How to Password Protect any Image File in Windows

You can lock any image file with a password just as you lock files and folders in your computer. Lock Image is yet another portable application for windows that converts an image into an exe file and password protects it. After that, anyone trying to view the image will have to enter the password to unlock it.

How to password protect an image with Lock Image

Following are the steps involved to get started with Lock Image:

  1. Download the Lock Image Zip
  2. Unzip the program and launch it. After that, just drag and drop any image into the application window.password-protect-image
  3. Navigate to File and choose Save as. Enter any name and the file will be saved as an exe file.
  4. You will be prompted to choose a password. Enter the desired password and you have successfully locked the image


You can share the locked executable file with anyone and when they click it, they will be asked to enter a password. The people with whom you share your locked image do not need to have Lock Image or any other software installed in their system. The application is portable and thus can be used in any computer from a usb drive without requiring any installation.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

Lock Image is great for password protecting images and converting them into exe files. It’s portable and you do not need any installation. No compatibility problems and even a kid can use it easily.

Techie-Buzz Rating: 4/5 (very Good)

Texturize Your Taskbar with Taskbar Texturizer

Windows has come a long way since the days of Win 9x both in terms of features and appearance. Windows Aero has finally made Windows sexy. However, if you are still not satisfied, then Taskbar Texturizer may be just what you need to add a bit of zing to your Windows installation.


Taskbar Texturizer is a portable utility which does one thing add textures to your taskbar. The application itself is straight forward to use. Taskbar Texturizer can use any image as your taskbar background. To help you get started, it comes preloaded with two dozen textures. To be honest, some of the included textures look pretty cool in Windows 7. Taskbar Texturizer also supports transparent textures, which allows you to come up with some fairly decent looking taskbar skins by playing with the with the opacity settings.


Techie Buzz Verdict

The application does have some usability issues and doesn’t confirm to Windows application development standards. For example, double clicking the system tray icon have any even associated with it. This coupled with the fact that Taskbar Texturizer doesn’t create any taskbar entry, leads to the application window getting lost among other open windows, once it looses focus. It also seems to have some compatibility issues with Winsnap. However, these are minor issues. Taskbar Texturizer does what it is supposed to. It uses very little resources and provides a quick and easy way to spice up your system.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5 (Good)
[ Download Taskbar Texturizer for Windows XP/Vista/7 ]

Avoid Repetitive Strain Injuries With Workrave

Most of us are probably aware of the fact that using the computer continuously for prolonged periods of time may lead to multiple health related complexities including Repetitive Strain Injuries. In spite of that most of us pay little attention to our body until it’s too late. Workrave is a free and open source utility for Windows and Unix (Linux/Solaris/BSD), which helps you avoid RSI by forcing you to take breaks at regular intervals.

Workrave-Break-Timer-Interface Workrave interface consists of three tiny progress bars. Each of these progress bars represent the different kinds of breaks Workrave implements. They are as follows:

  • Micro-Break: Workrave enforces a short 30 second break every 3 minutes. It prompts you once the progress bar fills up and enters break mode as soon as you stop using your keyboard or mouse. You can chose to ignore the prompt, however in that case Workrave will prompt you again after two and a half minutes.
  • Workrave-Break-Timer-Break-Mode

  • Rest Break: Rest Breaks are of longer duration (10 minutes) and by default Workrave prompts you to take a rest break once in every 45 minutes. If you chose to ignore, it will prompt you once again after 3 minutes. You are also encouraged to perform short exercises in the rest break. Workrave includes instructions for some easy stress relieving exercises. All of the included exercises can be performed anywhere – even in your office.
  • Workrave-Break-Timer-Exercises

  • Daily Limit: Workrave also keeps track of total time you have spent working on your computer. Once it reaches 4 hours, Workrave will prompt you to turn off your computer.

