Nexus 4 Now In Stock On German Play Store; Arriving The On U.S Play Store In A Couple Of Hours

Want to buy a Nexus 4? Get ready with your credit card then. The Nexus 4 from LG and Google is back in the German Play Store, and should be available on the U.S Play Store within the next couple of hours. The bumper is still out of stock in the German Play Store, so chances are it might not be available for sale in the U.S Play Store as well.

LG’s France Director had promised that the stock shortage of the Nexus 4 will be fixed by the middle of February, and it looks like the company has indeed managed to do that. The shipping time of the handset is a bit high though at around 1 to 2 weeks.

Also, chances are we might finally see the Nexus wireless charging orb up for sale on the Play Store soon, along with the accessories.

Via – Google+

Titanium Backup Updated To Version 6 – Brings Minor UI Enhancements And Bug-Fixes

Titanium Backup got an update today that brings with it a redesigned app menu, UI tweaks, enhancements and bug-fixes. While the new UI tweaks do not make Titanium Backup a pretty app by any means, it does make it a bit more bearable to use and was enough of a reason to bump the version number to 6.

The developer has tucked away all the advanced settings under the ‘Menu’ option in the Action Bar. Below is a screenshot of the new ‘Menu’ option -:

The official change-log of the update is as follows -:

• Redesigned app menu & special features menu. Perfect excuse for version number bump!
• Fixed filters screen bug: additional labels could get selected when loading a filter.
• Fixed storage labeling: Android 2.3+ non-remov. storage is Media storage. If internal storage is the same, gauges are merged.
• Fixed SMS/MMS XML backup failure on some SGS3/Note2 ROMs.
• Fixed Apps2SD misdetect on some Android 3.0+ devices that don’t have it.
• Bugfixes, UI tweaks, optimizations.
• Updated translations.

While Titanium Backup still does not look pretty, it is by far the best app for taking backups on rooted Android devices.


Press For Android Update Brings Performance Improvements And Background Syncing

Press is hands down among the best Google Reader clients available on Android. It has been dubbed as the ‘Reeder’ for Android devices, which is no small feat.

Even then, Press is far from perfect. Until today, the app lacked background syncing notifications and had performance issues even on dual-core Android devices.

The developers of Press – TwentyFive Squares – pushed a new update to the app today which fixes most of the issues with the app and brings other new features. Below is the full change-log of the app -:

– Quick article navigation to go to next/previous articles
– Background/automatic syncing
– Sync on app launch
– Background syncing notifications
– New text-alignment options
– Show image title and URL in the image viewer. (xkcd fans rejoice!)
– Date and time formats now match device settings
– Article title is now included when sharing to social networks
– Lots of performance enhancements and bug fixes

If you are an avid Google Reader user and have not tried Press, you are missing out on probably the best way to access Google Reader on your Android device.

Dropbox And Flipboard For Android Update Brings New Features And Bug-Fixes

The Dropbox app for Android has constantly evolved over the months getting UI changes, bug-fixes and new features as needed. Today, the Dropbox team for Android released the v2.3 of the app on the Play Store that brings certain much needed enhancements and changes.

The latest update to the app brings the ability to share several images at once as well as delete them. There are also minor tweaks and UI improvements throughout the app. Lastly, the most important change is the ability to organize all the photos that you have uploaded on Dropbox into albums.

As a Dropbox user who also uses their instant upload feature, this feature is like god-send to me.

Below is the official change-log of the update -:

In version 2.3:
* Easily share several photos at once
* Organize your favorite photos into albums
* Delete multiple photos at once
* UI improvements and updates throughout
* Lots of other little tweaks and bug fixes

Flipboard for Android also got a major update. The update brings support for Flipboard Daydream for all Android 4.2 users. The Daydream feature will allow Flipboard users running Android 4.2 to create a screensaver made of their Flipboard covers.

