Fix Windows Media Player Errors With Fix WMP

Windows Media Player is the default media player in Windows. Sometimes you may come across issues with the player which may not allow you to play audio or video files due to corrupted dll (Dynamic Linking Library) files.

Fix Windows Media Player Errors

Fix WMP is a handy which will re-register all the dll files associated with Windows Media player to fix any issues it has.

There are 40 dll files associated with WMP which can be easily fixed with FixWMP. FixWMP is a portable software, so you don’t need to install it. Fix WMP works on and Windows Media Player.

Download FixWMP

Windows CleanUp! for Fast and Fun System Cleanings


Windows Cleanup is a small and portable freeware application which quickly scans your Windows system for various types of temporary files that you don’t need taking up space.

On a recent scan of my system, I was amazed to see that it actually cleaned up about 2 Gigabytes of unwanted files. While you can’t expect this to happen every time, I’m guessing that freeing up several hundred megabytes on your first run isn’t unusual.

As I mentioned above, CleanUp is portable, meaning that there is no installation required and it can be run from a floppy disk or a USB flash drive. It’s downloaded as a single executable file which is currently named CleanUp452.exe. I recommend that you move the file to your Program Filesfolder after you download it, then create a shortcut to it in your Start Menu or on the Desktop.

Why would you want to use Windows CleanUp?

Microsoft provides you with a utility which can clean up unused and temporary files. You’ll find it under the Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools menu, listed as Disk Cleanup. The Windows CleanUp program does everything that Disk Cleanup does, but it does much more, and it is much faster.

My wife and I have been using Windows CleanUp for several years now, and we’ve come to the point at which we’ve memorized the website address and tell all of our friends to go out and get a copy. It runs in all versions of Windows up to and including XP. However, I’ve been using it in Windows 7 with no problems, even though the author has not recoded it for Vista or Seven yet. The screen-shots below are all from my Windows 7 machine.

You might find that running Windows CleanUp occasionally will noticeably help your web surfing speed, since web browser slow-downs can be caused by large amounts of browser cache files that build up over time.

Below is a snapshot of the main interface of CleanUp. It’s simple, but there’s some real power hidden in the options when you need it. I definitely recommend that you go into the options before you run it the first time.


What does CleanUp remove?

  • Browser cache
  • Browser History
  • Cookies
  • Bookmarks and Favorites (optional and disabled by default)
  • “MRU lists” (Most Recently Used file lists) for many applications
  • Contents of the Recent Documents folder
  • Entries from the Run and Find Computer dialogs
  • Recycle Bins (on all drives)
  • Many temporary folders
  • Some unneeded registry entries
  • High scores for some Windows games;
  • And more


So, where does the fun part come in? It’s the sound that Cleanup plays just after you click on the CleanUp!button.

I won’t tell you what the sound is, but you can hear it by clicking the play button.

This sound can be turned off in the options if you aren’t allowed to have fun.

Windows CleanUp Options

The CleanUp options will let you control exactly what you want this program to delete. There are some items listed on the first tab that you may not really want CleanUp to trash, so be sure to remove check-marks beside those items before you run CleanUp the first time.


Some of the other tabs in the options will allow you to specify files, registry entries and cookies that you don’t want deleted and also those that you specifically want to delete. For example, CleanUp will recognize the temporary files for most popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. However, CleanUp isn’t tweaked for Google Chrome yet. In order to make CleanUp remove the Chrome file cache, you’d have to open the Custom Filestab and enter something like this:

(for XP) C:\Documents and Settings\[USERNAME]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache\*.*

(for Vista or Win7) C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache\*.*

In the above two paths, be sure to change [USERNAME] to your actual user name in Windows. Also leave out the text I have included in (brackets).

Tips on Use

CleanUp will work best for you if you run it while you don’t have any other programs running. This helps it avoid lockedfiles that are in use by other applications. When CleanUp runs into files that are locked, it will wait until it’s done with everything else, then ask you to log off Windows and log back in so that it can finish deleting those locked files.


Running Windows CleanUp before using a disk defragmenter program is always a sure way to speed up the defrag process.

Download / Homepage for Windows CleanUp!

Techie Buzz Verdict:

I have no problem recommending this program for use by anyone who would like to keep their system running leaner and faster. However, there’s always a danger that CleanUp could delete files that you really didn’t want it to. Always back up your valuable files before using new software or as part of your general computer maintenance.

Techie Buzz Rating: 3/5

Auto Login and Lock Windows

Whenever you start or restart your PC, you have to key in your username and password for the actual startup process to commence. So, if you restarted your PC and went to get a cup of coffee, you will still have to wait a good 30-40 seconds before you can start working on.

