PowerAMP And Pocket Casts Receive Updates On Play Store

PowerAMP, one of the most popular music player on the Play Store, has received a major update to build 524. The new update brings a number of improvements and bug-fixes including support for paid themes in Android 4.2 running devices.

The update also adds support for MusicFX API and Huawei Dolby Mobile support wherever available, along with support for Android 4.2+ lock screen widget. The developer has also added support for multi-window allowing Galaxy S3 and Note 2 owners to simultaneously run PowerAMP with any other app side-by-side. The direct volume control bug that has been plaguing Android 4.2 users has also been fixed.

The full change-log is below – :

– fixed issue with 3rd party skins flashing
– updated localizations. Huge thanks to all crowdin.net translators!
– Route Media action bar button (JB 4.1.2+)
– JB 4.2+ lockscreen widget
– MusicFX API support (Settings-Audio-Advanced Tweaks)
– Huawei Dolby Mobile support (where available)
– full support for skins on JB+
– experimental multiwindow support for Samsungs
– Poweramp lockscreen rotation (large screens)
– fix for playlist/library being reset sometimes
– few other issues fixed

If you have not already, head over to the Play Store and try out PowerAMP now. It is feature rich, has a decent UI and is backed by an excellent developer.

Pocket Casts, a Podcasting app from Shifty Jelly, also got a major update to v4 today. The new version brings with it an absolutely stunning UI, a new tablet optimized UI, the ability to backup and restore the apps settings and much more. It also brings a bump in price to $4 (previously $3).

The update definitely makes Pocket Casts the best podcasting app out there, even though it still lacks Google Reader integration.

PowerAMP 2.0 Now Available On The Android Market

Remember my post about PowerAMP 2.0 Beta build? Well, Max has finally fixed all the bugs with the app, and has released the final version of the app on the Android Market.

The new version of PowerAMP brings with it truckloads of changes including support for more audio formats like wma pro etc. Other changes include Stereo eXpansion, Mono Mixing and balance support. There is also Crossfade, Gapless playback, replay gain, and dynamic  queuing.

There is also a new slick cover-art animation,  which  occurs when the users skips to one album from another. The whole UI of the app has also been tweaked and  modified, and it looks downright gorgeous.

The audio engine of the app has also changed for good. There is now Direct volume control for all Android 2.3+ devices. This results in a much better sound quality, compared to the previous versions of PowerAMP. With the new version of PowerAMP, I can finally listen to music on my Samsung Galaxy S2, which is known for its disastrous sound quality.

Android users can download the latest version of PowerAMP from here. Keep in mind that this is a 15day trial version. The full version of the app can be purchased for $4.99 from here.


PowerAMP 2.0 Beta Released; The Best Music App For Android Just Got Better!

If you are an Android handset owner, chances are you must have heard or installed PowerAMP on your phone. PowerAMP is THE best music player available for Android phones out there, and features everything one can ask for. Right from an Equalizer to Sleep Timer to Lyrics support to FLAC playback.

The only department where PowerAMP lacks to other music players is its looks. The whole UI of the app while nice looks a bit un-polished to me. The developer of PowerAMP, Max, promised quite a few months ago that he is working on a completely new and major version of the app. However, something happened and there was no news about Max or his much-awaited PowerAMP 2.0 update.

New lock screen widget
4x4 homescreen widget
The track changes with a slick animation

Well, last week Max came back into action and has quietly released a beta build of PowerAMP 2.0. I installed the beta build today, and I must say I am downright impressed with it. Max has refreshed the UI of PowerAMP, and it looks downright sexy! The UI is mainly black now, which will be greatly appreciated by all the AMOLED/Super-AMOLED phone owners.

While Max has not posted an official change-log, there are tons of changes in the new version. Apart from the new UI, there is a new lock screen widget, and improved ID3 encoding much more. There is also an noticeable improvement in audio quality.

Interested Android users can head over to official PowerAMP forums to download the APK file. Please keep in mind that the app is in beta, and so there might be some bugs/issues with it.

[Review] UberMusic For Android – One Sexy Looking Music Player

The developer behind Launcher Pro Fedrico Carnales has released another quality app on the Android Market, UberMusic. The application was in an open beta testing phase for quite some time, before it was released on the Android Market, last weekend.

As its name implies, UberMusic is one uber cool music player for Android. The main question is does UberMusic stand a chance against the current best music player for Android PowerAMP? Well read my short review of the app to find out!



I have absolutely no doubt in saying that UberMusic for Android is the best looking music player available for the platform. The app looks gorgeous, and has a very polished feel to it. The best feature of the app is the dynamic background of the Now Playing screen. The background of the now playing screen automatically changes to display the image of the artist or the album of the song. The app pulls the required album art from Last.fm. Pretty cool, eh?

UberMusic also has other basic features like Last.FM scrobbling, and headset controls. Sadly, the app lacks some very important features like a lock screen widget, an equalizer, and the ability to resume or stop music playback when a headset is connected or disconnected. Compared to PowerAMP, UberMusic lacks a lot of advanced options including buffer tweaks, and lyrics support.

Fedrico has said that he is working on an equalizer and a lock screen widget, and hopefully, the next update of the app will include these two features.


Music quality is another area where UberMusic disappoints. It was just nowhere near PowerAMP’s level. While PowerAMP uses the ffmpeg decoder to playback music, UberMusic uses the native Android decoder. Due to this, the sound output of UberMusic is not as good as PowerAMP.

Where UberMusic trumps PowerAMP is its support for skins. These skins completely change the look and feel of the app, unlike the ones for PowerAMP, which just change the UI color. Right now, there are not much themes available, but whatever are, are of top-notch quality. The Metro’ skin imitates the WP7 music player, and looks visually stunning.

In the end, I recommend UberMusic to anyone who just wants a visually stunning music player, with basic features. For the hardcore audiophiles out there, stick with PowerAMP.

UberMusic can be downloaded from the Android Market for $3.49.