Got #droidrage? Tweet to Get Your Android Replaced with a Windows Phone


Stories of Android devices being infected with malware are not uncommon these days. We have seen a recent Juniper Networks report which stated that Android malware increased by 472%. Yet another report, this time by McAfee, says nearly all malware in Q3 was targeted at Android.

Given that the operating system and the marketplace are open and without any gate-keepers, it is not surprising at all. What is a benefit to developers (no obstacles to their creativity), comes with a huge price because it is also extremely open for abuse by the bad guys. Now that Android has a huge installed base, it is an easy target for malware infestation.

Today, it was reported that Google has removed 22 apps from the Android market in the past several days because they were bundled with malware. San Francisco security firm Lookout Software claimed that the malware in these apps is called RuFraud, and it essentially send dummy SMS messages to create financial benefit  for the malware makers.

Not to waste the opportunity, Microsoft’s Windows Phone evangelist Ben Rudolph immediately jumped on twitter and created an instant promotion. The tweets read as follows:



Windows Phone (especially after Windows Phone 7.5 Mango released) has been universally praised for its elegance, simplicity and beauty. The problem for Microsoft is that iOS first, and Android now, have created a certain impression of a smartphone in the minds of consumers. While Android in some ways is a clone of iOS with grids and pages of app icons, Windows Phone is very unique in its approach of Live Tiles and Hubs. It has proven difficult for Microsoft to get this message across easily, and as a result the sales have been dismal.

Promotions like this help in not only getting these devices in the hands of folks using competing platforms, but also creating a buzz around the promotion itself. Note that Ben had earlier run a similar promotion for users of Blackberry affected by a long downtime of Blackberry services. At the time, he had said he received over 1,500 responses!



This is a very good and opportunistic move by Ben. It assures him the attention of disgruntled users who will be more open to switching, and in return they get a free phone too! That makes it an absolute win-win situation!

NBC Makes "The Cape" Premiere Available on iPad Before Series Launch

In what might be a first, NBC has made available the pilot episode/premiere of their new show The Cape on an before it hits television on January 9, 2011.

The Cape NBC

NBC is working really hard to promote their new show "The Cape" and it looks like they will be giving viewers with an iPad an early view of a one-hour pilot episode of The Cape via the free comic book iPad app from DC comics. The episode will be available for free on the DC comics app between January 5 and January 8.

If you don’t have an iPad, you can catch up on the premiere episode of The Cape on Sunday, 9th January, 2011 at 9PM EST. The series stars David Lyons ("ER") as Vince Faraday, a cop who is unjustly accused of a crime and becomes a secret crime fighter. After the premier, The Cape will return to it’s regular slot on Mondays at 9PM from January 17th, 2010.

So go ahead and watch the pilot episode of The Cape for free using your iPad. You can download the DC Comics application from here.

EA’s Promotion For Dante’s Inferno Hidden in Digg, Kotaku, IGN, Dailymotion

While I was going through my feed reader, I came across a post on Quick Online Tips which talked about a mystery face in Digg’s source code. However, Digg was not hacked, and this was a hidden promotion by EA to promote the upcoming game Dante’s Inferno (Pre-order Dante’s Inferno).

If you view the source code of website’s such as Digg, Kotaku, IGN, Games Radar, Dailymotion and, you will see a hidden face in it. EA has embedded the faces into several different websites and placed passwords which will allow you to access a website

EA's Dante's Inferno Promotion at Digg EA's Dante's Inferno Promotion at Dailymotion EA's Dante's Inferno Promotion at IGN

EA's Dante's Inferno Promotion at Games Radar EA's Dante's Inferno Promotion at EA's Dante's Inferno Promotion at Kotaku

This is definitely a very clever way to promote and advertise a game by EA. Once user’s enters all the 6 passwords which they will find in the above websites, they will be able to access the EA’s site Hell is Closer Than You Think. EA had also advertised Dante’s Inferno during super bowl, you can watch the EA ad below or watch all the Super Bowl 2010 commercials at Hulu and YouTube.

What do you think about this promotion by EA? Will you buy the Dante’s Inferno game? If yes, you can also pre-order Dante’s Inferno at Amazon.