Auto Login and Lock is a handy software which could save you some time here. It will automatically login to Windows on startup and then lock Windows so that a password is still required to login. However, since the startup process is already underway, you can just login and start working when you return with your cup of coffee.

It is a pretty useful  . We definitely recommend it to users.

Download Auto Login and Lock

Monitor Registry for Changes and Updates with Registry Live Watch

Many applications rely on the Windows registry to store information, settings and preferences. The updates and changes should definitely not be of any concern to you, however, if you want to keep an eye on the changes that are happening in the Windows Registry, the Registry Live Watch software will come in handy.


Registry Live Watch is a and which monitors the Windows Registry for changes and updates and displays them to you. In addition to that, it will also allow you to perform a certain action when a registry entry is updated.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Registry Watcher can come in pretty handy to developers and application debuggers, who want to monitor the registry for changes.

You will need to provide which key Registry Watcher should be tracking, this will allow users to quickly debug just single applications for problems. Overall we don’t see much use of it for anything else than development or debugging purposes.

Ratings: 2.5/5(Good)

Download Registry Live Watch

Sync Lotus Notes With Google Calendar

NG2Sync is a handy and opensource command line tool which will allow you to quickly sync your Lotus notes account with Google Calendar.


To sync your Lotus notes with Google Calendar, just enter your Lotus notes password along with the credentials for Google Calendar. Once you have provided the information, this tool will sync up both your accounts and keep them up to date.

Download N2GSync

Verify MD5 Checksum Integrity Of a Downloaded File

In the past we have discussed what MD5 checksums are, and what their importance is when it comes to downloading files from the Internet. Verifying the MD5 checksum is very important when you want to ensure that no one else has modified or hacked the file you just downloaded.


The MD5 checksums do not change just by itself, until and unless the file(s) you downloaded has been modified by someone. Nero has just released a which will allow you to verify the MD5 checksum for your downloaded file.

Download Nero MD5 Checksum Verifier

TeamViewer Adds Voice and Video Chat to Screen Sharing

A screen sharing (remote access) application allows you to view another computer across the internet, and often times, control their mouse and keyboard just as if you were there. Many years ago, I used an application, called VNC, so that my brother-in-law and I could play computer games together on the same computer even though he was about 1000 miles away. Many people and companies use remote access services to assist others when they need help on their PCs.

teamviewer-website In June of 2008, I reviewed a screen sharing service called TeamViewer. TeamViewer allows you operate computers remotely, and in addition, it allows you to share files and carry on a text chat. There are many services like this one available on the internet. Most of these services require that you sign up for an account and many also require a payment.

The main reasons that I like TeamViewer is that it’s basic service is free for non-commercial (home) use and there are no sign-ups required. It’s also available as a portable application, meaning that you only need to download a zip file and extract it to a folder. It can even be used on a USB flash drive or other portable media.

There is now a beta version available which allows voice and video chat. Naturally, the quality of voice and video chat depends mostly on how good your internet connection is.

Below is a video showing you basically how TeamViewer works.

Go to the TeamViewer download page.
You can find a portable version if you scroll down a little way.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

TeamViewer is an excellent service that gives you more power to help and share with your distant friends and family. It’s also easy to use, and most importantly, it’s free.


Techie-Buzz Rating: 4/5

Be sure to add a comment below or email me. I’d love to hear from you.

Automatic Video To MP3 Converter


Want to extract the music from a video file, but don’t want to install a huge software for it? Video 2 MP3 is a KISS tool, which will allow you to extract audio and store it as a MP3 file.

To extract audio from a video file, just drag and drop the file on the Video2MP3 interface and wait a while till it does its job. No pesky menus, no help files, just plain Jane Video to MP3 conversion.

Download Video2MP3 [via Donation Coder]

Turn Off Laptop/Netbook Monitor

turnoff_laptop_monitor Unlike desktop computers, whose monitors come with a switch off button, laptops and netbooks do not have any such facility. To turn off your monitor you will need to put your computer to sleep or into hibernate mode.

MonPwr is a which will allow you to turn off your laptop or netbook monitor without affecting the rest of the applications. The monitor can later be turned on by clicking a mouse button or using the enter key.

Download MonPwr

Access Windows 7 Features and Settings in One Place


has a lot of features, however, it is quite difficult for even advanced users to figure out and find all of them. In comes Windows 7 in a Box, which aims to be your one stop solution to find all the Windows 7 features and settings in a single place.

Once you download the , double-click to run it. That’s it, just use the menu in the software to access and browse all the different settings and features available in Windows 7.

Download Windows 7 in a Box