Create System Restore Point With One Click

Windows System Restore has saved my skin several times in the past, when I have installed beta software that crashed my system, the restore points have helped to recover my system back to a earlier point, making it usable once again.

If you have never bothered to create system restore points, here is a guide to get you kick started with creating restore points in Windows XP and Vista, however we also came across a really useful utility that will allow you to create restore points with a single click.

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Perform Alt + Tab Switches With Your Mouse With EdgeSwap

Alt + Tab is probably the most used commonly used combination in Windows, it allows users to switch between open application windows, however if you are more of a mouse user, EdgeSwap will allow you to perform Alt + Tab switches with your mouse.

Alt Tab Application Switcher

Once you have downloaded EdgeSwap double click on the executable file to launch it (requires no installation), EdgeSwap will create a system tray icon which will monitor for mouse movements.

To use perform Alt + Tab simply move your mouse to the left hand corner of the screen, this will open up the windows application switcher and automatically scroll through it, to open any application move your mouse away from the corner and the application will come into focus.

A few things that you may want to know about, moving the mouse to the corner may automatically start navigating the applications and the speed at which it does it may not always open up the application you want to when you move your mouse away.

EdgeSwap is a good replacement for people who perform most of their work with the mouse, however the software is a bit rough around the edges and may need to be worked upon a bit.

Download EdgeSwap

Monitor System Resources

A system is made up of several components, including your CPU, memory, hard drives, network cards and more. Monitoring each of this components separately can be quite a pain.

The Moo0 SystemMonitor is a handy utility that will help you monitor several components from a single interface, providing users with information about CPU, Memory, Network and detailed HDD usages.

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Google Chrome Bookmarks Sorter

does have a bookmark manager, but it does lack a lot of features that are available in other mainstream browsers.

Chrome Bookmark Manager does allow users to sort bookmarks by name, but it only allows you to do this for one folder at a time.

Chrome Bookmarks Sorter is a handy tool which will allow users to sort bookmarks recursively by name or date added through all of your bookmark folders.


To recursively sort bookmarks in Google Chrome, close all Google Chrome windows and launch this application, select the parameters you want to sort the bookmarks as, and click on the Sort Bookmarks button.

The utility will take care of reordering the bookmarks as you have chosen. Chrome Bookmarks Sorter is a .

Download Chrome Bookmarks Sorter [via Life Hacker]

Simple Startup Manager for Windows

If your Windows PC boots up very slow, it may be due to the fact, that there are several unwanted items that are scheduled to automatically startup with Windows.


Most of the software that automatically run on startup are not actually added by users themselves, many software installations do that automatically.

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Monitor Website Uptime From Your Desktop With SiteMonitor

Managing and running a popular website is definitely not easy, with higher traffic comes the additional work of keeping the website up and running at all times, no matter how much traffic you get.

Desktop Website Monitor SiteMonitor

We have already told you about website monitors that monitor websites from your desktop and a free online service to monitor websites from a external source.

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Windows Whois Lookup Client

Whois lookup is a domain service that allows users to find detailed information about a website, including the registrant, owner address, creation date, expiration date and so on.

Linux users can lookup Whois information directly from the command prompt by using the command whois domain name, however Windows users would require to use a online service to lookup information for websites.

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iCalcy: iPhone Calculator for Windows

We have told you above several calculators for windows, some as better calculator for windows to a really advanced calculator which can help you with your Algebra homework.

iCalcy is another calculator application, which also excels in the looks department by cloning the looks of iPhone and iPod touch calculator.

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Prevent Autorun.inf Viruses From Running From Your USB Drive

USB drives are likely to get infected by viruses, which can run automatically by adding a entry to the autorun.inf file in your USB drive.

USB is a utility, that will prevent USB drives from loading programs automatically by automatically renaming autorun.inf files to autorun.inf_current date_time, and setting the file attribute to "normal", making it visible for system.

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Download Portable Digsby

Digsby a popular multi protocol IM and social networking tool, has a portable cousin, which will allow you to use Digsby from a USB drive.


The software is created by a German developer and if not affiliated with the original creators of Digsby.

You can download the latest version of Digsby Portable which fixes several issues where Digsby stopped working after the last update.

Download Portable Digsby [via Download Squad]