Workrave allows users complete freedom in choosing how often they wish to be reminded. The interval and durations for all the breaks can be changed. You also have the option of simply skipping your breaks, in which case Workrave will completely forget about it. The other nice thing about Workrave is that, it keeps track of your computer usage. If you stop using the mouse and keyboard, the timers will automatically be paused and break meters will start filling up.


Techie Buzz Verdict

Workrave-Techie-Buzz-ReccomendedIf you work in an IT company or spend long hours in front of your computer, Workrave is a must have. It provides more features than other freeware break timers and annoys you just enough so that you take your breaks.

Ratings: 4.5/5 (Excellent)

[ Download Workrave ]

Tweak Windows 7 Taskbar with 7 Taskbar Tweaker

Windows 7 taskbar has been receiving rave reviews ever since it was first demonstrated by Microsoft. Recently, it was even voted as the best application dock by Lifehacker readers. However, like most things in this world, it is not perfect. In the past we told you how to enhance Windows 7 taskbar using Taskbar Overlord. Today, we will take a look at another similar application – 7 Taskbar Tweaker.

7 Taskbar Tweaker is a simple portable utility which is functionally similar to Taskbar Overlord. It allows you to close application windows by simply middle clicking on them. It can also change the default left click behavior for grouped windows. By default, left clicking on a grouped button brings up the thumbnail list. But, this is pointless since hovering over the button also has the same effect. With 7 Taskbar Tweaker you can set the default left click behavior to “cycle through open windows”. This is a minor change, but once you get used to this, you will start wondering why Microsoft didn’t make this the default behavior in the first place. 7 Taskbar Tweaker also supports a few other tweaks, including disabling jumplists, thumbnail previews and application grouping.


Techie Buzz Verdict

7 Taskbar Tweaker is a simple tweaking utility which has some really useful tweaks. Its biggest strength is simplicity. It did everything it promised without any fuss. Give it a try if you want to improve you productivity by fine-tuning the Windows 7 Taskbar.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3.5/5 (Good)

[ Download 7 Taskbar Tweaker ]

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Windows Device Manager Alternative

The Device manager included in Windows is simple at its best. It just displays minimal information about the devices that have been installed on your PC.


Dev man view, is a Windows device manager alternative which will allow you to view all the plug and play and non plug and play devices added to your system.


Dev man view is a handy for people who are looking to view advanced information about their devices. In addition to that, dev man view is a , so you do not have to install it.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Dev man view provides users with advanced information about devices, such as, Device name, device manufacturer, service provided by the device, device type code, device type name, device instance id, location, capabilities and more.

Having access to such advanced information can be helpful for advanced users who want to troubleshoot devices or view more information about it.

This tool will be useless to you, if you are not much into looking at information related to the components that form a part of your computer. It is a must download for advanced users and system administrators.

Rating: 3.5/5 (Very Good)

Download DevManView

Windows 7/Vista Product Id Changer

Product ID are unique identifiers used by software manufacturers. Most of the products by Microsoft have a product ID, which is added to the registry. We have told you about several tools which allow you to change Windows and Microsoft Office product keys and also a tool to recover product keys from and Vista.


Vista Product Id changer is a which will allow you to change the product key of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Though the software is specifically created for Windows Vista, it will also allow you to change product IDs for Windows 7.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Even though the author has specifically created the software for , it also work with Windows 7.

Changing product IDs is very simple with this tool. In addition to that, it also allows you to reset the product ID back to the original one if something goes wrong.

Rating: 2/5 (Good)

Download Windows 7/Vista Product Id Changer

Hide Drives From My Computer

In the past, we have told you how to password protect your folders, lock folders and even encrypt your files and folders. However, wouldn’t it be nicer if you could hide entire drives from your My Computer window?

Must Read: Techie Buzz Guide to Access Favorite Folders Quickly and Easily

NoDrives Manager is a handy , which will allow you to hide logical drives from My Computer window and other file open/save dialogs. Once you download NoDrives manager, you can run it by double clicking on the executable.

select_drive_to_hide write_drive_hide_settings_to_registry

To hide drives from explorer and other file dialogs, select the drive from the list, and click on the Write current settings to the registry.