Below is the official change-log of the update -:

– Now with Flipboard Daydream for Android 4.2 users. Allows you to create a screensaver made out of Flipboard covers.
– Fixed accidental flip when trying to scroll.
– More bug fixes.

The update is already live in the Play Store and can be downloaded from here.

Silencify Brings Do Not Disturb Like Functionality To Android Devices

One of the key new features that Apple introduced in iOS6 is ‘Do Not Disturb’. The feature allows iPhone users to silence notifications for a certain specified time of the day including notifications from apps.

By default, stock Android does not have any feature like Do Not Disturb built in. Samsung and Motorola are the only OEMs that include a Do No Disturb like functionality on their devices. Even then, the implementation from these OEMs don’t take the full advantage of Android’s open-ness and leave a lot to be desired.

A new app in the Play Store – Silencify – aims to bring a much superior Do Not Disturb like functionality to Android devices. Along with the ability to silent your phone, the app can also switch off auto syncing, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when a specified schedule is triggered to save battery life.

Below is a list of features of the app -:

1. Silence / Quiet phone according to set schedule.
2. Silence phone for a particular meeting.
3. Turn off Sync when scheduled silence is on – Improves Battery Life.
4. Turn off Bluetooth when scheduled silence is on – Improves Battery Life.
5. Turn off Wi-Fi when scheduled silence is on – Improves Battery Life.
6. Switch in preferences for “Master Silence”.
7. Switch in preferences to immediately silence device.
8. “Always Accept” list of contacts/phone numbers to ring the phone even when its in silence.
9.”Always Reject” list of contacts/phone numbers to always silence the phone from those numbers.
10. Backup of application data.

The biggest advantage of Silencify over Do Not Disturb and other such implementation is that it can switch to silent mode depending on a user’s location. The app also reads your calendar entries and can switch to silent mode based on certain keywords.

Silencefy can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. The developer is working on adding more features to the app including Driving mode, a widget to quickly silence your phone and more.

P.S. – The developer seems to be confused about the name of his app. While the Play Store listing shows the app name as ‘Silencefy’,  post installation the app showed up as ‘Silencify’ on my app drawer.

Falcon Pro For Android Updated To v1.4; Brings Lots Of Minor New Features

If you are an Android user and an avid Twitter user, you will clearly know that there is a serious lack of a beautiful yet functional Twitter app for Android. The official Twitter client for Android is nothing but a mess, while Plume, Tweetcaster and other similar Twitter clients look absolutely horrible.

A relatively new Twitter client – Falcon Pro – however, has the potential of becoming the best Twitter app for Android. The app was recently released on the Play Store and has been steadily updated by its developer adding new features and squashing bugs. As a new year gift, the developer released a major updated for Falcon Pro that brings with it some basic features that were missing earlier, bug fixes and some minor new features.

Below is the massive change-log for the update -:

– Added YouTube api integration
– Added option to Enable double tap on tweets
– Added logout button
– Added hide keyboard on RT
– Added report for SPAM
– Added mute mangement from settings
– Added hashtag auto fill when searching for tweets
– Added slider for refresh rates
– New “More Actions” dialog design
– Removed retweets from search results
– Set back mentions of followers in timeline
– Enhanced conversation view with private accounts
– Changed reply icon in profile view
– Faster user profile loading
– Fixed the rotation problem on tweet writer with pics
– Fixed orientation change on main view
+ other fixes

Falcon Pro is among the first few apps in the Play Store that take advantage of the new YouTube API integration from Google. The new API integration will allow Falcon Pro users to directly watch YouTube videos when they come across a YouTube video link on their timeline without the need of opening the YouTube app.

While this update in no way adds all the missing features that Falcon Pro has compared to Plume or Twicca, they still help in improving the overall usability and experience of the app.

Nova Launcher Updated To v2.0; Brings Under The Hood Optimizations, Custom Icons Size And More!

