Samsung Announces The Galaxy Xcover Rugged Smartphone

Motorola Defy is currently the most popular rugged Android smartphone. The company will soon launch the successor of this handset, the Motorola Defy+. To compete with these smartphones, Samsung has recently launched a new Galaxy Xcover rugged smartphone. This handset runs on the latest Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Operating System.

samsung galaxy xcover

Last year, Samsung launched the Xcover range of rugged phones. But the handsets under the Xcover range were entry-level with basic features. The Samsung Xcover 271 is one of the popular rugged phone manufactured by the company. Now, Samsung went ahead and announced the new Galaxy Xcover rugged smartphone under the Galaxy brand. This handset comes with a 3.6 inch touchscreen display, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS, 3G Connectivity, Touchwiz UI, 3.2 megapixel camera, 32 GB expandable memory, etc.

The Samsung Galaxy Xcover is an IP67 certified device. The rugged design protects this handset from water, dust or hard surfaces. This phone works even after being submerged in the water for up to 30 minutes.

The Galaxy Xcover will be available for purchase from October in Germany, followed by other European and Asian markets. The price of this handset will be announced soon. Until then, check out the another official pic of this device below.

samsung galaxy xcover

Samsung Galaxy Tab 730 Launched In India For Rs.33,900

Samsung recently launched the new Galaxy Tab 730 at an event in New Delhi, India. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 730 is basically the same Galaxy Tab 8.9, which was announced at the CTIA 2011. This tablet runs on the Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) Operating System. It comes with a 10.1 inch WXGA display, 1 GHz dual core processor, 3 megapixel rear camera and more.

Samsung will only sell the 16 GB WiFi + 3G variant of the Galaxy Tab 730 in the Indian market. Sadly, the Wi-Fi only variant of this tablet will not be available in India. Vodafone 3G subscribers will get special data package with this tablet. Check out the complete specs below.

samsung galaxy tab 730

Samsung Galaxy Tab 730 features a 8.9 inch WXGA display, sporting a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, 1 GHz dual core application processor, Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) OS, Samsung TouchWiz UX, 3 megapixel rear camera with LED Flash, HD (720p) video recording, Full HD (1080p) video playback, 2 megapixel front-facing camera for video calls, Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0 and so on.

Other features include a 3.5mm audio jack, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n, 3G Connectivity, Adobe Flash Player 10.2, Gyroscope, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Quickoffice HD Editor, Stereo Speaker, 16 GB internal memory, microSD card slot, 32 GB expandable memory, Android Market, Social Hub, Readers Hub, Music Hub, Samsung Mini Apps Tray and a 6000 mAh battery.

This tablet measures 230.9 x 157.8 x 8.6 mm and weighs 470g. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 730 comes with a price tag of Rs.33,990. This device will be available for purchase from mid-September. Vodafone offers 2 GB of monthly data for 6 months at just Rs.3000 exclusively for Samsung Galaxy Tab 730 owners.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Launched In India For Rs.36,200

The wait is finally over! Samsung has recently launched the new Galaxy Tab 750 in India. This device is nothing but the popular Galaxy Tab 10.1, which was announced and showcased at CTIA Show. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 was originally unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2011 in Barcelona, but it was later re-designed and re-launched at the CTIA 2011 to compete with the iPad 2 and other Android tablets.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 is the company’s second tablet launched in India. It is also the successor of the popular Galaxy Tab 7. This tablet runs on the latest Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) Operating System and comes with a 10.1 inch WXGA display, 1 GHz processor, 3 megapixel rear camera and more. Check out the complete specs, after the break.

galaxy tab 10

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 features a 10.1 inch WXGA display, sporting a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, 1 GHz Dual Core application processor, Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) OS, Samsung TouchWiz UX, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n, 3G Connectivity, 3 megapixel rear camera with LED Flash, HD (720p) video recording, Full HD (1080p) video playback, 2 megapixel front-facing camera for video calls and much more.

Other features include a 3.5mm audio jack, Adobe Flash Player 10.2, Gyroscope, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, Quickoffice HD Editor, Stereo Speaker, 16GB internal memory, microSD card slot, 32 GB expandable memory, Android Market, Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0, Samsung Mini Apps Tray, up to 9 hours battery life and a 7,000 mAh battery.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 comes with a price tag of Rs.36,200. This device will be available by the end of this month.

Apple Smiles (Wickedly) After German Court Bans Sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe

Update:  Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Ban Lifted in Europe, Except Germany

Following the case filed by Apple against Samsung  for patent infringement lawsuits in April, a German court passed down an initial injunction by bringing to halt all distribution of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the European countries earlier this morning.

Apple claims infringement  on intellectual property rights and patents on the device that was released earlier this year. Under the German Copyright Law (case number 14c O 194/11), Apple is seeking the German court to impose a fine, threatening Samsung to pay $350,000 (250,000 euros) fine for each violation or imprisonment for Samsung management. Well, these are the standards under the German law for contempt of a preliminary injunction.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1The ban is imposed in European countries including Germany, France, Spain and the U.K. Netherlands is the only exclusion where the ban won’t be affected.

