Need for Speed Shift Coming to Android Market on June 4

Android Market has been growing at an impressive pace and as more and more manufacturers begin embracing Android, the growth curve will only get steeper. However, one area where the Android Market falls short is the availability of high quality games.


The good news is that things may be about to change for Android users. EA Games has announced that it will be bringing its popular racing franchise Need for Speed to the Android platform soon. The newest game in the series – Need for Speed: Shift, will be launched on June 4, which also happens to be HTC EVO’s launch date.

Very little else is known about the game. In fact, EA hasn’t even released any screenshot of the game. However, let’s hope that this time around EA has paid attention to detail. Their previous releases including The Sims 3 and Spore Origins were bug ridden and prone to force closes.

If you are a racing game fan and the wait seems too long for you, then don’t worry. Storm 8’s Racing Live should keep for hooked for the weeks to come. Racing Live is a free Massively Multiplayer Online Racing game that allows you to challenge racers from around the world.

F1 2009 Game for iPhone Released, Costs $6.99

We recently told you about the F1 2009 game for iPhone and iPod Touch, where we told you that the game would be released in the next few days. However, looks like we spoke to soon as Codemasters went ahead and released the game today itself.

f12009_iphone_game_screenshot f12009_iphone_game_screenshot2 f12009_iphone_game_screenshot3

The F1 2009 game is available for download from the appstore and it will cost you $6.99, this is similar to the pricing of the Need for Speed App for iPhone. The app size is 93.9MB, which is more because of the stunning graphics used in the game.

We will be doing a full review of the game shortly, in the meantime, you can buy the game by following this iTunes link.

Formula One (F1) 2009 Game Coming to iPhone/iPod Touch

Racing games are not new on the iPhone, few of the most famous ones being Asphalt 5 which recently dropped its price from $6.99 to $4.99. There are also some other F1 related games including Brawn GP Racing (iTunes link) which sells for $1.99. However, a new Formula 1 game will be hitting the app store this holiday season.


The new Formula 1 2009 game for iPhone will be available in the next few days and will include 20 drivers and the 17 circuits that formed part of the 2009 F1 season. The game is developed by Codemasters who have created similar games for both PSP and Nintendo Wii.

The F1 game for iPhone will contain two modes where users can race against the clock. I did play the Brawn GP Racing for a while and was impressed with the graphics, however, the F1 game has more stunning graphics and definitely looks a top notch game.

Pricing for the F1 game for iPhone and iPod touch is not yet known, however you can expect an official announcement and a change to try out and buy the app in near future. We will do a full review of the app once we can get our hands on it.

Top 3 Racing Games for the PSP

If there is one genre that all gamers have played at one point or another, it is racing. From stalwarts of the genre like Need for Speed to quirky titles like Re-volt from Acclaim, the PC has seen it all. However, how many know about the best racing games on Sony’s PlayStation Portable handheld console? Here is a short list of all the best racing action that we have seen (or will be seeing!) on the PSP. Here’s a short list of the best racing games on the handheld.

WipEout Pulse

WipEout PulseDoes futuristic racing action catch your eye more than anything? Then you must be a sure-fire fan of the WipEout series. With a long tradition of anti-gravity racing action and a history for each and every team that you play with, along with eye-popping graphics and stunning extensibility, the last installment of the WipEout series is definitely one of the best racing games on the PSP. Featuring electronic music (and the ability to add your own playlist to the background music), high-speed racing action with weapons and extensive multiplayer, this was slated to be a hit with fans, but became far, far more.

Ridge Racer

Ridge Racer Namco has a long history of showcasing Sony’s gaming console’s power with their Ridge Racer series. Both the PSOne and the PS2 have had their share of Ridge Racer that has shared a mixed relationship with the general gaming public. However, with their new Ridge Racer, Namco have outdone themselves by tweaking the PSP to its limit with a classy 80’s racing simulation with gorgeous visuals and highly addictive gameplay. If you want a great racing game on your PSP, this is it!

Burnout Dominator

Burnout Dominator Arcade racing definitely means Burnout. What with the focus on crazed driving around cities with infinite Burnoutboosts and multipliers, fans of the series professed addiction solely because of the amount of insanely fun driving that you can do around the world. Technically impressive and very, very high on the funquotient, the Burnout Dominator is a great racing game for your PSP.