PSP Cooking Part II. Now With 100% Less Stupidity

We all saw what happened when crazy Japanese men decide to destroy a piece of equipment by deep frying it. If that was not stupid enough, they also try to eat it. The misguided Japanese kids wanted to make a tempura out of a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP), but instead coughed out the melted plastic/silicon pieces. They win the how NOT to destroy gaming equipmentgrand jury prize. It also unnerved a lot of us and made us go these Japanese are crazya la Asterix and Obelix‘s These Romans are crazy.

PSP sushi

Megawin, the Japanese comedy troupe, decided to tell the world what’s what with Japanese cooking with electronics. Only this time, they used a PSP case with cellophane paper to make sabazushi. Sabazushi, as wikipedia says, is a dish made of raw mackerel and rice. The video is a pretty hilarious (even though I do not know the language) and is an innovative way of making sushi… and um… carrying it around in a PSP case for snacking sessions with your Monster Hunter playing sessions.

Of course, the question of where exactly will the PSP be stored while the sushi gets cold[er] in the case is another question. The video follows.

Japanese Man Deep Fries a PSP and Eats It

…or at least, tries to. These Japanese people, I tell you they’re absolutely bonkers. There’s an endless list of good things that the Japanese do from electronics to anime. There’s also an endless-er list of crazy things that they do. In this case, it’s a man who deep fries a battered Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) covered in batter (see what I did there?) and then tries to eat it. All this while, his friend films the entire cooking experience.


You might ask why the two make an entirely pointless (I cannot possibly think of a point here, except internet infamy) ten minute video of the ordeal. In these ten minutes, the man is seen introducing his PSP which incidentally has a Monster Hunter game running (how typical) and laughing maniacally as he coats it in batter in the kitchen, near a pan of boiling oil. Then he drops it in the oil, puts on cool shades and starts laughing. Three and a half minutes in, the two of them start coughing from the fried fumes of electronics and plastic.

Eventually he’s seen taking the melted, battered PSP out and dipping it in some sort of sauce. Apparently, they wanted to make a tempura dish with a PSP. Then the guy actually bites a piece off the device and tries to eat it. Needless to say, that does not turn out very nicely.

Some Japanese people, I tell you. Bonkers.