Access Windows Live Skydrive from Windows Explorer

services allow you to store files in the cloud, allowing you to create multiple of your files. However, most of them do not provide you with desktop tools or explorer integration to browse and upload files easily.

A longtime back we had told you on how you could integrate your account with explorer. If you are a Skydrive user, we came across another software called Skydrive Explorer, which will help you to access files stored in Skydrive from Windows explorer. This adds a whopping 25GB of space to your computer.


Once you have installed Skydrive Explorer, you will see a new entry called Skydrive Explorerin Windows explorer. This drive will not be functional until you login to your Skydrive account.


Double click on the Skydrive Explorer icon to login to your Skydrive account. Once you have entered your credentials, you can access your Skydrive files from Windows Explorer. You can copy and paste files to the Skydrive Explorer, just like any other folder on your computer.

Techie Buzz Verdict


Skydrive Explorer is a , as it makes it much more easier to manage files in your Skydrive account. The fact that it acts like just any other folder on your computer, allows users to quickly copy/paste files and back them up in the cloud, without having to go through a web interface.

Skydrive Explorer is a must download.

Ratings: 4.5/5 (Excellent)

Download Skydrive Explorer [via Ghacks]

Emerald Window Manager: Must Have Ubuntu Software

Window decorations and effects is a powerful feature of the Ubuntu compiz package. But, the themes we generally use are not able to skin the window border and add effects to it in a complete manner.

To get this desired effect, we can use the Emerald Window Manager.

Emerald Window Manager is an application which binds with the compiz desktop to provide us with added effects like shadow and glass pane on the window borders.


The Window manager comes with many built in window decorations which we can use. In addition to this, many downloadable window decorations are also available. We can also edit the decorations to adjust the depth, width and height. The glass pane can also be customized to a huge extent. The title bar can be set to roll up or maximize right from the emerald settings. Emerald is a must have application for customizing the look of your windows.
Emerald themes come as .emerald files. To open an emerald theme file, simply double click it. It opens with Emerald. Emerald theme files are really small in size and are applied as soon as we select them in the application.
The theme might not work as desired initially immediately after the installation. In such a situation, enter into a terminal:

emerald --replace

to install Emerald, enter the given code into a terminal:

sudo apt-get install emerald

Techie Buzz Verdict:

This is the only software of it’s kind in Ubuntu. The theme files are extremely small in size and are available readily at and Applying themes is very easy and tinkering with the settings can give a variety of effects. The application has some initial problems while loading the window borders for the first time. From next run, it works like a breeze. It works with all Ubuntu based distributions.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4.5/5 ( Excellent)

Perform Actions When Copying Text to Clipboard

Most of the times when we copy a URL, we want to open it in a web browser. When we copy an email address, we want to send a email to someone. When we copy a explorer path, we want to open and browse the folder.

As you can see, some actions are done to perform another one. Wouldn’t it be awesome, if we had a intelligent software that could sense what we want to do, and automatically allows us perform those tasks, based on what we copy? You guessed right, we found something that will do that for you.

open_browser_when_copying_url open_mail_client_for_emailing

Clip Monitor is a awesome software, which will automatically detect what you are copying and offer you to perform the default actions based on the text that has been copied. For example, if you copy a URL, it will offer you an option to open a web browser that points to that URL. If you copy a email address, it will offer to open the default email client and open a compose email window. If you copy a explorer location, it will offer to open the explorer window and browse to that location.

In addition to that, if you copy images to clipboard, it will offer you to open your default image editor. If you want to exit the software, just copy the text exitand the software will automatically close itself.

Techie Buzz Verdict

techie-buzz-recommended-software[1] ClipMon is a awesome software and could turn you into a productive powerhouse, if it comes with more customization and options.

Even in its current state it is a really useful software, however, greedy as we are, it would be good if the software allowed users to define custom actions based on clipboard text. For example, say I want to open Microsoft word, i just copy word, and it gives me an option to open Microsoft Word. Having an option to predefine actions and keywords would be something that we want the developer to add to this software.

Rest assured, this is a , without doubt. Go ahead and make yourself more productive.

Techie Buzz Rating: 5/5 (Awesome)

Download ClipMon

Easily Share Screenshots on Twitter with Screentweetr

I usually take a lot of screenshots on and share it using TwitPic. The usual process of sharing screenshots involves, taking a screenshot and uploading it using or using the web interface for TwitPic. Sometimes this becomes a tedious task, since it involves multiple processes to just accomplish a single task.


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I got used to using another app called Localhostr uploader, which provided a easy way to take screenshot and upload it to the web, unfortunately using that too required to follow multiple processes, when it came to sharing those screenshots on twitter.


ScreenTweetr is a a very useful application based on , which will allow you to quickly take screenshots, upload it, and share it on twitter. Once you download and install the application, you will have to associate your twitter account with it.


