Go Dev Team Releases Go Backup; Titanium Backup Just Got a Very Serious Competitor!

Despite’s Android ‘open’ nature, there is no way for non-rooted Android handset owners to make a complete backup of their phone’s data. To take a complete backup of your Android handset, including your installed apps along with its data, users must have root access on their handset.

Titanium Backup is the app for all rooted users to make a backup of their phone. The app is one of the most popular paid apps in the Android Market, and is updated frequently. Sadly, Titanium Backup is not an all in one backup solution since it does not make a backup of user’s personal data like contacts and SMS’s.

Last week, the popular Go Dev team has released a new app in the Android Market, which looks to dethrone Titanium Backup from its position. The app, GO Backup, allows users to make a complete backup of their contacts, SMS, installed apps (only for rooted users) and much more. Another advantage of the app is its ability to backup the settings and preferences of any other Go app installed on your system, which will definitely be appreciated by Go app users.

Two of the biggest advantages of GO Backup over Titanium Backup are its UI and price. Unlike Titanium Backup, which looks down right horrible and confusing, GO Backup has a very polished UI and is very easy to use. The final nail in the coffin of Titanium Backup by the Go Locker is its price – Free. Yes, like every other Go app released by the Go. Dev team, even GO Locker is available as a free download!

Cut the Rope: Experiments Lands On The Google Play Market

Cut The Rope is one of the most popular games in the Android as well as the Apple’s App Store. ZeptoLab had released a new version of Cut the Rope, Experiments, a few weeks ago for the iOS platform. Today, the Android version of the game has hit the Play Market and it has the same gameplay and the same graphics quality as its iOS counterpart.

The basic gameplay in Cut the Rope Experiments is still the same as the original Cut the Rope i.e. to feed the adorable Om Nom. However, this time Om Nom is discovered by a bad (but not mad) scientist who does some wacky experiment with Om Nom to study his candy loving behavior. The game consists of a whopping 125 new levels across 5 different stages. There are also tons of new gameplay elements, social integration and characters in Cut the Rope: Experiments compared to the original game.

Like the original game, ZeptoLab has priced the game at a mere $0.99, which definitely is light on the wallet. Interested readers can download the game from the Google Play Market.

FIFA 12, NBA Jam and Go Launcher HD Now Available In Play Market!

Over the last few weeks, quite a few popular gaming titles and apps have hit the Google Play Market. Firstly, EA has released two popular gaming titles to the Play Market – FIFA 12 and NBA Jam. FIFA 12 has been available for the Xperia Play owners for a long time now, and is now finally available to the rest of Android handset owners to enjoy.

FIFA 12 contains more than 500 licensed teams, whopping 15,000+ players including Kaka, Rooney, Gerard and more. It also contains all the popular leagues like EPL and La Liga, along with 32 stadiums. The game costs $4.99, and requires a data download of more than 300MB after the initial APK is installed from the Market. Sadly, the game is not available in all regions of the world for some strange reason. Here is the link to the Play Market.

For NBA lovers, the NBA Jam game from EA is a must buy. The game provides users with options to play against a computer opponent, or against your friend via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Like FIFA 12, NBA Jam also costs $4.99, and requires additional data download of more than 300MB.

In some Android app related news, the popular Go Dev. team has released Go Launcher HD, the tablet version of their free popular launcher, Go Launcher Ex. Go Launcher HD includes all the nifty features users have loved in Go Launcher Ex, along with support for all the useful Go Widgets from the Go Dev. team. Most importantly, like its phone version, Go Launcher HD for Android 3.0+ tablets is available as a free download as well.