God Eater Japanese Demo Now Available for Download

If you really enjoyed (or are enjoying) Monster Hunter Freedom: Unite, the Japanese master-blaster when it comes to PSP action RPGs, you are definitely going to love Namco Bandai’s God Eater which has done quite well in Japan towering over Square-Enix’s Dragon Quest VI. In this game you take control of God Eaters’, pretty much monster hunters in the modern world who fight huge monsters in expansive environments. Sounds familiar? Well, here’s the catch: they fight with Jinki, huge magical weapons that transform into a beastlike form when they are powered up. Sounds kick-ass if you ask me!


Joystiq reports that D3 Publisher, Namco Bandai’s subsidiary publishing house, has taken it up to publish God Eater in the West. Q3 2010 has been demarked for the publishing of this demanding game for the PSP system.


However, those really interested can download a Japanese demo. This 140MB demo aims to get people talking and picking up copies of the game from stores, so you can expect it to be action-filled and making you want more from it! The webpage has mostly Japanese directions, but the images and some words are in English, so it will not be hard to understand. Download the demo and have fun!

Prepare for some Crazy Football Bloodiness on Your Handheld

Before reading this post, please answer these questions.

  • Do you like the Warhammer Universe?
  • Do you enjoy American football?
  • Do you think sending the ball and an enemy flying with a massive Doom Fist blow is fun?

The first two questions are unimportant, as long as the last question resulted in an immense Chaos Marine roar. If it did not, then replace the Doom Fist with a Titan weapon of your own choice and repeat. If yes, then continue.


Take a look at this picture from Techtree.com India. Do you find it:

  • a: Awesome?
  • b: Roar-inducing?

Those of you who answered yes to these three questions, here is what this post is all about: Blood Bowl will let you do what you think it will let you do, and it is coming in Spring 2010 for PSP and DS lovers. And, yes, I think it will be awesome.

SouthPeak’s mashup game will include the ability to play one of the eight races (Humans, Orcs, Wood Elves, Dwarfs, Lizardmen, Skaven, Chaos and Goblins) from the Warhammer Universe in a real-time or turn-based game of American football.


That, precisely. Of course, playing roughwould be an understatement when you have an assortment of bloodthirsty, ruthless and downright cruel creatures in the field. It will be interesting to see how TBS and sport are mixed in this portable game it will definitely be worth a look.

Blood Bowl released in November for the PC and XBox 360 and the reviews were generally decent, garnering a score of around 7 in Gamestats.

Sony PSPs Used by the Royal Navy as Teaching Aids

Here is another reason by which you can convince your parents/spouse that you need that PlayStation Portable. The UK Navy has bought 230 bright blue PSP consoles loaded with study-materials for sailors at sea. The consoles come preloaded with technical science studies and have been distributed among marine warfare technicians, radar and sonar operators and VHF radio operators in a bid to keep them abreast with their education.

Bright Blue PSP

The PSP was chosen as opposed to many other handheld devices due to its durability and specifically because it could easily be used in cramped bunks of submarines and warfare vessels. These consoles will help the sailors crucially with their studies as they come with short slides with commentary of eight to twelve minutes’ duration. Another reason the PSP was chosen was because the sailors (mostly young men between 18 and 30 the same as the target market of the PSP) were familiar with the controls and could get to work with little to no help from their instructors.

The Navy also decided to not disable the UMD tray since that would mean that the sailors looked after it well. Not bad considering the Navy was all about discipline and no play!

Free PlayStation Network Comic Codes

Since going semi-live yesterday, the PlayStation Network Digital Comics service has received tremendous support and hollers from many users. Though the page has one redeemable code for a free comic, the people operating the Twitter account managed to send out another code, while the PlayStation Blog also sent out another code. So, if you have a Sony PlayStation Portable with a US PlayStation account here is a list of the codes scrambled straight from the depths of the internet.

EC2N-9HBR-HJD6 Transformers: All Hail Megatron #1

63N8-R2BF-9E4D Aleister Arcane #1

724K-A4BG-JLD7 Star Trek Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment #1

Note: These codes will not work with MediaGo. These codes are for US PlayStation Network accounts only. They have to be used with the PSP’s built-in PlayStation Store. The Digital Comics Reader has to be downloaded to view these comics. These codes will expire on the 16th of December, 2009.

Review: SensMe Channels for the Sony PSP

When I popped in my Resistance: Retribution UMD and fired up its multiplayer, DNAS asked me to update my PSP by going to Settings->System Update or it would not sign in. I was amazed at the fact that v6.10 that I blogged about was over the servers, but not on the US site as yet. I hurriedly plugged in the PSP to an AC power source and downloaded the update. Long story short, I downloaded the update and also downloaded SensMe channels and gave it a thorough test run. End result: Decent. The following short review will tell you exactly what you need to know about the new application (yes it is an application) for the PSP. (Do forgive the PSP screenshots since my camera does not do well with macros).