To take a screenshot, press the print screen button on your PC or use Alt + Print Screen to capture the active window. Once you do that, the Screentweetr application will get activated, allowing you to upload the image to your chosen service along with a message that will get posted to twitter.

Screentweetr currently supports uploading images to TwitPic, TweetPhoto, Twitgoo, ScreenTweet, yFrog, MobyPicture,, Posterous, TwitrPix and TwitDoc.

Techie Buzz Verdict

techie-buzz-recommended-software[1] This is an awesome application for Twitter users who frequently share screenshots or images on twitter. With a wide range of supported services for uploading images, this app makes it a breeze for many users.

The only sore point is that the app does not support OAUTH validation, which is the norm these days for associating an application with twitter, without having to give out your password.

In addition to that, this app does not provide an option to modify the used to take screenshots, and upload them to twitter. This becomes a bit of problem if you use multiple screenshot software, like in my case. I don’t want to modify the shortcut keys for my regular screenshot software, and ScreenTweetr will only work if I turn my regular screenshot software for creating blog images off. Having an option to setup custom shortcut keys for Screentweetr, is something I would like to see in the next update. Hope the developer takes note of this.

That aside, this is a highly , and will definitely save you a lot of efforts to share images on twitter.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4/5 (Excellent)

Download Screentweetr

Handy Bulk Software Installation Suite for PCs

If you recently bought a copy of , you now have the task of installing software on it. This list may include a web browser, anti-spyware, anti malware, antivirus among other things.

But why waste time installing each and every app, when you can do it all at once? Ninite is a Easy PC setup Software installation suite, which allows users to create a software installation bundle involving web browsers, instant messaging, media tools, , document viewer and editors, free antivirus, software runtime suites like Flash and Java, P2P and file sharing software, , file compression tools and developer tools

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The process of creating the software installation bundle is pretty simple, head to the Ninite site and choose from the available software options in different categories, you can also select multiple options in a single category.


Once you have selected all the software that you want to install on your PC, click on the Get installer button, this should direct you to a download page. Save the executable and run it. Ninite will start downloading and installing all the software using default settings.

It may take sometime to install all the software as Ninite will first download the software and then install it on your PC.

Techie Buzz Verdict

techie-buzz-recommended-software[1] The beauty of Ninite is that once it starts the installation you do not have to sit and face the computer, to keep clicking on the next buttons, which is a common occurrence while installing software.

Once you start the installation Ninite will automatically download all the software, agree to the terms of use and install it to your PC. It will also automatically reject software from installing toolbars and other un-required add-ons.

Ninite is definitely a gem of a software and we highly recommend this to anyone who wants to save some time while installing software on their new PC, and, did we tell you that this software installation suite is FREE (as in beer).

Techie Buzz Rating: 5/5 (Awesome)

Google Tasks Extension for Google Chrome

is a really handy service that was originally a part of , which can now be accessed individually. We have already told you about a desktop tool to access Google Tasks, however, if you are a user, we came across a which will allows you access your Google Tasks quickly and easily.


Once you install the extension, you will see a tasks bar at the right hand corner of the screen, whenever you load a webpage (you will only see if when you open a webpage).


Clicking on the Tasks bar will display your Google Tasks to you, you can complete old tasks, add new ones or delete completed tasks using this extension.

Techie Buzz Verdict

techie-buzz-recommended-software[3] If you are a Google Chrome user and want a task manager, that you can access in your Gmail account, as well as integrate with Google Calendar, this extension is a recommended download. Using this extension will make task management that much easier.

The fact that you can edit, delete and add new tasks without having to use Gmail or the standalone Google Tasks website, allows you to use it like just another desktop task management software.

Techie Buzz Ratings: 4/5 (Excellent)

Download Google Tasks Chrome Extension

Transfer Photos from iPhone/iPod Touch to PC/Mac using WifiPhoto

Of late, I have been creating a lot of screenshots using the iPod Touch, however transferring photos from the iPhone/iPod Touch to your PC is quite a pain, since I have to email individual photos to myself.


WiFiPhoto is a new app for iPhone/iPod touch which will allow you to transfer photos directly to your PC or Mac using a web browser. Once you have purchased the app, click on the app icon to launch it. In the beginning you will see a blank screen. Click on the add button to add images from to the gallery.

You can select as many images you want to download to the gallery. Click on the done button, once you have finished adding the images. To delete the images from the gallery, just click on the trash icon. This will only delete images from the gallery, and not from your device.


The app will display a URL at the bottom of the screen, just type it in your PC/Mac browser to open up the web interface for WiFiPhoto. Using the web interface you can download the images to your local disk. You can also download all the images in the gallery by clicking on the Download Zip file link.

Techie Buzz Verdict

techie-buzz-recommended-software[1] WiFiPhoto is a no-brainer, it is a steal at $0.99, I bought the app without even blinking twice :-). If you use your iPhone to click photos regularly or create screenshots, this app is a must-have. It will save you lots of time and efforts over the regular method of emailing each and every photo to yourself.

