bing yet? What do you think about it? Do let us know.

Search Files On Megaupload: Megaupload Search Engines

In our earlier post, we had told you about some rapidshare search engines, that help you search for files on a popular file sharing network called Rapidshare, however Megaupload is another popular file sharing network and there are several thousand files uploaded there too.

If you are looking to search and download files from Megaupload, take a look at the most popular search engines for search files on the Megaupload network.

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Search Files on Rapidshare: Rapidshare Search Engines

Rapidshare is one of the most famous file sharing network and there are millions of files uploaded on Rapidshare, however those files can only be downloaded, if you know the direct link for them. However there are ways in which you can actually search the Rapidshare network.


Here are some of the search engines you can use to search files specifically on the Rapidshare network. We must bring this to your attention that most of these search engines do not actually search the Rapidshare network, but instead search the websites and forums to find Rapidshare links to files.

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