Reeder Is A Fantastic RSS Reader For Mac OS X [Review]

As a Blogger, I am constantly trying new ways to read blogs and news. I have gone through all the typical solutions. I tired reading every blog individually, and that was obviously a poor choice. I tried to use various forms of RSS feeds, and while it was more convent, it wasn’t elegant. I think I have found the solution I have been searching for.

Reeder, the incredibly popular feed reader for iOS, has been released for Mac OS X. While the idea of porting an app from iOS to the Mac may sound like a terrible idea, this one really works. The feature set of Reeder is fantastic, the interface is beautiful, and the whole experience is worth the price. Let’s take a deeper look at Reeder.

Reeder’s Beautiful UI

Reeder Mac OS X RSS ReaderAs RSS readers go, Reeder has to be the most beautiful one I have ever used. In the past, I have used RSS readers that tried to be more function than form, and it didn’t make me want to keep using that program. Reeder has achieved something special with their balance between art and usability.

One really good example of the form and function balance in Reeder is the dock icon. NetNewsWire, the RSS reader I was using before Reeder, had a less than pleasing system for handling unread story notifications. When you had stories to read, NNW would give you an iOS style icon notification. Reeder, on the other hand, does a much better job of blending the notification with the icon.

Reeder’s Features Make It Great

Another aspect of Reeder that separates it from its competition are the additional features that it offers. At the top of the Reeder window, there is a row of icons that will allow you to interact with the current story in various ways. You can link your Twitter account and share stories, you can add them to Pinboard, or you can send them to ReadItLater or Instapaper.

Reeder Readability On Off

At the bottom of the window is the toggle button for one of my favorite Reeder features. As many of us are aware, there are certain websites that only give partial RSS feeds. While I understand why they may do that, it interrupts my workflow. Reeder offers a “Readability” button that will give you the full story within the app. The screenshot above will show you more of what I mean.

Reeder Gestures OS XAnother great set of features that Reeder comes with is its use of the multi-touch ability of MacBooks and Magic Trackpads. There are various features and things you can access using the gestures. My favorite are the ‘pinch’ gestures. An outward pinch will switch a story to Readability mode, and an inward pinch will disable Readability again.

Reeder: The Best of The Best

As you can see, Reeder is one of the best looking and feature rich RSS readers available today. After spending a few days with it, I have decided that i will be getting it for all my devices. Some may say that $9.99 is expensive for an RSS reader. When you consider all that Reeder does, as well as the great interface, its actually quite a steal.

Score: 5/5 – Techie Buzz Approved
Price: $9.99 in the Mac App Store

Top 5 Favorite RSS Readers for Mac

RSS (most commonly expanded as Really Simple Syndication) is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works. It allows you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in. You save time by not needing to visit each site individually.

Where there is RSS feed, there are RSS readers. While the way in which RSS feeds work as a medium remains the same, RSS readers differ a lot in working and features. There are many RSS readers which are available for Mac. I must admit that I haven’t tried all available RSS readers. There might be equally good or better ones available.

Below are my top 5 RSS readers available for Mac, in no particular order.

1. NetNewsWire

NetNewsWire is one of the oldest RSS reader available for any platform. Its three-paned interface is familier and simple-similar to Apple Mail. The normal version requires a Google Reader account and it can easily fetch thousands of feeds in few moments. NetNewsWire features a variety of views, easy to use keyboard shortcuts, detects microformats allowing you to quickly add data to iCal or Address Book, and has a built in tabbed browser. It sync with Newsgator service, which means that all your Macs and iPhone will have same unread count.

> NetNewsWire (Free)

NetNewsWire-RSS Reader for Mac

2. Reeder for Mac

Reeder is another good RSS reader. It was initially created for iPad/iPhone and made its leap to Mac. It uses Google Reader and can therefore keep articles in sync whether you use it on desktop or iOS, Google Reader’s web interface, or other feed readers like NetNewsWire. It supports a variety of swipe gestures and keyboard shortcuts. Whereas NetNewsWire lets you open different articles in tabs, Reeder instead focuses on a one-at-a-time approach. One click configurable sharing support is available for various services like Twitter, Instapaper, Delicious, Pinboard. All this add to Reeder’s usefulness.