First off, you need these things:

  • PSP (duh)
  • PSP Firmware v6.10 (another big duh)PSP Firmware v6.10
  • MediaGo

Yes. The last one is an absolute necessity. It’s yet another multimedia library software, however it analyzes the content of each track using some proprietary algorithms and categorizes according to their Mood and Tempo. A SensMe playlist is then created by the user as shown in the screenshot. (Pull the ends of the circle to increase or decrease the area it encompasses, and you have your playlist)

SensMe Playlist on MediaGo

Sync all the files that you have with SensMe data to your PSP via MediaGo and voila, you have them all on your lovely portable darling.

SensMe Application on XMB

I have to say that the UI looks slick. It flows well and the transitions look well on the eye.
Evening Songs

All the songs are categorized under channels such as Energeticor Mellowor Extremeor Loungewhich can be called by pressing the Selectbutton on your PSP. Eight categories like these these are the permanentcategories. Selecting a category is as simple as pressing X while hovering over it, and all the songs are displayed quite familiarly like the iPod CoverFlow. However, I forgive Sony on grounds that it looks pretty awesome!

Channels View
The other options are Evening which changes according to the time of the day, and consequently so do the songs.

Evening Channel There is a Shuffle Alloption that shuffles all your songs into a new playlist and you can listen to your entire library in a random order. The Newly Addedchannel lists all the songs that were added in the last sync, while the Favoriteschannel lists all the songs that you have favorited.


Adding a song to your Favorite list is very easy just press Up in the D-pad and it goes into your favorites; press down while you are looking at the same song and it gets removed from the favorite list. Simple, easy and effective. However, the speed of the UI is quite slow and it feels like it is lagging now and then. So, while the entire application is gorgeous, the not-very-smooth transitions feels like you have a Pentium II trying to run Crysis (OK, not that bad, but it does not suit the PSP whose XMB is the smoothest thing I have ever used). As you scroll through the songs (Using the D-pad’s left and right buttons) the album art of the later songs are added slowly, which again looks quite bad on the PSP. I only hope they would remedy it in the later version of SensMe channels.

Another flaw in this flawed beauty is the load time. This thing loads like a game! And we all know how long a game takes to load on a PSP in the time I wait for it to load, I might as well have started listening to a playlist synced with MediaGo.

Playlist on XMB

In all, SensMe channels is a great toy for people to toy around with, but where it makes up for prettiness and mood-centric playlists (for the most part, the songs selected for the mood were spot on; the exceptions could have been my fault as I had a lot of Tristania loaded up!) it goes down on load times and slow UI. Again, I hope Sony remedies this in the later versions especially the loading time. SensMe channels does well for those of us who are lethargic and do not want to create their own playlist for the Sony PSP; I fit into this category quite comfortably!

PSP Firmware Update v6.10 – Impressions

Barely a month has passed since the last firmware update and Sony has already made plans for a major new upgrade to the PSP’s firmware. The PlayStation Blog has a new post that says that a new firmware update will be available soonand that it is a big update.

The key features for the PSP system are:

  • SensMe channels on XMB: Remember those moods and tempo levels in MediaGo? Well, you can now categorize songs added via MediaGo on your PSP based on their mood, tempo and other categories bringing the total to 12. The interface is slick, while the video explains that you would need to download the application separately after updating your PSP firmware to v6.10.
  • MediaGo enhancements: MediaGo will be updated to version 1.2 to support the PSP Go and some other newer titles in the PlayStation store as well as the SensMe channel for the PSP XMB. It will also feature a new look that many users accuse of aping Apple’s album arrangement on the iPod Touch/iPhone.
  • Tethering (only for the PSP Go): This is the biggest update as it allows the PSP Go to be tethered to a mobile phone with Bluetooth to access the internet via the phone. This will definitely be the biggest draw for anyone who buys a PSP Go.

I personally cannot wait to test the SensMe that looks super slick! Way to go Sony!

PSP Go launched

Technically, though, not yet. But in a minute, it will be the first of October, and all of your prayers for the snazzy new PSP system would have been answered. This Bluetooth-loving, slider form-factor toting, smaller, slimmer PlayStation Portable is available at Amazon, and as I am sure you must have read all about it everywhere on the internet.PSP Go

However, there might be some things that you might not know something many online PSP Go digests miss, while they harp on about the digital distribution and why the UMD-less PSP may/may not be a hit. So, without further ado, here are the main new features of the PSP Go.

The first thing that struck me was the ability to return to the XMB while running a game by pressing the PS (Home) button: multitasking! (…almost) Just pause the game, press the PS button, go to the XMB, look at a few pictures and/or listen to some music and come back to the game in a flash!

Secondly, the all important new wireless radio Bluetooth makes its entry in this console. No more wired headphones snazzy wireless ones are what you would be sporting (if you had said snazzy wireless headphones, that is!). Again, since the DualShock 3 controller is wireless ready, you can technically pair it up and use it with the PSP Go. Resistance: Retribution multiplayer, here I come! Speculations are also abound that tell us that you can pair your PSP Go with a cellphone via Bluetooth to access the internet from the phone’s connection true wireless freedom.

