MWC 2012 Schedule, Keynotes & Press Conferences

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is one of the biggest mobile event of the year held annually in Barcelona. MWC attracts some of the biggest mobile manufactures and vendors who create mobile hardware and software and exciting new mobile accessories as well.

Mobile World Congress 2012

MWC 2012techi will be held at Fira Montjuïc, in Barcelona from 27th February, 2012 to March 1st, 2012. This years schedule and keynotes are filled up with some great press conferences and keynote speakers. You will find a schedule of MWC 2012 below.

Please note that all times are in Central European Time (CET) which is +1 UTC, so you might want to click on the Time mentioned below to find your local time.

MWC 2012 Keynotes Schedule

Monday, 27th February, 2012

Tuesday, 28th February, 2012

  • Eric Schmidt – Executive Chairman, Google at 18:00 CET

Wednesday, 29th February, 2012

  • Hans Vestberg – President & CEO, Ericsson at 18:00 CET

In addition to the keynotes, there are several other high profile speakers who will be speaking at the event. Some of the speakers include:

  • Stephen Elop – President & CEO, Nokia
  • Peter Chou – CEO, HTC
  • Warren East – CEO, ARM
  • Anne Bouverot – Director General, GSMA
  • Brian Dunn – CEO, Best Buy
  • John Partridge – President, Visa
  • Sunil Mittal – Chairman & MD, Bharti Airtel
  • Vittorio Calao – Chief Executive, Vodafone
  • Li Yue – President, China Mobile
  • Dan Hesse – CEO, Sprint Nextel
  • Raplh de la Vega – President & CEO, AT&T Mobility
  • John Chambers – Chairman & CEO, Cisco Systems
  • Vikram Pandit – CEO, Citigroup
  • Rene Obermann – Chairman & CEO, Deutsche Telekom
  • John Riccitiello – CEO, EA
  • John Donahoe – CEO eBay

Please visit this page for the complete list of speakers at MWC 2012 or this page for MWC 2012 Agenda.

MWC 2012 Press Conferences

There will be several press conferences that will be held during MWC 2012, here is a list of the key conferences that will be taking place.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Tuesday, 28 February, 2012

Apart from this, there will be several other events and press conferences spread over the 4 days at MWC 2012. We will update this list with the date and timings of newer press conferences and speakers as they become available. You might also want to keep an eye on our tag for the latest announcements from Mobile World Congress 2012 and visit the official site as well.

FIFA Women’s U-20 World Cup Germany 2010 Teams, Schedule and Groups

Complete Schedule, Teams, Groups and Format for the FIFA Women’s U-20 World Cup Germany 2010 to be held between July 13, 2010 and August 1, 2010.

After the extravaganza ended yesterday, it is now time for the Women’s Under 20 World Cup which will be held in Germany. Though the Women’s World Cup may not have as much fanfare as the World Cup 2010, it will definitely be a good chance for some bright players to show off their Skills.

FIFA Women's World Cup Germany 2010

The Women’s World Cup will be held between July 13, 2010 and August 1, 2010 in various stadiums across 4 stadium in Germany which include Bochum, Augsburg, Dresden and Bielefeld.

Women’s U-20 World Cup Teams, Groups And Format

Unlike the FIFA World Cup 2010, the Women’s World Cup will only have 16 teams which are divided into 4 groups. There are 4 groups consisting of 4 teams each and the top 2 teams will play the quarterfinals, followed by the Semifinals and Finals. In all 32 matches will be played including the Finals.

The Women’s U-20 World Cup Group A includes Germany, Costa Rica, Colombia and France. Group B consists of Brazil, North Korea, Sweden and New Zealand. Group C consists of England, Nigeria, Mexico and Japan and Group D consists of USA, Ghana, Switzerland and Korea Republic.

Complete Schedule of Women’s U-20 World Cup

The Women’s U-20 World Cup match will start on July 13, 2010. The Group stage matches will be played from July 13, 2010 to July 21, 2010. The 2nd stage of the U-20 World Cup will directly start with the Quarterfinals, which will be held on 24 July and 25 July. The Semifinals will be played on 29 July. The 3rd Place playoff will be played on August first, with the Women’s U-20 Finals also being held on the same date.