> Reeder for Mac (9.99$)

Reeder for Mac

3. Pulp

Pulp is different from other RSS readers mentioned here in the sense that it offers a tradition newspaper format. Pulp takes your feeds and turns them into a digital newspaper, providing you with text previews and images instead of just headlines. Pretty much everything is customizable, from the newspaper categories to what’s inside of them. There is a feature called the Shelf which allows you to easily Drag-n-Drop articles to it in order to read them later. It supports various swipe gestures and social sharing option. Another great feature of Pulp is the Magic reader which can grab full article, when only excerpt is available and provides full article in easily digestable format.

> Pulp (9.99$)

Pulp-Rss News Aggregator

4. NewsFire

NewsFire is an RSS reader designed with beauty and simplicity in mind. This makes NewsFire attractive, easy to use and highly functional. I should mention that NewsFire does not support an easy import or syncing from Google Reader. If you are a Google Reader fan then you may want to look elsewhere. Official site  describes  it as iChat-like RSS aggregator and we agree with the description. NewsFire keeps feeds simple and clean.

> NewsFire (4.99$)

NewsFire-RSS reader for Mac

5. Vienna

Vienna is a freeware, open source RSS/Atom newsreader for the Mac. It provides features comparable to commercial newsreaders. Its main feature includes simple and intuitive user interface, smart folders, difference reading layout, blogging integration, fell AppleScript support. It offers pretty much all standard features with few advance ones. For a free app it works great.

> Vienna (Free)

Vienna-Rss reader for mac

Final thoughts:

There’s a whole variety of RSS readers to choose from. RSS readers offer many features and makes reading simpler. If you’re still using Mail or Safari RSS, it’s time to try something more robust.

Be sure to comment below and tell us about your favorite RSS readers :)

Side Tip: Some websites offer only partial content in RSS feed and you need to visit the site to get full content. Use tip mentioned  here to get full RSS feed.


Pulse Reader App Now Free For iPhone, iPad and Android

Pulse Reader is one of the most famous apps for and touch to read news and RSS feeds. The app which debuted on the iPad has received rave reviews and some controversy too from New York Times.

Pulse Reader App Free for iPhone, iPad and Android

In a blog post, the Pulse Reader team announced that the app was now free across all platforms:

Today we’re announcing that Pulse is free across all platforms! We would like to thank our early users, who have given us both time and money to help build the product to this stage. You have given us the resources to build a company dedicated to improving your news reading experience. We’re now a team of 8 people working very hard to make Pulse better everyday.

The app which has changed the way people consume news and feeds is definitely worth downloading. It makes reading content more pleasant and elegant. I definitely recommend you to go ahead and download the app (links below).

Download Pulse Reader for iPhone | Download Pulse Reader for iPad | Download Pulse Reader for Android

Bloglines Shuts Down, Cites Twitter and Facebook as Reason

A few years back Bloglines was one of the most popular feed reader around, however, over the years it has been surpassed by several alternatives including .

Bloglines Logo

In early days Bloglines was one of the biggest contributor towards a websites feed count, and it still is for many. However, sadly users who used Bloglines will not be able to do so after October 1, 2010. Older websites feed count may also decline, specially for publishers who have been around for 4-5 years or more. However, the users are bound to move to other providers, so the count may jump back again., who had bought Bloglines for $10 million in 2005 have decided to close it down because the RSS market has constantly been shrinking due to social networking sites like and . To be frank, I agree with that, because I have hardly visited my Google Reader account since past 4 months and instead rely on several twitter lists to follow feeds.

I remember having an argument with Robert Scoble on one of his posts about Twitter replacing Google Reader, and back then I did think that I would stick with Google Reader. However, as time has passed, I have realized how much more easier it is to actually follow news on Twitter, specially more after Twitter Lists were introduced.

Do you use Feed Readers or have you shifted to Twitter or any other similar service? Let me know your thoughts about using RSS feeds vs Twitter or Facebook to catch up on news.

(Source: TechCrunch)