That’s that. The Sony PSP Go is available for $249.99 $248.99 from Amazon, while Dell Business stocks it with a discount of $37.50

Oh, and did I tell you that it was thinner, lighter, had inbuilt 16GB flash memory, expandable memory slot for a Memory Stick Micro and was digital distribution only?

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Demo

Metal Gear Solid this phrase refreshes a countless set of memories. Hideo Kojima made one of the most compelling and unique gammetal_gear_solid_peace_walker_logo_c1es back in the day in 1998 for the PC and the PSX. This game spawned an extensive series around the story of the first game and Portable Ops was the first entrant of this series on Sony’s handheld, the PSP.

Now, a sequel to the highly acclaimed Portable Ops has come for the PSP in the form of Peace Walker. The story, set in the year 1974, deals with an unknown army of soldiers who have taken over the country of Costa Rica and have brought in the eponymous Peace Walkernuclear waMetal-Gear-Solid-Peace-Walkerrhead. Snake is asked by the Costa Ricans to save their country, however he finds out that this unknown army is financed by the CIA. What follows is yet another Kojima thriller with twists and turns and many old characters being drawn into this cold war centric game.

Of course, if you cannot wait to see how this one measures up against Portable Ops, you can download the Japanese demo (released at the Tokyo Game Show) from IGN‘s page. Be warned however, that this is a Japanese version everything is in Japanese. An IGN forum topic and FAQ has been setup to help you with this game. Download the ~151 MB file and unzip it in your PSP->GAME folder and go save Costa Rica!

PSP Firmware Update v6.00

OK, before you guys jump to a hotspot and try and update your precious Sony PlayStation Psony-psp-3000ortable, let me tell you that the PSP Firmware Update v6.00 is NOT a major update. Yes, Sony has done it again by having a new PSP firmware with alarmingly minor [visible] updates and labeled it with something cool a new number! (The last major update was 5.51) The list of new features are listed below from the PlayStation Blog, and IGN’s post and as such are nothing to go gaga over.

  • For those of you looking to customize your XMB (XrossMediaBar), a few new colors will be added under the Theme Settings. These new theme colors can be used on PSP models 2000 or after (PSP-2000, 3000 and N1000).
  • A security patch has been added.
  • [Network Update] has been renamed as [System Update].

The security patch is definitely the most obvious thing to look out for because it might deter or slow the usual slew of hackers from hacking this system. (But with most of them content with the old firmware, I hardly expect much work to go on with this new firmware)

IGN reports that with this new update downloaded games can be grouped in folders, based on their expiry date. (Only. No custom folders, unfortunately) This hints at gaming rental system of the PlayStation Network. It also says that the preview icons have become smaller, which is not good. Let’s just hope Sony does something good with its next FW upgrade (as we have been saying for ages now). Again, QJ.net says that MediaGo! playlists can be imported to the Music folder of the PSP (Unconfirmed). I hope the last one is true, at least, for I have a cartload of mood-centric playlists sitting idle without a real “playlist” on the PSP.

Top 3 Racing Games for the PSP

If there is one genre that all gamers have played at one point or another, it is racing. From stalwarts of the genre like Need for Speed to quirky titles like Re-volt from Acclaim, the PC has seen it all. However, how many know about the best racing games on Sony’s PlayStation Portable handheld console? Here is a short list of all the best racing action that we have seen (or will be seeing!) on the PSP. Here’s a short list of the best racing games on the handheld.

WipEout Pulse

WipEout PulseDoes futuristic racing action catch your eye more than anything? Then you must be a sure-fire fan of the WipEout series. With a long tradition of anti-gravity racing action and a history for each and every team that you play with, along with eye-popping graphics and stunning extensibility, the last installment of the WipEout series is definitely one of the best racing games on the PSP. Featuring electronic music (and the ability to add your own playlist to the background music), high-speed racing action with weapons and extensive multiplayer, this was slated to be a hit with fans, but became far, far more.

Ridge Racer

Ridge Racer Namco has a long history of showcasing Sony’s gaming console’s power with their Ridge Racer series. Both the PSOne and the PS2 have had their share of Ridge Racer that has shared a mixed relationship with the general gaming public. However, with their new Ridge Racer, Namco have outdone themselves by tweaking the PSP to its limit with a classy 80’s racing simulation with gorgeous visuals and highly addictive gameplay. If you want a great racing game on your PSP, this is it!

Burnout Dominator

Burnout Dominator Arcade racing definitely means Burnout. What with the focus on crazed driving around cities with infinite Burnoutboosts and multipliers, fans of the series professed addiction solely because of the amount of insanely fun driving that you can do around the world. Technically impressive and very, very high on the funquotient, the Burnout Dominator is a great racing game for your PSP.