According to the suit filed in April in the US District Court in Northern California, Samsung’s Galaxy line of mobile phones and tablets have slavishlycopied the iPhone and iPad –

Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and a unique Samsung style for its smart phone products and computer tablets, Samsung chose to copy Apple’s technology, user interface and innovative style in these infringing products,the lawsuit said.

“Samsung is disappointed with the court’s decision and we intend to act immediately to defend our intellectual property rights through the ongoing legal proceedings in Germany and will continue to actively defend these rights throughout the world,” the company said in a statement.

Apple also asked for a similar preliminary injunction in Australia, due to which Samsung had to reschedule the launch of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia. The injunction is all about design-related intellectual property rights and is not related to any hardware or software patents.

Needless to say, this hindrance could be critical for Samsung as Europe being the biggest market for Samsung, since the majority of its smartphones and tablet sales originate from the European countries.

Last year, Apple filed a lawsuit against Nokia with the same German court, asserting nine European software patents. In the same year, the nine patents were also asserted in a lawsuit in London. Although Apple and Nokia settled in June, Apple did not ask for a preliminary injunction against Nokia.

Apple seems to be worried after Samsung’s smartphone sales overtook Apple’s  Apple.  Not to forget, Apple is a major customer of Samsung, using its components in many of its products? Bad Apple!

T-Mobile Version Of Samsung Galaxy S II to Sport a 4.5-inch Screen

People in the United States have been eagerly waiting to get their hands on the hottest phone on the planet right now, the Samsung Galaxy S II. At first, it was uncertain whether the SGS2 will make it to the state-side or not. However, Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy S II is coming to the U.S in August.


Now, pictures of the T-Mobile variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II, dubbed as the Hercules has leaked online. The folks over at TmoNews have got their hands on some quality pictures of the Hercules.

Unlike the European version of S2, the Hercules will sport a mammoth 4.5-inch Super-AMOLED screen. Other specifications of the Hercules remain the same as its European sibling. The TmoNews tipster also tipped that the handset is fast, blazing fast! He also mentioned that Netflix will be pre-installed in this phone. The handset will come with Gingerbread on-board, with Sammy’s TouchWiz 4.0 UI running on top of it.

Also, from the leaked images, it looks like the Hercules will actually be known by its original name the Galaxy S II. The handset will also be the first to support T-Mobile’s blazing fast HSPA+ 42Mbps network.

The T-Mobile Hercules/Galaxy S II will be announced sometime this month, along with other operator variants of the SGS2.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi TouchWiz Update Rolling Out Now!

Samsung has started rolling out a new software update for the Wi-Fi model of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The new software update brings the TouchWiz UX to the 10.1-inch Tab, along with some new services including Media Hub and features like Social Hub.


The new version of TouchWiz is optimized for the tablets, and includes some nifty features like Live Panel, Mini Mode Tray, and Indicator Quick Panel. The Media Hub service will allow users to enjoy movies and TV shows on their Galaxy Tab from all the popular channels including NBC Universal, Paramount, MTV, Warner Bros., CBS and FOX.

The software update will also pre-install certain apps and games like Amazon Music Cloud Player, Amazon Kindle and Words with Friends. Swype will also be installed, which can be freely moved around the screen and resized as a user wishes to. Certain Enterprise features will also be added like support for Cisco VPN, Exchange ActiveSync (v1.4) and on-device encryption.

Once a user install this TouchWiz update on his 10.1-inch Tab, he cannot go back to the old stock Honeycomb UI, even if he wishes to. So, choose wisely whether you want to install the update or not.

The whole changelog, and the required steps for installing the update can be found here.

Sprint Unveils the Samsung Conquer 4G; The Conquest Begins August 21

Samsung Conquest 4GToday, Sprint announced the Samsung Conquer 4G which will be launched later this month, on August 21. It is a budget Android smartphone which will be priced at $99.99. It comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and sports a 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen display. It will offer both 3G and 4G connectivity on Sprint’s network.

It is powered by a 1 GHz processor, and comes with and comes with 2 cameras – a 3.2 MP primary camera and a 1.3 MP secondary camera for video chat. The amount of RAM hasn’t been specified, but it will likely have 512 MB RAM.

It’s Sprint’s first 4G Android device priced below $100. It will cost $99.99 with a 2 year contract after a $50 mail in rebate. It’s a great device for anyone who wants to experience Android on a budget.

The price of Samsung Conquer 4G makes Sprint’s 4G speeds accessible to more customers than ever,said Fared Adib, vice president-Product Development, Sprint. We are proud to deliver this dynamic device at a great value without sacrificing must-have technology. Our customers can really do more for less when this ultra-affordable 4G device is paired with the great value of our unlimited data calling plans.

Check out the official press release by Sprint – Sprint Makes it More Affordable to Experience 4G with the Aug. 21 Availability of Samsung Conquer 4G

Control Your Canon DSLR Using Your Android Handset/Tablet

Chainfire one of the most talented developers around over at XDA developer forums has released a new app dubbed DSLR Controller. As the name suggests, the app allows users to control their DSLR directly from their Android handset and/or tablet.

