Gmail For Android Gets Priority Inbox

Google had added a new feature called Priority Inbox for which would help you sort out important emails based on machine intelligence and user input. It looks like their in-house OS is the first device to get the feature.

Android Gmail Email Sticky Actions

The new Gmail App for Android has a sticky action area, which contains important actions and will stay on top of the message even when you have to scroll through a large message, giving you an option to quickly reply or star emails. In addition to that, the new app also makes it easier to view previous messages in a conversation.

Gmail for Android also has limited integration with Priority Inbox. If you have enabled Priority Inbox through the desktop version of Gmail, you will see a new label called "Important" which will display all Priority messages to you. You can also set up a shortcut on your home screen for the "Important" label.

Another important new thing about the new Gmail App for Android is that it is no longer tied to the Android OS and will receive standalone updates, so users no longer have to wait for an Android update to see an update to the Gmail App.

The latest Gmail App for Android will only work on devices. If you don’t have an update yet, you will have to wait till you get it. The app can be downloaded from the Android Market.

More info and details at the official Google Mobile Blog.

How To Disable/Turn Off Gmail Priority Inbox

Google recently rolled out a new and interesting feature called "Priority Inbox" to all users. The new feature sorts important messages giving you different views so that you can scan all your important messages.

Priority Inbox does not take over your old Inbox and you can easily view the full Inbox by clicking on the Inbox link in the sidebar, however, if you want to disable the Priority Inbox feature in , you can also do it through the settings.

To disable or turn off in Gmail, visit your settings page (click link to directly go there) and click on the "Priority Inbox" link at the top. Scroll down to the bottom of the page till you see "Show Priority Inbox" and select the radio button next to "Do not show Priority Inbox" and click on the "Save Changes" button.

Disable Gmail Priority Inbox

That’s it, you will no longer be shown the Priority Inbox in Gmail. If you want to enable Priority Inbox, go back to the settings page and click on the radio button next to "Show Priority Inbox".

Gmail Priority Inbox’s First Bug, An Invisible YouTube Video

Looks like Google had to rush through to release the Priority Inbox feature to users because of a broken embargo. The release faced a small glitch where a automatic video started playing when a user loaded , apparently only in .


This is happening to users for whom Priority Inbox has been enabled for. Here is what the problem users are (or were) facing:

Whenever I sign into my Gmail using Chrome, music automatically starts playing. This is a new issue. It’s like old time dance music. Occasionally there will be a sound effect like a click, a bubble, cards shuffling, a dog growling. There is no music running on my computer. It only occurs in Google Chrome on one of my Gmail accounts, it does not occur in Firefox on anything.

And what was causing it? Apparently this:

Hey, I figured it out. Weirdly, that little "New! Priority Inbox (Beta)" automatically starts playing a youtube video that you can’t see. when you click on it you’ll see that.

It looks like Google employees are aware of this issue are working on a fix as per this thread on Google support forums and the suggested fix is to use for time being (Hotmail Part Deux?). Nevertheless, looks like Google panicked because of the broken embargo by eWeek and rolled out a code with an auto-play YouTube video. Nothing major, but goes to show that even the biggest company can make mistakes in haste.

(h/t @iVinay)

Gmail Priority Inbox Kills Email Overload

Have you ever woken up in the morning and started to get a headache because you have to check your emails? Have you ever had to go through hundreds of unread emails just to find that 10 of them were important. Of course, there are several workflows and filters you can put in place to make sure that you read only important emails, however, none of them might be perfect.

Thankfully, Google might have got something right, because they have managed to build something that would take away the hassle of reading emails everyday. "Priority Inbox" as the service is called is dubbed as a boon for heavy email users.

The service will help people who get hundreds or thousands of emails everyday to easily figure out what is important and what is not by using smart filters and algorithms. Gmail Priority Inbox allows you to split your Inbox into into three sections: Important and unread,Starredand Everything else.

Gmail Priority Inbox

All new messages are scanned as flagged automatically if they are important. Once that is done, you can quickly scan the unread messages to find the important one’s and then check Everything else at a later point of time to see the other messages. This is definitely a powerhouse feature for users like me who receive hundreds of emails throughout the day.

Does it work? Well several lucky users had an opportunity to try the feature and they have all been singing praises of it. TechCrunch Editor Jason Kincaid says that in his experience he never saw an important email slip away into the "Everything else" category, which is definitely very impressive.

Gmail Priority Inbox will be rolled out to users in the next few weeks, this feature will also be available for Google Apps users. Just keep an eye for a new link which says "New! Priority Inbox".