Microsoft Says WP7.5 Update Ahead of Schedule, Unveils AT&T’s New WP7 Phones

Windows Phone 7.5 (or Mango) was quite a turn around for Microsoft. Not only was the company able to plug in several holes in the platform with new features, they were able to do what Google and Android OEMs have so far failed at—delivering updates for all devices on all carriers seamlessly. The company learnt its lesson from the previous WP7 update rollout and fixed the update process bringing the OEM and carrier partners together.

Microsoft’s Eric Hautala has been  consistently  keeping us updated about the status of the update on the Windows Phone blog and in his latest  update  said they were ahead of schedule. The Windows Phone 7 update status page lists all carriers and handsets (except Venue Pro) in the US are being  delivered  the updates. Worldwide, other than Spain, updates are being  pushed  to all phones. Platform enthusiasts were delighted to have updates  delivered  the day they were released and Microsoft not requiring developer handsets to roll back to stable releases.

Windows Phone 7 Mango has received positive reviews only to be beaten and copied by the recently released Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Ben Rudolf over the Windows Team Blog, shared images of AT&T’s WP7 Mango lineup that includes:


At All Thing D’s AsiaD conference, Microsoft’s Andy Lees (president of Windows Phone division) talked about their new line of handsets and Mango. According to This Is My Next,  Lees also said that he expects NFC and 4G capable Windows Phone handsets in 2012. At the Web 2.0 Summit, Microsoft  Steve Ballmer said Nokia’s Windows Phone handsets should be coming out in a week during Nokia’s World event.