Below is a video of the DSLR Controller app in action :

Here is the full list of features which the app packs :

– Live View
– Auto Focus (tap Live View)
– Manual focus adjustments in Auto Focus mode
– Histogram
– Zoom control
– Grid display
– Bulb capture
– Continuous capture
– Extensive modification of settings
— Shutter speed
— Aperture
— Exposure Compensation and Bracket
— Flash Compensation
— ISO speed
— Auto-Focus Mode
— Focus and Zoom area (tap-and-hold Live View)
— Picture Style
— Drive Mode
— White Balance
— Color Temperature
— Auto-Lighting Optimizer
— Metering Mode

How is this even possible, you ask? Well, this app makes use of the USB O-T-G feature found on the latest Android Honeycomb based Tablets. At the moment, there is only one Android phone which supports USB O-T-G and that is the beastly Samsung Galaxy S II. There is another catch, only Canon’s EOS series of DSLR are supported. However, with time, I am sure the app will be compatible with DSLRs of various brands. For the former problem, I expect the next version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich) to have USB host capabilities.

The app is already available in the Android Market for download, for a whopping €5.99. Since the app is a very early phase of testing, users should keep in mind some bugs and crashes are to be expected.

Samsung Enters the Bidding War for InterDigital Patents

The patent wars in the technology industry just keep raging on. According to a report by Bloomberg, Samsung has now entered the race to acquire InterDigital’s huge patent portfolio, which has more than 8,800 patents related to wireless technology.

A Recap

As I reported a few weeks ago, Google was trying to buy InterDigital’s patent portfolio after it lost the Nortel patent auctions against a consortium comprised of Apple, Microsoft, RIM and others. With Apple, Microsoft and Oracle gunning for it and its Android device partners with patent infringement lawsuits, it is currently in a very desperate position. It needs to build up a huge patent portfolio, and the best way to do it fast is by buying some company which has one already.

Enter Samsung

Samsung has been slapped with multiple patent infringement lawsuits by Apple, which has alleged that Samsung slavishly copied its iPhone and iPad designs to create the Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets. Apple is definitely feeling threatened by the tremendous growth in Samsung’s smartphone sales, and the success of the new Samsung Galaxy S 2.

It seems like Samsung has decided to take matters into its own hands, and get some patents which it can use to defend itself.

InterDigital has a lot of key patents,Lee Seung Woo, a Seoul-based analyst at Shinyoung Securities Co., said by telephone. The fight between Apple and Samsung is getting serious, so if the assets go to Apple, it could be pretty risky for Samsung. To hedge the risk, Samsung could go ahead with bidding, although they may have to pay a big premium.

How It Could Play Out

Since Samsung is the largest Android device manufacturer by sales, Google and Samsung could possibly team up for the InterDigital acquisition against Apple, just like Apple, Microsoft and RIM teamed up against Google during the Nortel patent auctions.

InterDigital’s stock has risen more than 60% since the initial rumors of a possible acquisition. It currently has a market cap of $3 billion. With heavyweights like Google, Apple and Samsung in a bidding war, all with a huge amount of cash reserves, the purchase price could go higher than $5 billion, according to experts.

Nexus S Now Available For Free On Contract At Best Buy

The folks living in the US have a great reason to cheer, since the powerful Nexus S smartphone is currently available for free on contract! You heard it right. Best Buy, a popular online retailer in the US, is currently selling the Google branded Nexus S smartphone for free. The Nexus S is available exclusively for T-Mobile and AT&T customers. On the other hand, Sprint customers can grab the 4G variant of the Nexus S.

The Google Nexus S is one of the best Android Gingerbread powered smartphone. This handset was launched earlier for $199.99, later the price of the device was reduced to just $99.99. And now, you can go ahead and get this smartphone, with out burning a hole in your pocket. However, this offer is valid only for a day. You will need to purchase this handset before 11:59pm CST on August 3.

Nexus S

Google Nexus S comes with a 4 inch WVGA SUPER AMOLED display, sporting aresolution of 800 x 480 pixels, 1 GHz application processor, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) OS, Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, Wi-Fi Connectivity, 5 megapixel camera with flash, VGA front Camera, HD (720p) video recording, USB 2.0, Android Market and so on.

Other features include a 3.5mm headset jack, 4G connectivity, A-GPS, Stereo Speakers, Accelerometer, Digital compass, Proximity and Light Sensor, 16 GB internal memory, 512MB RAM, NFC (Near Field Communication) Capability, 4G Mobile Hotspot capability, up to 6 hrs 40 mins of talk-time , up to 428 hrs of stand-by time and a 1500 mAh battery.

AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile customers can get the free Nexus S smartphone, either as a new phone or an upgrade purchase, with two year service agreement at all Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile specialty stores. To purchase the Nexus S or Nexus S 4G online, head over to this page at Best Buy.