To find out the date your favorite team is playing, you can visit the official match schedule for the Women’s U-20 World Cup here. You can also download a PDF File from the FIFA site.

Download FIFA World Cup 2010 Schedule | FIFA World Cup 2010 Calendar

is already underway and there are several ways in which you can track the tournament through an excel template using the FIFA World Cup 2010 Excel template. In addition to that you can also track FIFA scores and more using the Google OneBox results for FIFA 2010.

FIFA 2010 World Cup

However, if you are looking to download or view FIFA World Cup 2010 schedule you can download an excel file which has the entire World Cup schedule and will allow you to add points to the teams who have won. You can download the file from here.


In addition to that you can also view one of the best FIFA World Cup 2010 calendars created using Flash by visiting this link. The FIFA World Cup 2010 Calendar will allow you to view the schedule based on teams, date, group and stadium. You can view the FIFA World Cup calendar by visiting this link.

Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 Online

Looking to Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 Online? FIFA 2010 World Cup matches will be available on television networks across the world, however you can also watch all the FIFA World Cup 2010 matches live online. The best bet would be to head over to ESPN online, where they will be high streaming the FIFA 2010 matches online.

If you use Google Chrome, you can use an extension to watch FIFA 2010 World Cup matches online, if you don’t then try out this link which will have live streams of the FIFA 2010 World Cup matches live online. You can also try your luck on or or where users sometimes stream the matches live online.

Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 Highlights Online

Missed watching the FIFA World Cup live matches online? No worries, you can always watch the highlights of the FIFA World Cup 2010 matches online. Want to know how? Visit Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 Highlights online to know more.

MIX10 Keynote and Event Schedules

MIX10 is a 3 day conference for web designers and developers who build innovative websites and will be held between March 15th and March 17th in Las Vegas. The event is built up of keynotes and sessions for web enthusiasts.

Mix10 Logo

Mix10 will start out in the next few hours, and you can watch MIX10 Online live thanks to the feeds provided by VistiMix. However, if you are curious about the lineup of keynotes and sessions, you can check out the complete schedule for MIX10 at VistiMix too.

There are 2 big keynotes on March 15th and March 16th at 9AM, this will span for 2 hours and will most likely introduce IE9 and other web development and designing tools from Microsoft.

The rest of the MIX10 schedule is made up of sessions, socializing and question answer sessions. The MIX10 conference will end on Wednesday, March 17th at 4PM.

Head over to the complete schedule information for MIX10 at

CeBIT 2010 Expo Schedule and Keynotes

CeBIT 2010, the biggest consumer electronics and computer expo will be held from 2nd March 2010 through 6th March 2010 in Hannover, Germany. If you are someone who loves to keep up with the latest in the tech industry, you have to definitely know what happens at CeBIT.

CeBIT 2010

CeBIT is not just about consumer displays and stalls, there are several speakers who will lecture on topics and also present keynotes, to discuss new and important innovations.

CeBIT 2010 has keynotes by Dr. Peter Graf – EVP of SAP, Vivek Dev – Group director at Telefonica, S.A. among others, with  lectures from Anand Agarawala – Founder of Bumptop, Martin Blomkvist – Director at , Diane Bryant – VP and CIO at Intel, Stewart Butterfield – Co-founder of , Kevin Eyres – MD Europe LinkedIn, Stephen J. Felice – President SMB Dell Inc, Jan Geldmacher – CCO of Vodafone among others. There are several interesting speakers this year, you can find the entire list of them here.

That is a whole lot of interesting people who will take over the stage and discuss interesting things on current and future products and technology. You can find the entire list of schedules and keynotes by visiting the official CeBIT 2010 schedule list.

CeBit 2010 events start in the morning at 10AM local time and will continue throughout the day. Please note that all event times are local to Hannover, Germany. You can check your local timings by visiting this page.