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Samsung Captivate Overclocked to 1.2Ghz

The Samsung Galaxy S is one of the best Android phones in the market right now. The phone has a 1Ghz Cortex A8 based Hummingbird processor, and 512MB of RAM. The Galaxy S features the best combination of CPU + GPUSamsung Captivate on an Android device. The Galaxy S is sold in the U.S under different operators and under various names like Captivate and Fascinate. With the various lag fixes available for it, the Galaxy S beats all other devices in Quadrant benchmark irrespective of their Android OS.

However, for some developers this was not enough and they have gone ahead and overclocked their Galaxy S to 1.2 GHz. The Hummingbird CPU inside the Galaxy S can be overclocked to 1.6 GHz safely. Interested readers need to flash a modified kernel to overclock their CPU to 1.2 GHz. They also need to download SetCPU from the Android Market. Here is the link on how to overclock Samasung Captivate to 1.2Ghz .

Keep in mind that the above link is valid only for Samsung Captivate owners. Samsung Galaxy S owners need to check this thread on how to overclock their CPU.

Root Samsung Vibrant/Captivate In A Single Click

Last week we told you about an application which lets you root the Motorola Droid X in just a single click. Now, TGA_gunnman over at XDA-Developers has developed an application which allows Samsung Captivate users toSamsung Galaxy S root their handset in a single click. The application offers the ability to both root and un-root the phone in just a single clock.

The Samsung Captivate is the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S. The application will work on any firmware for the Captivate, but only on an Android 2.1 based ROM. Here is the link to the thread. Another version of the application is also available for the Samsung Vibrant. However, none of the application will work for the European version of the Samsung Galaxy S and the Samsung Fascinate.

Hopefully, the developer will soon release an updated version of the application which will allow users to root the Fascinate and the Galaxy S in just a single click.

AT&T To Bring Samsung Captivate – An Android Device

Just few days ago AT&T added an Android device to its kitty HTC Aria. But it looks like AT&T wants its users to experience more of Android after its   inability to supply iPhone 4 it does not want to disappoint Android fans. At least that’s what we hope. Anyhow, AT&T has now added Samsung Captivate to its kitty.


Samsung Captivate, a Samsung Galaxy S phone has a stunning 4 inch Super-AMOLED display and is powered by Android 2.1. It comes with 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird Application Processor. It also comes with solid social networking integration with Samsung Social Hub. Social Hub basically integrates features like social networking services, messages, personal and business email, calendars and contacts ultimately giving out a better experience.

Other features include WiFi b/g/n, full HTML browser with tap & hold to zoom, Bluetooth 3.0, tri-band 3G (HSPA 7.2 Mbps compatible) and quad-band GSM, a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and 720P video recording, 3.5 mm headphone jack, expandable memory up to 16GB plus on-bard 16GB of storage for a total of 32GB, Samsung’s All Share application which enables inter-device connectivity through DLNA, accelerometer and gyroscope sensors.

It is still unclear when this device will be made available but AT&T says “It’s coming soon”. Hopefully, we will also get to know its price in coming weeks.