5 Free Tools to upload content to your web site

If you have a blog or a web site you will be regularly updating it with content such as images, files, videos etc. There are various ways in which you can update your web site. Here are 5 utilities which make uploading content easy for you and best of all these utilities are free.

The utilities are of two different types one which supports the regular File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and another which supports Secure Copy (SCP) which is more secure than transferring files using FTP. The list also includes two command line tools.


FileZilla is one of the most popular FTP clients around and I started using it around 5 years ago. FileZilla works on Windows NT4, 2000 and XP. It is a light weight client and can be used to manage all of your web sites from one client.

You can easily set up a new web site with FileZilla. To add a new web site go to the File -> Site Manager option

In that add your site hostname and any special port if required. Choose the server type, by default it should be FTP. In the logon type if the server allows Anonymous access then do not change logon type or else choose the other options available. I choose normal where I enter and store the username and password.

You also have an option to specify a default directory where FileZilla local file browser should point to when connecting to a web site. To do this go to advanced options and key in the path to your directory in default local directory box, you can also specify the default directory remote directory that should be opened up when a connection is made to a site.

That’s it you are all set now you can simply drag and drop your files to your FTP directory directly from your computer. It also supports several features such as ability to resume uploads/downloads, firewall support, drag and drop support etc

Download FileZilla Client

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The best free defragmentation software for Windows

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