How To Take Screenshots in iPod Touch & iPhone

I just got hold of a brand new 32GB  iPod Touch, and have been playing around with it, installing apps and listening to music. There have been so many things that I am discovering with it, so expect a lot of and how to posts in the future.

I was trying to look for an app to take screenshots on the iPod Touch/iPhone. However, I did not find one. Turns out that it is pretty easy to take screenshots on an iPod Touch/iPhone.


To Take a screenshot on a iPod Touch or iPhone, press the power button on the top and the home button simultaneously. When you do that, the phone will flicker for a second and you will hear a sound.

That’s it, the screenshot has been taken. It will be saved in a new album named as Saved Photos.

3 Firefox Add-ons for Screen Captures

As a web developer or a layman, internet users have long needed a quick-and-easy way to capture a browser window or a part of the page effectively. While for most, a simple Print-Screen+ paste to [insert favorite image editor here] works, power users demand the ability to post it to an online image host, or even have the ability to annotate it for other users. Listed below are three great Mozilla Firefox Add-ons that give you the ability to do just that.

  1. Screengrab: The simplest of the lot, Screengrab does what it says it grabsa screen, and either saves it to a file or to the clipboard. It can also capture paScreenGrabrts of the screen that you want a selection. If the browser has Java and Flash installed, then the add-on can save still-shots of a Flash or Java animations. It can also capture the entire (scrollable) page, or just the viewable part or even a draggable selection! This is a one-shot screen grabbing tool for all those who do not want to go through the trouble of Print-Screening the entire page.
  2. Fireshot: This is one of the best screenshot add-ons available simply because of the plethora of tools it comes bundled along with. Not only can you savefireshot the entire webpage as a PNG, JPG, BMP or GIF file, you can add textual and graphical annotations that can be immediately mailed off to a colleague or a friend wh o might be interested. You can directly upload the pages to an online image hosting service, along with the ability to print whatever you have just Fireshot! While the simple version is free, the Pro version costs $34.95 with some advanced functionality.
  3. Abduction : This is yet another screenabduction! capture add-on with a difference it adds a right-click menu item that can be used to capture the current website. The menu item comes as under Save Page as Imageand you can select what part of the page you wish to save as an image. A single click on an element will quickly select it, while a double click will select the entire page (visible as well as the non-visible portions). This is a great add-on for those looking for a clean and fast screen grabbing add-on for Firefox!

Take Screenshot Of Any Web Page With SiteShoter

SiteShoter is a small utility that allows you to save a screenshot of any Web page into a file. You can use SiteShoter in user interface mode, or alternatively, you can run SiteShoter in command-line mode without displaying any user interface.


It automatically creates hidden window of Internet Explorer, loads the desired Web page, and than save the entire content of the Web page into an image file (.png, .jpg, .tiff, .bmp or .gif). You can also use SiteShoter to convert .html file on your local drive into image file.

SiteShoter is very small and useful utility. You can select the screen resolution of your web browser as well as the resolution of the image file to be saved in your computer. It has has the option to disable flash, so that the flash contents are not displayed in the image.

This utility works on Windows XP, Window 2003 Server, Window 2008 Server, Windows Vista, and Windows 7

[ Download SiteShoter ]

Capture and Share Screenshots With ScreenSnapr

There are literally hundreds of tools for taking screen shots, then why would be bother telling you about a new one? The reason lies in the unique features of ScreenSnapr.

ScreenSnapr is a light-weight application that not only allows you to capture screen shots effectively, but also lets you   upload and share them with minimal keystrokes. After you have installed ScreenSnapr on your computer, all you need to initiate a screen capture is press Ctrl + 1. Then simply drag out the area you want to capture and the image will automatically be uploaded to the ScreenSnapr servers.

You can also specify a folder on your own server and images would automatically be uploaded to that folder. If, instead, your purpose is to share the screenshot with others, ScreenSnapr will provide you with a shortened URL of the uploaded image using that you can share over email, chat or IM.

Take Screenshots Without Any Software Or Plugin

There are tons of softwares and add-ons that let you take screenshots of webpages, edit them, resize them and then save them. But what about times when you are on a new machine or a different browser and need a quick screen capture of a website. Here’s the trick.

Suppose you are visiting a webpage with the URL To do a screen capture, simply add before the http and press enter. You will automatically be redirected to the website showing a screen capture of the original web page.

