Tech Giants Come Together to Form Cyber Security Research Alliance

In the wake of the ongoing cyber-warfare, tech giants have come together to form a consortium that will focus on cyber-security. The consortium is called Cyber Security Research Alliance (CSRA) and it counts AMD, Intel, RSA, Lockheed Martin and Honeywell as its members. Problems in cyber-security are getting complex every day, and this private alliance will create a rich knowledge pool to address the security issues of the present and the future.


The primary aim of the CSRA is to bridge the gap between Government-funded R&D efforts and commercial cyber-security solutions. It will bring together expertise from member companies and the R&D efforts of the Government. Chuck Romine, Director of NIST’s Information Technology Laboratory, says,

Putting into practice the exciting cyber security innovations that emerge from research requires active partnerships between government and industry and also among private sector stakeholders. The emergence of CSRA can strengthen both kinds of partnerships and we look forward to working with this new organization to promote a trustworthy cyberspace for our nation and its citizens.

Most of the mega-attacks that we have seen over the last few days have been on control systems (think Flame and Stuxnet). It is good to see that cyber-security efforts for protection of control systems have stepped up, after Stuxnet. Visit the CSRA homepage to know more.

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