The only problem with the app as I saw it was that, once your iPhone/iPod Touch goes into power saving mode, it will lose all the images you had added to the gallery.You will need to re-add them using the add button. However, that is just a minor inconvenience.

Techie Buzz Rating: 4.5/5 (Superb)

Download WifiPhoto from the App Store

Free PDF Form Designer

Forms are used pretty often these days, to allow users to electronically fill out forms. It is done to go green and save printing costs and paper. There are several expensive softwares out there, which allow you to design and create PDF Forms.

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PDF Form Designer is a cross-platform alternative, for creating PDF forms in new and existing PDF files.


PDF Form designer allows you to use drag and drop controls to create forms. In addition to that, it also allows you to use Javascript in the forms. Javascript code can be used to validate the form or perform other tasks. You can add as many pages you want to the PDF.

The software also allows you to import and edit existing PDF documents. You can choose to import the PDF as a new document, or add it to a existing document.


Once you have designed the form, you can easily export it as a PDF document. You can then send the PDF to people to fill out. PDF Form designer is a definite must-have software, as it is easy to use and also saves you printing costs and is environment friendly.

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PDF Form designer will work on both Windows and Linux based systems. You will require to have Java installed on your PC for this to work. Please note, this software does not have any executable, so you will have to click on the run.bat to open the software.


Download PDF Form Designer

Adobe Photo Uploader For Facebook

There is no dearth of softwares available to upload photos to . The Picasa Facebook photo Uploader works flawlessly, allowing you to edit and upload photos and albums to Facebook. In addition to that, you can also use a desktop application to upload photos to Facebook.

Adobe has released another app based on , which will allow you to upload photos from your desktop to Facebook. The best part about this app is that, you can also view and browse your Facebook wall and friends profile from within the app. You can also reply and comment to your friends posts.


Once you have downloaded and installed the application, you will need to login and give permissions to the application to upload photos to your Facebook profile. Once you have given all the permissions, you will be logged into your profile, from where you can browse your timeline, comment and like posts from friends and more.

upload_photos_to_facebook create_new_facebook_album

Uploading photos to Facebook is pretty easy. Click on the Upload tab in the menubar, and choose the album you want to upload the photos to. You can also create new albums using the app.


Adding photos to your album is pretty easy. Click on the Add Photosbutton, it will show you a browse file dialog. Choose the photos you want to add to the album and click on Ok. You can choose multiple photos at once. Using the photo Uploader, you can also add captions to your photos.


Once you have chosen all the photos, click on the green arrow in the right hand side to upload the images to your Facebook profile. The upload should take a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the number of images you are uploading.

This app is a definite timesaver. We highly recommend it, if you frequently upload photos to your Facebook profile. Since Adobe Air works on multiple platforms, you can use it to upload images from Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.


Download Photo Uploader for Facebook

Convert Your Photos to 3D Screensavers and Wallpaper Collages

Techie Buzz Recommended Software Stamp Have you ever fancied, creating your own 3D screensaver with the pictures you took from the last trip to Bahamas? Or, wanted to have a collage of several photos as your desktop wallpaper?

If yes, keep your designing and flash programming instincts aside. PhotoJoy is a really cool software that will allow you to create your own 3D Screensaver and Wallpaper collages for free.


Once you install PhotoJoy, it will take you through a process, where you can import photos into the software. Once the photo import is completed, you will be given an option to create Photo Collages, using PhotoToys or create screensavers.


You can either choose to use one of the options provided, or skip the screen entirely. All the provided options are also available as tabs in the main software window.


You can also import photos and online gallery photos from PhotoJoy to your library. If your images are not stored in My Pictures, you can also import images from a different directory.


Creating a screensaver of your images is effortless, just go to the screensaver tab in the main software window and choose the style you want to use as a screensaver. By default, on the the first style is pre-installed. You can download the rest of the screensaver styles by clicking the download option.

Once you are satisfied with a screensaver, click on the Set as Screensaverbutton (Which will appear, when you hover on a particular style), to set it as your default screensaver. You can also control the screensaver options by clicking on the Screensaver options button in the toolbar.

In addition to creating 3D desktop wallpapers, PhotoJoy also provides users with an option to create some really cool collages using pre-defined styles. PhotoJoy also includes some other tools called as PhotoToys, which allow you have fun with your photos.

Overall, this is an awesome software that is a must-download and is a recommended software by Techie Buzz. And best of all this software is a . We hardly see free softwares that are packed with so many feature, and this definitely deserves a Techie Buzz recommended software stamp.

P.S. The installation process is a bit slow. It may take up-to 5 minutes to get PhotoJoy up and running. However, once you install it, everything is literally a piece of cake.

Download PhotoJoy