Most Actively Spreading Facebook Scams

Facebook has always been the hottest platform for scammers to spread (scam) messages. In the past few days, we have revealed  several Facebook scams, however there are few such scams that are still active and rapidly spreading on Facebook despite of several warnings and blogs posts all over the Internet.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most active scams spreading on Facebook and what would happen if you click them.


Ryan Dunn Scam

This is the latest scam that has been spreading. Ryan Dunn was an American reality television personality who was killed in a car accident on June 20, 2011.

The scam indicates that there is video showing Ryan Dunn’s last words. The Facebook scam asks users to complete surveys and promises to show the video in the end, but the video does not exist. The scam message is then posted on the user’s wall to spread across the user’s friends list.

You won’t beleive what she does!! Scam

What She Did Scam

This like-jacking scam has been there for quite a long time. The scam contain a YouTube link which when clicked, spreads on the user’s wall.

I Can’t Believe You Are In This Video Scam

The scam contains the user’s name along with a message which varies. The message states – “WTF [you-name] I can’t believe you’re in this video”, “ROFL I cant believe you’re tagged in this video”, “WTF!! [your-name] you should untag yourself from the video”, “OMG, I can’t believe you are tagged in this video”, “WTF!!!, why are you tagged in this video” and so on.

Upon clicking the the links, it will be automatically posted on your wall.

Marika Fruscio Spam

Marika Fruscio Scam

The scam started spreading on March 26th and it  is the most active scam ever reported.  The scam is about Marika Fruscio, an Italian journalist showing her breasts on Italian TV! There is actually a video on YouTube, but the link on Facebook is fake.

OMG Can’t Believe Justin Beiber Did This To A Girl Spam

The scam is about Justin Bieber abusing a girl, but the fact is that there is no such video about Justin Bieber doing anything to a girl. This scam will ask you to fill out surveys and then lead you to a video that does not exist. And just like any other scam, it automatically posts on your wall and likes it.

Girl Killed Herself After Dad Posted On Wall Scam

Girl Killed Herself After Dad Posted On Wall

The scam states that a girl committed suicide on Christmas eve after her dad posted on her Facebook wall.

Other Facebook Scams

Here are more Facebook scams that you should be aware of and avoid clicking them.

Osama Bin Death Video Scam

Enable Dislike’ Button Scam

OMG Look What This Kid Did To His School Scam

Young Teen From Egypt Commits SUICIDE Scam

See Who Has Viewed Your Profile Event Spam

How to Avoid Scams?

Follow one simple rule – Do not click on any links, especially on short URLs. If you’re curious to know where that short URL leads to, then copy-paste the URL on to reveal the original URL

An article posted by Clif Sipe explains how you can Avoid Facebook LikeJacking Scams and Facebook Chat-Jacking Scams