Automatically Resize Images in Folders

Last week, we told you about a that will allow you to resize all the images in a folder. Using that tool was easy, but you still had to manually perform the resizing of images.

Dropresize is another tool, which will resize all the images in a folder. However, in this case, it will resize the images automatically, whenever new files are placed into the directory.

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Once you download Dropresize, double click it to run the software. Once it is running, choose the watch folder, where you will drop images for resizing. The software will then monitor the folder and optionally sub-folders for any new image files, and automatically resize them.You can also choose the maximum size and quality of the resized images.

Dropresize is a and does not require installation, once you run the software it will run in the system tray monitoring for new images.

Overall Dropresize does its job pretty well. However, the only limitation right now is that it works with only JPEG images. The author has promised to add support for other image formats in future though.

Download Dropresize

Resize All Images In a Folder

Whenever you come back from a vacation, one thing is for sure that you have clicked tons of photos which you would want to share with your friends.

However, photographs taken by a camera are usually of high resolution. Now if you want to resize each and every image from the trip, you will be spending hours if not days.

In the past we have told you about several image manipulation tools some of which allow you to resize multiple images and also compress image size on the fly.

In addition to that, we came across another interesting tool that will allow you to resize all the images inside a folder. This means that you can copy all the images from your camera and run this tool to resize all of them painlessly, with a single click.


Once you have selected the folder with the image, change the ratio that you want the images to be resized to. The application will automatically resize the images and store them in the location you selected.

Definitely a dead simple tool with very good output images. We recommend this tool if you are a frequent photographer.

Resize JPEG Folder is a  . Just download this tool and run it.

Download Resize JPEG Folder [Download the exe file]

Review: Reshade Image Enlarger [Free License Giveaway]

Are you a photographer, a web designer, a publisher, or someone who has ever tried to enlarge photos the rightway? What software did you use for photo enlargement? And most importantly, did you get what you expected? In most cases, I guess not.

I got a little bit disappointed too by the poor quality of most of this type of software, until I found Reshade which I’ll be talking about today. It’s kind of new photo resizing software, but as far as I played with it, seems to be damn worth a try.

Reshade Main Window

To start with, I can just say Reshade produces extremely high quality (up to 20x zoom huge sizes) and realistic results using a quite interesting photo processing method. You’ll see later what I mean.

Reshade seems a good pick because of its speed, ease of use and simple GUI. Even more, it comes in two flavors: either an online version that you use in your browser or a downloadable Windows app.

When an image is resized to a certain extent, square pixels are clearly visible, which makes the image look dull. Moreover, the image can become an absolute blur. These problems can be easily solved using Reshade. It helps to keep your image accurate by removing noise from the image. Reshade keeps the edges sharp and smooth. You can also use advanced settings to make your image more accurate and professional.

I have used many professional photo editors to resize images but none of them allowed me   to zoom 20x larger. Moreover the final quality was very poor when compared to this program. Most of the time we I have seen that when an image is resized, the quality of the image is reduced considerably. Reshade eliminates this problem and offers you a crystal clear image.

Reshade Editing

It supports almost all image formats including .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tiff. This program works much faster when compared to other image editors. If you save the resized image in .jpg format, it will be compressed. I recommend the use of .bmp if a lossless format is needed.


  • Get crisp, clear edges at almost any zoom level
  • Remove blur and refocus image edges
  • Contrast and enhance image features
  • Easily remove photo defects
  • Go from smooth to precise contours
  • Make selective edge transformations
  • Extract even the finest details from your photos
  • Get best color estimation with a little more processing time
  • Enlarge images over 20x maintaining contour definition

Good Things About Reshade

  • You can actually control the image edge thickness, which is a lot better than just adjusting sharpness
  • Smooth the image, a really strong effect that you can’t really get in Photoshop
  • Some interesting stylizing filters: making the whole image have rounder corners for example (try to play with low accuracy values)
  • Batch processing a whole folder of images applying the same custom settings on each of them, and cropping to the right size at the same time
  • From my experience, it works very fast

Reshade provides you an option to fully take control of it no matter if you are an expert or a complete noob. Unlike other resizing tools, the interface seems quite intuitive and allows you to really be creative. No more wizards that constrain you to some preset sequence of steps, everything can be tweaked and un-tweaked at any time.

Now, you might be thinking how reshade can be better than other resizing tools that are available on the market? For this purpose, let us compare Reshade with the great Photoshop. Below are the images, one enlarged using Reshade and the other one using Photoshop:


Quite noticeable, isn’t it? There is a huge difference in the final output of both softwares and the one enlarged by Reshade seems to be of better quality (edge definition) as compared to Photoshop’s foggy and blurry output. Moreover, one needs to be an expert in order to make Photoshop come even close to these results via a series of complex operations while Reshade can do it in almost no time.

I liked Reshade Image Enlarger because the final quality of the resized image is absolutely amazing. Moreover the quick preview helps a lot while resizing the image. The output is much faster than Photoshop. Although anyone can easily use this program, it is most often recommended for professional photographers and web designers.

I recommend you try out the stand-alone Reshade version. They have a new beta available, with many new features, some of them I’ve mentioned here some I didn’t. I guess the $150 price tag seems a little expensive, but compared to the $250+ you need to pay for similar lower quality applications it’s a real deal.

If you liked what you saw, we are giving away a free licensed copy of Reshade worth $200 to one lucky reader, read below to see the details of participating.

Free License Giveaway Worth $200

The creators of Reshade are giving away one copy of Reshade Image Enlarger to a lucky winner for free, the premium version of the software has the following features.

To enter the competition you will have to follow one of the rules given below.

  1. Tweet about this competition and include a link to both and this competition. Once you have tweeted about it, please leave a comment on this post to finish participation.
  2. Leave a comment on this blog post telling us why you would like to win a copy of Reshade Premium.
  3. Write a blog post featuring both Reshade and this competition and leave a link to it in the comments.

You can participate by using either one or more than one ways, the winners will be picked randomly and will be given a premium license of Reshade worth $200.

So go ahead and participate to win a excellent image resizing tool that will not make your image look dull.

Desktop Photo Resizer

If you have a high resolution camera, you may know how hard it is to share the files with your family and friends, because of the large sizes of the images captured.

However we had told you about a Image resizer earlier that resized images on the fly that you send out using emails and IMs, however if you are looking for a tool to resize images on the desktop, Photo resizer is a freeware utility that serves the purpose.

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Resize Multiple Images

Taking photographs on your camera is quite a fun thing to do, but having to resize each and every image so that you can easily share them with your friends and family is definitely quite a pain.

Camera Images can be of pretty high resolutions which in turn shoots up the size of images to 2 or 3 megabytes each, sometime even more, now if you have taken 100 photographs imagine the amount of time you would spend to resize those images to a sharable resolution and size.

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