Yogile Is The Most User-Friendly and Collaborative Photo Sharing Tool

Photo sharing tools are dime a dozen and it takes some significant innovation for a new tool to make its mark. Yogile has done just that in the past few days. Yogile is a new photo sharing tool that makes sharing photos a painless procedure.

The sign-up process takes less than 10 seconds and is only required for the user who originally creates the album. Other users who are just viewing the album need not register at all. You can upload photos using the web interface, your mobile phone or even upload photos by sending as email attachments. Yogile assigns a random email address to every album you create, however, you can edit it to something that will be easy remembered.

Each album also gets a permanent URL so it can be easily shared via email or social network. When sharing albums by sending email to your friends, Yogile let’s you import contacts from Gmail, MSN and Yahoo! When a user clicks on an album, the pictures are initially displayed as regular size thumbnails but can be switched to smaller or larger thumbnails with a single click. Albums can also be viewed as a slide show or downloaded with a single click. Once inside an album, you can browse through photos by using the “right” and “left” arrow keys, download the image in original resolution or rotate it.

You can rename your album or change the assigned email address at any time. The albums can also be protected with an optional password or made public by checking the “List Publicly” box. The only issue is that Yogile gives you a limited space of 100 MB so it cannot be used as a photo storage website but rather a quick and easy way to share photos with friends and family.