Once you see the screenshot, you have the options of editing the image, resizing it, cropping it or saving it on your desktop. The Aviary image editor will provide you with almost all the standard tools that you see in a regular screen capture software. You can also launch an advanced editor to use advanced image editing features.

Alternately, you can also go to and enter the URL of the webpage you are trying to capture. Aviary also allows you to choose the optimal screen resolution and image quality you desire.

If you use firefox, you can also use their Add-on to have a quicker access to the tool.

Office 2010 Professional Screenshot Tour

We finally got our hands on the technical preview of , here is a screenshot tour of Office 2010 Professional. The screenshots have been taken from the official technical preview that is available through Microsoft.

We will be doing a full-fledged review once we have used the software for a few more days, in the meantime take a look at what Office 2010 is made up of.

Outlook 2010 Screenshots

Outlook 2010 Splash Screen

Outlook 2010 Threaded View

Outlook 2010 Account Information

Outlook 2010 Compose Email

Microsoft Word 2010 Screenshots

Microsoft Word 2010 Splash Screen

Microsoft Word 2010 New Document

Microsoft Word 2010 Document Information

About Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 Undo Redo Options

Microsoft Word 2010 Image Background Remover

Microsoft Excel 2010 Screenshots

Microsoft Excel 2010 Splash Screen

Microsoft Excel 2010 New Spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel 2010 Spreadsheet Information

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Screenshots

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Splash Screen

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 New Presentation

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Insert Video

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Presentation Properties

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Screenshots

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Splash Screen

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Home Screen

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Creating New Note

Microsoft OneNote 2010 Notebook Information

That is it for now, hope you get a pretty good picture of what Office 2010 is offering, we will be doing a extensive review of Office 2010 which will cover new features and more in next 2-3 days.

New Features and Screenshots In Office 2010

Practically everyone in the industry is waiting to get their hands on Office 2010, leaked torrents of Office 2010 be damned even though most of the leaked torrents may be tainted in the first place.

We have been posting several screenshots of Office 2010, but we just came across some really interesting one’s that discover the new features in Office 2010. Thanks Manan.

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Screenshot By Email: Capture and Email With One Click

There are many times when you may need to take a screen capture and email it to someone for support or troubleshooting, the entire process usually involves taking a screenshot, saving it to your local drive, opening up your email program, attaching the file, composing the email and sending it.

If you find the entire process cumbersome, a handy freeware utility called screenshot by email will reduce the entire process to just one click.

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Screenshot Applications For Multiple Mobile Platforms

Sometime back we had told you about one of the best screenshot tool for Nokia Symbian devices which allowed you to easily capture and share screenshots of applications and screens on Nokia smartphones.


However there are several mobile platforms including iPhone, Windows Mobile platform, Blackberry and Java and there are several applications available to take screenshots on these platforms.

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Jing | Capture a screencast and easily share with others

I have been using SnagIt to capture screenshots for long, and can safely say that it is one of the best piece of codes available for this purpose. The promoters of the SnagIt also run a hugely popular service, where you can upload your screencast and share them with others.

For those, not knowing what exactly is a screencast…

A screencast is a digital recording of computer screen output, often containing audio narration. Just as a screenshot is a picture of a user’s screen, a screencast is essentially a movie of what a user sees on their monitor.

But many people doesn’t know, how to make a screencast ? There are many software available in the market, some are free and some require you to shell out considerable money.

Thankfully, there is a service in the market, which makes all this process super easy.

Welcome to Jing.

Jing is a screen capturing software application, which allows you to select and capture parts of your screen and save that area as a static picture or a movie.

“It sits nicely on your desktop, ready to capture and share your stuff at a moment’s notice. Simply select an area of your screen, capture it as an image or record it as a video, and then click Share. Jing conveniently places a URL to your content on your clipboard ready for you to paste the URL into any of your conversations.

Your files are hosted on, which is a premier hosting website, specifically made for screen video content. It does not change or diminish the resolution of your content and provides detailed permissions to let you control the accessibility of the media. Users of Jing are provided upto 200MB of space for storing media files and 1 GB of bandwidth that renews monthly.

The best part of Jing is its sharing capabilities.

A simple share button, uploads your media behind the scenes, and the URL is placed into your clipboard. Just paste it in your email, your blog posts or wherever you want.

Quick and Easy.