Third party launchers have always been one of Android’s strength. Back in the Ginerbread days, ADW LauncherEx and Launcher Pro offered unmatched customisability and features including themes support, multiple docks and more. With Android 4.0, a new bunch of launchers took over the Play Store. Nova Launcher has stood apart from the rest, thanks to a very long list of features, stability, performance and a very responsive developer.

The launcher got an update go v2.0 last night that contains a lot of new features. I guess the developer wanted to give a gift to all Nova users with such a massive update.

The massive change-log of all the new features and changes introduced in the latest version can be found below -:

  • Custom Icon Size (Prime)
  • Swipe actions on any desktop icon (Prime)
  • Custom wallpaper cropping
  • Increase maximum desktop grid size
  • Infinite Scroll Drawer Setting
  • Alphabetical list drawer style
  • Small Icons Dock Setting
  • Force wallpaper scrolling on USA SGS2
  • Aggressive Desktop Setting (Keep in memory)*
  • Lower memory usage
  • Improve scrolling performance
  • Fixes, optimizations and tuning
  • *”Retrieve Running Apps” used for Aggressive Desktop and warning when multiple launchers are running

If you have not already, go ahead and give Nova Launcher a try on your Android device running Ice Cream Sandwich or higher.

[Holiday Season Sale] List Of Apps And Games On Sale In The Play Store

Christmas/New Year are fast approaching and so is the Holiday season in the United States. The Holiday season is a pretty lucrative quarter for the mobile companies in terms of sales. Most app developers try to rake in moolah by putting their apps on sale in the spirit of the holiday season and to lure new users.

The Holiday season sale has already kick-started in the Play Store, with most developers discounting their apps or games to  a mere $0.99. If you have been a miser throughout the year, rarely spending money on apps, this is perhaps your best chance to grab some of the most popular apps and games in the Play Store at a very low price.

Below is a list of apps and (mostly) games that have gone on sale in the Play Store. I will update the list as and when I find more apps -:

If there are any other apps or games that are up for sale and not in the list above, do drop in a comment and let us know!

Nexus 4 16GB Sold Out In The United States Play Store

Surprise surprise! The Nexus 4 16GB is finally “Sold Out” in the Play Store. Considering that the shipping times of the phone had reached an insane 7-8 weeks, I am surprised it took Google this long to put the “Sold Out” tag on the device back in the Play Store.

The 8GB variant of the Nexus 4 went out of stock last week, with the 16GB Nexus 7 also being “Sold Out” earlier this week. The Nexus 10 was also sold out briefly, before being back in stock again.

Even though the Nexus 4 16GB had insanely long shipping times before being sold out, some people actually got the handset inside 10 days, after canceling their original order and then re-ordering the handset again.

With both the storage variants of the Nexus 4 now sold out, there is no chance for potential buyers to get their hands on the handset before 2013 arrives, unless they are ready to pay some kind of premium and purchase it from the grey market at a higher price.

Ironically, the Nexus 4 is now available on Three UK’s network for 35 pounds/month.


Google Currents Gets A Major UI Overhaul

Google Currents, the app which was apparently the culprit behind all the lag on the Nexus 7 and other Android devices running Android 4.2, has got a major update from Google. The v2.0 update brings with it a completely over-hauled UI for the app, along with a major improvement in the performance and stability of the app.

The app had got a slight UI makeover back at Google I/O this year, but this new update brings about a completely new UI. Google Currents now has a sidebar UI, which is slowly and steadily becoming a standard in all quality Android apps, that allows for quick access to different topics or feeds. There is also a new re-designed widget, which is much more useful at display data than the previous version. Below is the full change-log of the update -:

* Edition sidebar – quickly access your editions within categories such as business, sports, etc.
* Fast scan – Vertical swipe to scan an edition, horizontal swipe advances to next edition
* Edition-section chooser – Choose “Customize” to filter out sections
* Unread marks – Read stories are marked. (Setting to hide)
* Breaking stories – ranked by Google News. Links to full length content.
* Saved stories – star for future reference
* New catalog design
* Widget

The update is already live in the Play Store and can be downloaded from here.