Once you save the settings to the registry,a dialog will tell you to log off for the settings to take effect. Once you log back in, the drive should be hidden.

before_hiding_drives hidden_drive

Techie Buzz Verdict

NoDrives Manager is a handy tool to hide your drives. However, the software is not foolproof, so any tech savvy person could simply type in the drive letter in the explorer window to browse the content.

Another issue with this software is that the results are not instant, so you will have to log off and log in, every time you want to hide a drive.

Rating: 2/5 (Good)

Download NoDrives Manager

Extract Contacts and Messages from Nokia Backup Files

Creating is always a good thing, similarly Nokia users can create backups of their contacts, messages and files using the Nokia PC suite software. Earlier today we told you about Nokia Backup Explorer, which allows you to browse .nbu files.


Nok Nok Who’s there is another   and , which will allow you to extract contacts and messages from the files created using Nokia PC Suite.

The software allows you to extract the contacts and messages, so that you can use it in a different software like Outlook or to another phone.

Techie Buzz Verdict

The software currently only supports older versions of Nokia PC suite backups in the form of .db files and .dat files. I currently use Ovi suite, which creates files in the db3 format so was not able to test out the functionality.

Download Nok Nok Who’s There

Taskbar Meters for Windows 7 Displays System Resource Usage in the Taskbar

Undoubtedly one of the best features of Windows 7 is its taskbar, which has been affectionately termed the superbar by many users. Taskbar Meters is a pair of tiny utilities for Windows 7 which utilizes the taskbar for a novel purpose – displaying system resource usage.

Taskbar Meters consists of two individual utilities – a CPU meter and a Memory Meter. Both of these utilities utilize color coded bars to indicate system resource usage. You can configure the update frequency and define the thresh hold values for yellow and red color coding. Taskbar Meters also includes Jumplists support and provides you quick access to the task manager.


Techie Buzz Verdict

Taskbar Meters doesn’t do a lot. It is a simple utility, which provides a good alternative to sidebar gadgets. Taskbar Meters requires very little CPU resources and has minimal impact on your system’s performance. Give it a try if you want to add some extra zing to your taskbar.


Techie-Buzz Rating: 2/5 (Average)

[ Download Taskbar Meters ]

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Improve Your Typing Speed With Rapid Typing Tutor

An improved typing speed can go a long way towards boosting one’s productivity. The best thing is that you don’t need to join expensive classes to improve your typing speed. There are numerous free utilities which can help you. Rapid Typing Tutor is one such application.

Rapid Typing Tutor includes a large collection of typing lessons which will help you in getting accustomed to your keyboard. There are separate lessons focusing on specific character combinations, syllables, upper case letters, special symbols and words. During typing lessons you will be assisted by a virtual pair of hands. This is a neat feature and lets novice typists learn how to place their fingers on the keyboard. Rapid Typing Tutor includes fairly in-depth statistics and allows you to track your progress. You can even submit your score online and compare with other users.


The biggest problem with Rapid Typing Tutor is its interface. It is confusing and ugly. To make matters worse, each of the available skins is equally poor. The other problem is that during typing lessons Rapid Tutor only displays few words at a time. While this is fine for novices, it’s a huge distraction for advanced typists. It prevents them from seeing in advance which words are coming up next. If you type too fast, your eyes will get strained as the text will fly across your screen. The other big problem is that, Rapid Typing Tutor doesn’t put enough emphasis on accuracy. If you mistype nothing happens. Ideally you should have to go back and correct all the errors.


Techie Buzz Verdict

Rapid Tutor is a nice tool for beginners. The virtual keyboard and broad range of typing exercises allow novice typists to get familiarized with the keyboard. However, good typists who are looking to further polish their typing skills will only end up getting frustrated.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5(Good)

[ Download Rapid Typing Tutor ]