Google Analytics Adds Realtime Tracking and Premium Accounts

has definitely been one of the best services to track your website visitors. However, it has been lacking a key feature that most of its competitors like Woopra and Reinvigorate have been offering for a while now; Realtime tracking.

Realtime user tracking is a very important feature for any webmaster who wants to track campaigns in realtime without having to wait. This helps users to make business decisions quickly if something is not working. Unfortunately, prior to today, Google never had this feature.


However, that is about to change because Google has announced a new feature for Analytics which will help you track your visitors in realtime and make business decisions quickly. The new feature in Google Analytics will allow users to track how many visitors are currently visiting the site, how many users have visited in the last few minutes as well as the number of visitors visiting your website every second.

Additionally, Google Analytics will also display the source for traffic and the keywords users are using and the geographic locations they are visiting from. As a webmaster, this is a pretty cool feature since I can now just use Google Analytics instead of using other realtime analytics tracking services.

Google has definitely been ramping up their analytic services with the introduction of Google Analytics 5 which brought about a new UI, dashboard, widgets and more. Additionally, Google has also been adding some neat features to Google Analytics like heatmaps and in-page analytics among other things.

The biggest advantage of Google Analytics is that is is completely free unlike it’s competitors. However, they are now introducing a new set of premium features which users can signup and use. The new Google Analytics Premium service is targeted at business users who want in-depth data about their users and the ability to quickly make business decisions.

Some of the key features of Google Analytics Premium include:

  • Extra processing power – increased data collection, more custom variables and downloadable, unsampled reports
  • Advanced analysis – attribution modeling tools that allow you to test different models for assigning credit to conversions
  • Service and support – experts to guide customized installation, and dedicated account management on call – all backed by 24/7 support
  • Guarantees – service level agreements for data collection, processing and reporting

Users can request access to premium accounts by visiting the Google Analytics Premium homepage. Realtime Google Analytics is being gradually rolled out to all users, however, you will have to use the new Google Analytics interface to have access to it. Additionally, only Analytics administrators will have access to Realtime Google Analytics.

If you don’t see the Realtime Google Analytics in your account. You can request for access to the service by filling up this form. Please note that Google Analytics will continue to remain free for webmasters including the new Realtime Google Analytics feature.

I am definitely loving the new Realtime Analytics features as it allows me to track campaigns and also understand where our traffic is coming from. Do you have access to the new Realtime Google Analytics? What do you think about it?

Try Google Real-time Search Results As You Type

Google will be holding a press conference today to unveil new search features including the Search as you type results. However, you do not have to wait till Google unveils it to the public to start using it.


Google’s Instant Search results page is already up and you can use it to see how the new interface works by heading to this URL. Using the search box provided, you can type in your search query and the results will update as you type.

I tried it out for several queries and not only is it super-fast, it also is very useful when you might not be sure what exact search keywords you should use. This is fantastic, go give it a try here.

(Source: TNW)

Google Gets Dedicated Real-time Search Page

Google forayed into real-time search by announcing a deal with last year. However, real-time search results in Google went much ahead than just displaying results from Twitter and included web results too.

Google Logo

I remember reading a post by Danny Sullivan on Search Engine Land about his request to Google to add a dedicated real-time search results page and it looks like Google finally heeded his advice and announced the introduction of a dedicated real-time search page at

The difference between the regular search page and real-time page is that you will see relevant results which are freshly indexed on Google about the keywords you are searching for.

The new real-time search page includes several new enhancements including:

  • Geographically refining results based on your location
  • Conversations view to follow discussions in real-time, which will include re-tweets and replies. This will allow you to view a real-time discussion easily
  • An update to Google Alerts to stay informed about a topic of your choosing

The new real-time dedicated page can be found at, however, you might see a 404 error since Google is slowly rolling out this new feature to users. What do you think of the new real-time search page? Do let us know. To get started watch a video of how to use Real-time search in Google in the embedded video below.

Update: The above URL is still giving a 404 error, but you can visit this URL to view the results, here is a screenshot of real-time search results in action.

Google Real-time Search Results

Looks pretty neat, but can be pretty overwhelming for a new user. What do you think?

Google Testing Real Time Search Results as You Type

Google has been experimenting with search results in the past, and they continue to run several more tests to enhance the search experience for the user. Earlier this year, Google had launched real-time search where they displayed real-time results from .

However, they are now taking the real-time search to another level by displaying search results as you type in letters in the search box. Real time search results are displayed when you type in characters into the search box, they continue to change as you type in more characters or use the autocomplete feature.

The new real-time search results as you type was discovered by a SEO consultant Rob Ousbey and posted on his blog, which you can find here. Here is a video of the real-time search results as you type in action below.

(Source: TechCrunch)

Google Reader Speeds Up: Now Serves in Real Time

If you have been following a recent event on a Blogger or Posterous blog via Google Reader, chances are that you might have noticed the near-instantaneous delivery of a published post. Yes, Google Reader has sped up; posts from blogs that use the open PubSubHubbub (PSHB) protocol for publish/subscribe communications are put up instantaneously on Google Reader. This is great news for those who wish to follow a current development closely without delays!


Though it has always been a source of disappointment to many Google Reader users, the company did not address the complaint of late delivery till now. Google, however, is yet to officially state anything in this regard, though a Google spokesperson confirmed this development. PubSubHubbub is used by Google itself (and Blogger by extension) via Feedburner and the App Engine. WordPress users can install a PSHB plugin to their blog to enable this functionality.

We are still waiting for an official confirmation, as stated before. The official blog still has the recommendations post up, and it is likely to stay there for a couple of days as Google irons out any issues with real-time support. Nevertheless it is heartening to see the speedy delivery now in Google Reader. Kudos to Google!